“I quiT” – Episode @14

“Yes Ishanth. That’s what I am worried about. Also he wants me to update on this by today EOD(End of Day).”

“Did you speak with him?”

“No. I just got this mail now. Not knowing what to do.”

(11:12 AM)

“Don’t worry Meher. Go and speak with Quadhar and explain him that you have no idea of this project.”

“I don’t believe he will listen to me Ishanth.”

“Why don’t you first give a try Meher? If you remain silent then they will keep on overloading you with lost more tasks.”

“He know very well that I am not at all aware of this technology and particularly this project. Knowing this how could he assign me this task without even a direct discussion.”

“Open up your voice at him. Not me. I cannot do anything in this. You have to speak up with Quadhar and resolve this. Before it becomes too late, go and talk to him and ask him with what intentions he assigned this task to you.”

“Who is working on this right now?”

“I don’t know the complete details. But I know that Uthrani is taking care of this maintainance activity. May be because she is on leave he assigned this task to you. Whatever it may be first go and talk to him before it becomes an extra weight to you.”

“Okay Ishanth. I will ping him now itself and will go and talk to him.”

“That’s right. Make a clear point that you cannot work on that project as you have no idea about that and also you are from a different technology.”

“Sure Ishanth. Thank you.”

“Also make it very clear that you are already overloaded with work.”

“Ya definitely” said Meher and got up from his seat to talk to Quadhar. He reached Quadhar’s cabin and started conversing with him.

(11:37 AM)

Meher explained Quadhar that he is new to that technology and also he has no idea at all on that and so he cannot take up that task which Quadhar has assigned through mail. Meher made it very clear to him that, not only that he is new to that technology, but also that he is already overloaded with the projects that are currently attributed to him and so he cannot admit this new job.

After listening to the entire conversation, “Meher.To be very frank, I have nothing to do with this. Thyagarajan told me to assign this to you.”

“But, Quadhar you know that I am not trained in this technology.”

“Yes I understand Meher. But I have nothing in my hands right now. If you want to ask anything, you can talk to Thyagarajan.”

“But, you are my team leader. If I have any concerns, I will approach you. And also its you who assigned me that task and so I came to you to talk regarding that.”

“Yes, you are right. It’s me who assigned that task. But, it was Mr. Thyagarajan’s decision. Not just mine.And so if you experience any problems then go and talk to him.”

Meher looked very disappointing when Quadhar gave a reply like that. Quadhar is his team lead and so he is the one who is actually responsible for any concerns. But now he is asking him to go and talk to Thyagarajan. Meher is little scared to talk to Thyagarajan as he knew about him very well for the last 6 months.

Now if Meher goes and talks with Thyagarajan. He will either push it on to Quadhar or will somehow convince him.

Whatever it may be, he decided to go and talk to Thyagarajan. After the discussion with Quadhar, he sent a message through the internal communicator that he wants to talk to him. Thyagarajan replied to him stating that he is busy with Quarterly meeting works and so he cannot speak to him till evening 05:00 PM. And also gave him a suggestion that he can go and talk to Quadhar if at all it is something urgent.

He is more disappointed with the response from Thyagarajan. He is struck in between now.

(01:37 PM)

During lunch time, Ishanth raised the issue again with Meher.

“Hey Meher. What happened in the morning? Did you speak with Quadhar?”

“Ya Ishanth. I spoke with him.”

“Good. What did he say?”

“Don’t ask me that Ishanth. Both Quadhar and Thyagarajan are playing foot ball with me.”

“What happenedMeher?”

“When I spoke with Quadhar, he said its not his decision. Thyagarajan only told him to delegate the work.”


“When I pinged Thyagarajan. He said he is busy with some meeting works and so go and speak with Quadhar.”


“They are literally playing with me Ishanth. I am totally disgusted. We are already heavily loaded from the last few weeks and we came to office on many weekends in the last 4 months. I am okay no matter how much work they assign me as long as I can do it. But, what can I do when they assign me something which I am not aware of it at all and also with a fixed deadline. I am totally wexed up with them.”

“I understand Meher. Stay quiet. Let me talk to Quadhar once on this after the lunch.”

“No use Ishanth. He is saying only one thing. If you have any concerns go and talk to Thyagarajan. If we need to go and talk to Thyagarajan, then why is he working in the middle as a TL for us.”

“Cool Meher. Let me talk to him. May be Thyagarajan forced him and so he is left out with no choice. First let me talk to him and then you can think upon what to do further.”

“Okay Ishanth.”

(01:53 PM)

After the lunch, Ishanth went back to his desk and walked towards Quadhar’s cabin. As he is about to reach his cabin, he saw Quadhar coming out.


“Ya Ishanth.”

“I need to talk to you.”


“Regarding Meher.”

“What happened?”

“You have tagged him to the other maintainance project right. I want to speak to you on that.”

“Look Ishanth. I already told him that it is Thyagarajan’s decision. And I have nothing to do with it.”

“I understand Quadhar. Why don’t you make him understand that Meher is not from that technology background.”

“I already told him Ishanth. He said let him learn.”

“Then you have to give him sufficient time to learn.”

“Hey Ishanth. Can we discuss later on this.I am running out of time now. I have a conference to attend at 02:00 PM.”


Guess the story: What happens during the Quarterly meet?.


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“I quiT” – Episode @3

“That moment finally arrived bringing a lot of happiness in you. That’s good. So, what are your next plans? How are you planning your next step?”

“I am resigning.” – Ishanth.

Some of them laughed when they heard that reply from Ishanth. Ishanth is a fun guy who plays well with comic lines every now and then. When he said that he is resigning, they thought that he just said those words to create a little fun at the conference.

When he heard that, Ishanth looked at everyone. He doesn’t understand why everyone is laughing. He is trying to speak out and continue his conversation. But then he is not getting a chance as everyone is laughing out continuously.

“Ha Ha Ha” Mr. Thyagarajan also laughed out loud for Ishanth’s words. “That’s funny Ishanth. Now let’s get to the point.”

“I know most of you will think that it’s funny. But, this is not funny, I am serious. I am resigning” said Ishanth with little louder voice.

All of a sudden the entire conference room turned silent. It was so silent that we could even hear the sound of the air coming out from the air conditioner blower. None of them spoke out; all the people who were connected to the conference bridge from various locations remained silent without uttering a word. They ran into shock when they heard those words from Ishanth.

Thyagarajan looked at all the locations live stream, everyone is so serene. All of them are waiting for either Thyagarajan or Ishanth to speak out. All of them are in confusion whether to take Ishanth’s words for granted or whether he is attempting to get some play in conference as usual.

To break the silence and to continue the conference, “Ishanth, what are you talking?” – Mr. M. Thyagarajan asked Ishanth.

“Thyagarajan I am serious. I am not making fun here” replied Ishanth doing something with his cell phone.

“Ishanth enough, I think you should stop it here” one of Ishanth’s team mates said to Ishanth with a low voice.

“Thyagarajan, can you please check your Inbox, you would have received a mail from the app by this time.”

The moment he heard those words from Ishanth, Mr. Thyagarajan unlocked his laptop and refreshed his Inbox. As this is happening, the team set about discussing within themselves.

“All the teams, can I have your attention?” said Mr. Thyagarajan seeking the attention of the team members. “He is not joking. He submitted his resignation to the department. I received mail from the Human Resources portal.”

The entire conference became silent. They understood that Ishanth is not joking and it is true that he submitted his resignation when he heard that he got promoted. A question arose in everyone why he did he do like that. Ishanth is a talented and dynamic personality who completes his tasks in no time. They all ran into shock when it was confirmed that Ishanth resigned. They never anticipated that he will present his resignation on a day like this that too the very next moment upon hearing the news that he got kicked upstairs.

“Ishanth. What happened? Why did you acquire such a decision?” – Thyagarajan.

“Thyagarajan. I will explain. I will explain in detail” saying these words looking at Thyagarajan on the screen, Ishanth stood up from his chair to catch every ones attention.

Some of them, who are still in their internal discussions, dint notice this. Noticing this, “Can I have all of your attention please?” said Ishanth with so much command in his voice.

Conference rooms again turned silent. Everyone started looking at Ishanth. All of them are so eager to know what he will speak. They want to understand the reason behind his resignation.

“Good evening everyone. I know that you all want to know the reason behind my resignation. Before I share with you the reason, I want to know the answers to some of my questions. I will be taking some of you these questions.”

With these lines from Ishanth, everyone stared at him with anxiety. People who got promoted forgot their happiness, people who didn’t promoted forgot their sorrow and who didn’t get the results yet, forgot their curiosity. Everyone’s attention is on Ishanth.

“Can somebody tell me when was the last time all our teams across locations had a video conference like this?”

“Two months back” one of the team mate replied.

“All right. Can you tell me what the team count was that time?” – Ishanth.

It took few seconds for people in the room to think and respond. And in the meantime, Mr Thyagarajan replied “47 people across all locations.”

“What is the team count now?”


“Okay. What happened to that 47th person?”

“She resigned.”

“All right. Do any of you remember how many people moved out from our team in the last 8 months?” – Ishanth.

“3 people.”

“Does anyone in this room know why did they resign?”

None of them uttered a word out when Ishanth asked that question. But, Thyagarajan replied.

“Ishanth. Why are you living in the past? Everyone had their own reason. One got a job in Govt. sector, one wants transfer to another location, and so on. I don’t think we should talk about this right now.”

“We have to discuss Thyagarajan. We have to discuss it. And we have to do it right now, in this conference room” replied Ishanth with loud voice adding a little bit of control in it. “I want each of you to know why they gave up. What reasons or factors forced them to abandon the company?”

“We don’t have time to learn from their stories Ishanth” replied Thyagarajan trying to drop the conversation.

“Mr. Thyagarajan, please sit down. Don’t break this now.”


Guess the story: Guess the reasons behind?


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