“I quiT” – Episode @17

“I do not understand what to speak Mr. Thyagarajan.I don’t know whether I am taking it wrong or whether what you said is not correct.I am sincerely sorry for talking like this.To be frank I was doing things I don’t like to do with the trust on you that you are well experienced and if you say it will be correct. And that is the reason I was pushing the team to work late nights and also during weekends. Assigning them tasks which they are not trained under. Am I doing all this for transfer? No Thyagarajan. I am doing it because I am bound to the responsibility that was given to me and I have to make sure that I deliver the modules that are assigned to me.”

“Quadhar. I never expected this from you. You are a senior employee. You have to think from the organization level. These are all part of our work culture. Late nights, weekends, sometimes you have to do it to make sure that the deliverables run on time and that the projects are delivered on time. To grow up, you have to make these kinds of sacrifices. Life is not a flower bed every time.”

“Thyagarajan. I never said that I will not work if you don’t give transfer. I only requested you when I joined and then when you said that it will take a year, I never raised the topic till then. After one year, when I just asked you the status, you said it will take time. And three months back when I came to Pune for a conference, when we had a conversation regarding the same, you said that the talks were almost over in by next quarter we will have a team working from Hyderabad. After that I never talked about that. Even now, from last 10 days you are in Bengaluru. If I had to ask you, I would have asked you regarding that on the first day. My only problem now is that even after taking a decision, you dint inform me or you dint even had a discussion with me. Even now, I got to know about that only because I was in that meeting, or else I would not know that. When I asked you why you dint inform earlier, you were saying some kind of reasons and management theories. Thanks for at least letting me know now.”

“Quadhar. I hope you resumed the work on the other project” replied Thyagarajan. He wants to cut down the conversation as he has nothing more to say to convince Quadhar. And also he knew very well that the more they discuss about it, the more it will heat up.

“No Thyagarajan. As you said, I have assigned it to Meher. He came to me and said he is not comfortable with that. I told him to talk to you; I will send him to your cabin now.”

“What is this Quadhar? I told you to resume it yesterday. You said that Uthrani is on leave even today and when I told you to assign it to Meher; you are coming with this kind of explanation. This is not what I expected from you. You are a Team Leader and you have to be very specific to that role. ”

“I want the work to be resumed immediately. I gave them update that we are running things in parallel.”

“Thyagarajan. I will send Meher to your cabin. You talk to him once.”

“I have hundred odd things. I can’t take up these minor things. You have to manage Quadhar.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. Thank you” said Quadhar and left from Thyagarajan’s cabin and reached his cabin. As he is about to reach his cabin, he got a call from his wife.

“Hey Darling. Where are you?”

“I am still in office Shamina.”

“When are you starting?”

“In another 10 minutes.”

“Okay. Come soon. Your angel is ready for the party.”

“Sure Shamina. I will reach by time. I will not delay” said Quadhar with his wife and disconnected the call. Instead of reaching his cabin, he went directly to Meher’s desk.

“Hi Meher.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“I spoke with Thyagarajan. He is still not convinced. You can try talking with him directly. May be that could help a little.”

“Sure Quadhar. Thank you.”

“It’s okay Meher” said Quadhar and walked away from Meher’s desk.

(06:19 PM)

Quadhar reached his home to his Angel’s birthday with her friends. By the time he reached, all the arrangements were made. As soon as he opened the door, his angel is standing right in front of his eyes looking much more beautiful in a light blue colored frock and a white colored birthday cap on hear head just like the thrown on a queen. The dress has feather like design near the legs and the hands just making her look like a real angel.

When she saw Quadhar opening the door, she came running to him calling “Daddy…”

Quadhar took her in his arms and lifted her up and kissed her saying “Happy birthday my sweet angel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Here is your ice cream and chocolates.”

“Wow. Thank you daddy” said Parveen and kissed her dad.

“Where is mom?”

“Mom is in the kitchen.”

Quadhar walked into kitchen along with his Angel.

“Hmm.Now no one can stop both of you. I have to bare you both till you sleep.”

Quadhar and Angel make so much of noise; they dance, sing and play. When they both combine, Shamina will not be having any one to support and they will tease and make fun of Shamina.

“Yeah.Angel. Let’s sing.”

“Angel and Dad,

Go round and round,

Travel on the wings,

Reach the skies,

Touch the stars,

Hmmm.” Parveen started to think about the next lines.

“Play on the..”

“yaya wait dad. I will sing.”

“Play on the moon,

Dance on the toes,

And then sleep till sun rises. Yeah… yeah..yeah..”

Quadhar kissed her again when she said those few lines which they both will always sing.


Guess the story: Will Quadhar resign?


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“Silent LOVE…” – $24

“Vennela. Why do you always do like this? Why do you hurt me always? If you don’t like to come out with me then can’t you tell me straight forward? No need to play with me like this. Don’t fool me every time. You never know how much it is hurting me every time. I cannot take this pain anymore. Good bye. I will never ever disturb you. Sorry for disturbing you all these months. Bye.”

After typing the message, I just placed my finger on the send button and was thinking so deep whether to send it to her or not. I never expressed any kind of feeling to her and now suddenly if I send a message like this, I don’t know how she will react to it and also I may lose her once and for all. But, every time she does like this I feel lot of pain and now I am feeling it much beyond. This particular moment shed tears in me. I thought this will be one of the best moments of my life. But then everything just collapsed. My entire plan just got drained. That pain is creating lot of anger inside me. I cannot show this anger to her as I feel I have no rights to be angry on her. But, I wanted to convey her my pain.

When I was thinking whether to send her that message or not, I remembered the words of Shreya’s father.

(3 months back)

One day, when I was working at my station, I got a call from an unknown number.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Hi. Is this Prudhvi?”

“Ya. I am Prudhvi. Who is this?”

“I am Preetham.”



“Oh okay. Got it. Yes tell me.”

“Can we meet?”

“You wanna meet me? Why so? Regarding?”

“This is regarding Shreya.”

“Okay. When do you want to meet me?”

“Today evening? Is it possible for you?”

“Ya sure.”


That day evening I met Preetham after my office hours.

“Hi Preetham.”

“Hi Prudhvi. Thanks for coming.”

“That’s okay. Tell me. What’s that you wanna talk to me?”

“You already know that me and Shreya are in love and we are also planning to get married.”

“Ya. I know. But then did you inform to your parents?”

“Yes. They agreed for the marriage.”

“What about Shreya’s father? Don’t you think he also needs to agree for this?”

“Yes. I know. But then Shreya is not at all talking to her father and also she is not allowing me to talk to him. I told her that my parents will go and talk to him. But, she says that he wont agree and he is so short temper person. And that is the reason I wanna do one thing. And for that ,I need your help.”

“What is that?”

“I want to meet Shreya’s father.”

“Meet and?”

“I want to meet and talk to him and explain him clearly. But for that I need your help.”

“My help?”

“Yes. I want you also to come with me to her house.”

“Me? But why?”

“I came to know that her father knows you very well. And so if you are with me then it will be little helpful for me.”

“Her father’s decision remains on top. I don’t have anything to do in between.”

“I know that Prudhvi. I will talk to uncle and will make him agree for this. I just want you to be with me at that point. That’s it. Can you do this help for me? Please?”

I began to think for a while before saying YES to what Preetham is requesting. I don’t know that exact reason why Preetham has choosen me. But, one thing is true. I know uncle very well right from the first day when I came to join this company. And so I decided to go with Preetham. We both started to Indore on Saturday early morning. Preetham told me to not to tell regarding this to anyone, even Nandini. We reached there by evening 04:00 PM. As soon as we reached there, I called to Uncle’s mobile.

“Hello Uncle. This is Prudhvi.”

“Prudhvi beta(son) kaise ho(how are you).”

“Uncle me teek hu( I am fine uncle). Me abhi Indore me hu(I am right now in Indore).”

“Indore? Indore me kaha(Where in Indore?)”

He guided me to reach his house. Me and Preetham reached there and stepped inside.

“Prudhvi beta aaa, andhar aa beta.( Son, come in).”

“Yes Prudhvi. Tell me. How come you are in Indore all of a sudden?”

“Uncle. Shreya ke baare me baath karne keliye aaya(We are here to talk about Shreya).”


“Uncle yeh Preetham, mere dosth.(This is Preetham. My Friend). Oh sorry, he doesn’t understand hindi. This is Preetham. He works with me at Pune in same office.”


As soon as I said that name, I have noticed a change in the expressions on uncle’s face.


Uncle is not responding to me, he remained silent. Even I remained silent for few seconds and called him again.


“Yes Prudhvi. What is that you want to talk regarding Shreya?”

“Prudhvi, let me do the talking.” – Preetham.

“Uncle, I am Preetham. I guess you heard me already. I am here to talk regarding marrying your daughter.”


Preetham explained the whole story to her father. During the whole conversation, Shreya’s father remained silent.

“Preetham. I understand everything you said. You said that you also talked to your parents and made them agree for this. But then did you think about me before taking this decision? After everything is finalized, now you are coming and explaining me. Do you think this is enough? Okay. Let me ask you one question. Can you answer that?”

“What’s that uncle?”

“Now, are you here to inform me about the marriage or to ask my permission?”

Preetham has no answer to reply for uncle’s question.

“Preetham. I am not angry on you, even I am not angry on Shreya. I am only angry on myself that even after parenting her from last 25 years, I was not able to gain her trust.”

“Trust?” – Prudhvi.

“Yes Prudhvi. If she really trusts me, I would have been the first person with whom she would have told regarding you. She has taken a major decision in her life which she never told me. I would at least felt little happy if she places me in the last position in the queue of people she told regarding her decision. But, one thing that hurt me most is that she dint even gave me a position in that queue. I was not even apart in that list of people with whom she shared her happiness. That is the most painful truth which I am still not able to digest till today. I don’t know what mistake I did to her. I cared and loved her the same way as like every parent. I gave her everything she needed even before she asked me for. I started changing myself for her. I changed my eating habits, my house, my place, everything for her. And at last I am left alone.”

“Uncle, I am here not to inform you that we are getting married. I am here to talk to you, explain you and make you agree for our marriage.” – Preetham.

“Preetham. This is not what I am looking for. Before you came into her life, only I was there for Shreya. All I was expecting is that she should come and talk to me regarding this. It hurts when we come to know these kind of these things from an outsider. I am sorry for talking like this. But, as of now you are still an outsider when it comes to me. First of all she should speak to me regarding this. I was expecting this from her.”

“Uncle she is afraid that you may not agree for this. And so she dint speak to you till now.”

“Preetham. Until she speaks to me, how can she decide that I will not agree. She should talk to me, if I am not agreeing, then she can take her own decision.”

“Uncle, I am sorry if I am wrong. But, how do you think a girl can talk these kind of things openly with father.”

“Exactly, that’s where the whole problem is arising. They think that we wont agree if they come and speak to us. But, what fathers expect is that they should be the first one to know these kind of things. You never know how much it hurts. ”

Shreya’s father explained his pain to Preetham. After all the conversation that happened between him and Preetham, I understood many things. Every father expects to hear these kind of things from their daughter instead of knowing it from someone else. They cannot even take it if that boy comes and talks to them. I never expected that he will agree for their marriage. But, he said he is agreeing for their marriage. I can never forget the last few lines that he said after saying that he is agreeing for the marriage.

“Preetham. In all these 25 years, I gave everything she asked me. Now, I cannot deny this. I am agreeing for the marriage. All I was waiting is that I need to hear this from her. That’s it. I am her father, I parented her 25 years that doesn’t mean that I can stop her from taking decisions she is interested in. Caring and loving her doesn’t mean that I have gained rights to deny her wish or be angry on her. Just remember one thing Preetham. To love is to give, and only give. The moment you start expecting things from others, you will start getting hurt, you will start feeling the pain and that may sometimes turn out as anger on them. When we are truly loving someone, that doesn’t mean that we get rights to hurt them or be angry on them. We have chosen to love them and we should only do that. I hope you take care of my daughter with these lines in your mind.”

I can never forget those particular lines he said. Loving means just giving and only giving.


As soon as I remembered that particular situation and the lines which her father said, I decided to stop sending her that message. I expected her to come to dinner and when she dint come, I got hurt and felt the pain. And that gradually started turning out as anger. That particular moment I decided to never ever expect anything from her and just keep loving her no matter whatever it takes.

@ “If Loving is all about knowing, I know you more than me. If Loving is all about caring, I cared you like a baby. If loving is all about understanding, I am ur mirror. But, if Loving is just giving. I gave you myself. ”- Mr. Venky Bond


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