“Silent LOVE…” – $Journey & Beyond

Before I start writing about the journey of Silent Love, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this success. It is because of your valuable time that you have taken out from you busy schedule,  I was able to achieve this.


After my first story Shadow of Truth, I thought of coming with a whole new different concept. And then I thought about writing a love story as people easily get connected when its love story. But then I decided not to come up a routine kind of love story. I wanted to write about not just love. I had thoughts of explaining how a relation should be especially between opposite gender of teenage group. I wanted to express various feelings of relation and also how tough is to maintain a relation. Every one speaks about love. But then I wanted to present a different kind of relation that is not just love but also has various other feelings embedded in it. Here if you see, in this story, you can see a relation between mom and son, father and daughter, two friends and especially Prudhvi who likes a girl but then he never answers himself that it is Love. Every relation has love in it that doesn’t mean that we name it as LOVE. And also one most important message I wanted to convey to girls is that if a boy is running back of them, it doesn’t mean that he is in love with her and marriage and all. May be he wanted to be a good friend, a special friend as like Prudhvi.

I hope I have clearly conveyed what I exactly felt. When ever I used to write a post and read it, I used to read it several times to make sure that the narration has liveliness in it and also it is connecting the readers and making them feel that they are not just reading story and that the characters are playing around them. I want to understand whether I have achieved it, in your words. Here are some most wonderful comments that I have received from readers.

1. In one post I have explained about relation between two people should be like a bird and a nest and not like a bird and a cage. One person from hyderabad replied to that saying that he did a mistake in his real life and now he learnt how to be in a realtion. I felt really amazing when I read that. People are not just reading, they are connecting it to their real life.

2. One reader sent me a mail as like this. “Hi Venky, I don’t know what is driving you to writing stories. But I wanted to request you to please write it for me. Narration in your stories is so good that it makes me forget myself.” You can imagine how high I would have flied when I read this.

3. Some readers said that they never read any story or book till now but then after reading two posts of my story, they started reading the story and waited very much eagerly for the next episodes.

4. For the climax episode, one reader said that she had tears in her eyes when she read the following lines. “Things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us.”

5. “A very proud reader and a very proud friend. Just keep writing. The least I will say to you. what an explanation. Awesome. Simple superb. Please do start writing articles or blogs related to daily or important news.” This is one of the amazing mail I have received.

There are readers who wait eagerly for my post even in their work hours. There are readers who play trick with their team leads by converting the post into a pdf and reading it. There are readers who are first time readers of stories/novels. As like the above said 5 stories, I wanted to know what’s your take from this story and your experience. Please post it in the comment section.

All your feedbacks/comments encourage me a lot and add value to my writings. They help me a lot in improving my writings as they make me understand how well the writings are reaching the readers hearts. So, please please reply with a comment for every post you read. It may be a comment or a suggestion or anything. I am ready to accept it and work on it.

On this special occasion, I want to especially thank my reviewers Lakshmi Prasanna and Moorthy kritiga for taking time from their busy schedule and helping me in correcting the mistakes in the blog and also motivating me to write it in a better way. They also play a very important role in pushing me to write. Thank you guys.

If any one is interested in being part of my team, you are welcome. You can help me in many ways.

I will keep writing new kind of stories with new concepts that can invoke a changing thought in the society which is the base theme of my writing. Your valuable and true feedback will help me in improving my writings.

1. What’s your first impression?

2. Are the characters realistic?

3. Is the narration making u feel the story and characters lively?

4. What’s the unique thing u have noticed?

5. Is the relation between people explained clearly?

6. What is the one thing u suggest me to change in the writings?

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Next Story: As I have already specified in my previous blog posts that I will come up with “I quiT”, I also have another plot which is titled “I Am Stupid.” Within a few days, I will come up with either one of them.

A heartfull thanks to each of you.

“To write is to express, to read is to feel.”

Author: Mr. Venky Bond

“Shadow of Truth” – Journey

It all started 7 months back when I was watching the news about the happenings in Delhi on women. I was very much frustrated. Felt the pain and anger of the parents and relatives of the women who were killed by the criminals in the capital city. And it’s not just there. It’s all over the country. Some thought started in me. What is the way the country is moving forward. Is this what we call the progress? Is this what we call the equality to live? Is this how we respect women? I felt like we not only gave reservation of 33% in all areas. But I guess they were also given 33% reservation in being the victims in the hands of these criminals.

I wanted to do something to ease out the pain and anger in me. Initially wrote a small script in the same lines and thought of making it as a short film. I approached famous short movie Production Company through mailers by sending them the story lines. But there was no response from them. I waited for almost a month for response from the. When I dint get any response from them, I thought of taking it on my own. With all the things that are around me, I really don’t have time to go out there.

Two months later, while I was travelling to my home town, I was thinking about the same thing. Then I got a thought like why don’t I write a book. Basically I write quotations and little poems and so I decided to put a step forward and write this concept as a novel. I cannot directly write and approach a publisher. To move to that level, I need to get confidence, I need to get some feedback from readers. Then with that, it becomes easy for me to approach publishers and publish this as a book.

I put forward this thought to my friends that I wanted to write a story. I really love them because, as soon as said they came forward to help me and encouraged me a lot. We had a discussion with ourselves. I projected the different ways we can take this forward. One of them told me about the stories that are being published in the C2 blogs and we can make advantage of that platform to reach many people. After many revising’s, I finally came up with the complete concept on how I wanted to take this forward. I still remember that our first discussion happened at the sea shore.

The only thing that was driving me is to put my concept in words that are easily conveyed to others and anyone should be able to understand this. That doesn’t mean I should use the simplest way of presenting. I took extreme care that the narration should not only convey the concept, it should also give a lively feeling to the readers and they should feel like the characters playing right before their eyes. Now, the next part is making it like a real story. Putting the actual facts and timings helped me make the readers believe that it’s real and it’s happening somewhere. Right before publishing the first epi, made a note of what all should go in each epi and also took extreme care on the suspense at the end of each epi and also the connectivity to the next epi which will make the readers glue to the story and stay connected. Out of all the busy schedules at office, weekly travelling and other important tasks on the head, I always took time to convert my passion as a profession.

“Writings are the best way to express the feelings within.” – Mr. Bond

I want to thank each and every reader who encouraged me by taking time to read this and provide their valuable feedback through their comments. I know I delayed it too long. But then I had no chance and things are not always in my control. Sometime, I had to be a player of the priorities. I heart fully thank each and every reader for reading and encouraging me. Not only inside Cognizant, I am also posting this in the external internet blog in parallel. You can check that here https://venkysoft.wordpress.com

I will keep writing new kind of stories with new concepts that can invoke a changing thought in the society which is the base theme of my writing. Your valuable and true feedback will help me in improving my writings. Whenever I get a mail that someone is following my blog, I immediately used to reply to that mail asking them to answer 5 questions. Some of those answers were really touching. If someone has not answers or wanted to encourage me by answering, here are the five questions.

1. What’s your first impression on the story and narration?

2. How is the suspense and connectivity between epis?

3. Is the narration making u feel the story and characters lively?

4. What’s the unique thing u have noticed?

5. What is the one thing u suggest me to change in the writings?

Next Steps:

My next step and focus is on further refining this story and make it publish ready. I am approaching English literates for this so that it will be grammatical error free. I will consider your valuable feedback and comments when making it publish ready.

Next Concept:

I am so happy to announce that I will be starting my next story from August 1st (Thursday) which I named it as “Silent LOVE” with the caption “Its Silent, Its Special and Its Not LOVE”. I hope you all will encourage it in the same way and it will receive the same response and feedback from you all. I am working on the presentation style and epi breaking. As I said, the epi’s will be posted in external internet url also in parallel. I once again thank you all for encouraging me. Thank you.

I spread the episode messages with a quote of my own. Just felt like sharing some of the quotes here.

“We live in a society where Victims feel more ashamed than criminals.” Epi 17th

“We have the power to control law and order. But, we are controlled by white dressed people”-An Unknown Police officer. – Epi 15th

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“THE RED”… is sometimes GREEN

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom” – Charlie Parker

            These lines were running in my mind when I was listening to music in myPod. It was around 09:45, Friday night where I was sitting in a bus and moving towards the central railway station to catch my train to bengalur. It was a calm night with cool breeze surrounding me. I was enjoying myself listening to music, watching and playing with the rain drops sitting at the window seat. Slowly my mind starting rolling back to the past. Exactly the same day one week back.

             It was a Friday evening where I was in a conference call with my team regarding our project. Suddenly my phone started vibrating and I was happy to see it was my school friend. I answered back after the meeting. She was very hurry telling me to go to station and meet her friend. I tried to the best of me but finally couldn’t make it. I then called my friend and told her that I will meet them the next day as it was anyhow weekend. I reached back to my room and slept off after a tired week. It was 7:00 early morning of Saturday. I saw two missed calls from my friend. I called back her and she said me to meet her friend as soon as possible. I got ready quickly and made myself to TAMBARAM to meet them. During my journey, my friend called me and was telling that she has got some bag from her friend and I should collect it and keep it with me till I return to vizag.

After a speedy journey, I finally met them and collected that package. My friend who is already on call with me told me to open the package and check what’s in there. It was Apple iPod Touch. She told me to open it and turn it back. wwwwwwwwwwwww00000000000000000000000000000w that was my expression after looking at it. It was engraved “Venky Bond” on the back. That package was a gift to me from my friend. A custom made Apple iPod Touch 8GB made in california. I was not shocked with the worth of it. Because, what’s more worth I felt is my name engraved on it which tells me how much she values me. It was a 13 yrs long relation from child hood with her with zero misunderstandings till today. I never called it iPod any more. I renamed it myPod, “Venky Bond myPod”. A product from apple is always revolutionary and was one of my dream to own one. It was finally in the form of a gift which made me extremely happy. I immediately started syncing music to it. Especially “ELEMENTS OF UNIVERSE” music cd pack gifted to me by my sister’s on my birthday.

                  Music is always my first choice in all kinds of situations and moods. It makes me feel myself. Revolving all these things in my mind, I suddenly had a look at my watch. A beautiful square dial fasttrack watch gifted by my sweet friend. Time was 11.15. I forgot that time is running out to catch my train at 11:30PM. Still 10 more mins of journey to reach the station. Finally I reached the station, got into the train and settling down my self. I then realized that train started moving. Which means if I was just for a min more then I would have missed the train. I then recalled a message sent by my friend on the way to railway station. “Lets check how is ur journey going to be. Thrilling or Normal”. I got a smile on my face recalling that and sent him a msg that “journey started normal, got into train”. He was shocked that there are no interesting things this time.

               I settled down my self and started watching movie “The Social Network”. I then received a msg from my sister whether I have got into train or not. I dint text her after getting into train because she said that she is sleeping early. I replied her like “Is there any technology like cloud computing called Sleep Computing which actually links people in sleep and reality”. She just smiled and replied “Yessss”. It was around 2:00 in the early morning on a speedy train at the window lower seat and I started falling into sleep plugging music into my ears.

              Cool breeze saying good morning to me and some station sign board saying good bye to me. Train was moving slowly, I woke up from the seat and turned around. It was all empty, I couldn’t see any one in the train. I rubbed my eyes soo hard and also pinched myself to check whether its real or dream. After few moments, I was shocked that it was all real and there is really no one in the train. It was all dark round me slowly welcoming the day light. I then realized that I missed the station where I need to get down, the bangalore city. I immediately called up my friend and asked him to check the info of train. But I couldn’t get the info from him because my battery was low and it turned off. Sat down for a moment to think what to do in that kind of situation. I then settled down myself and thought of googling the train to check whether any one is available in the rest part of train. I took my luggage and starting walking from my S1 coach. I couldn’t see any one till I reached S11. I then saw one fellow standing at the door. It was 6:00 in the morning. I asked him where the train will be stopping next. The reply was a bit shocking. He said there is no stop till 10:00 AM. Done… It was all done. Now I threw my luggage at the seat and settled down. Plugged music as ususally which is my first thought in all situations.

                 Train was moving at a constant speed. But, slowing down some times tempting me. I was then thinking of all my previous train journeys where some times train was halted for hours for a red signal. But, this time I was intentionally waiting for a RED signal. After a 45 mins of journey, train started slowing down to a very lower pace. I looked out from the door and the signal was RED. But then to my eyes it looked like a GREEN to my journey. I immediately got down the train. It was all surrounded by bushes and trees closely resembling a forest. It was 6:50AM. I started snapping the train with myPod as a remembrance. After a walk of 32mins in that trees which closely resembled a national geographic forest episode. But here I dint encounter any kind of animals. Finally I heard some traffic noise and stepping my foot ahead, I could see some humans. I had a very big close up ad smile. I enquired the people there to how to get back to my place. After getting the info from several enquiries, I got into a bus.


               I again sat at the window seat watching the road to make sure I don’t miss the stop I need to get down. In this process, bus stopped some where in the middle of the road which is not a stop. I then saw two people getting into bus. I heard a voice… “Ticket Please”. I thought it was the conductor giving me the ticket. I heard the voice again “Ticket Please”. Turned around, it was the checking squad. Then I realized that I gave money to the conductor but he dint give me the ticket. I couldn’t even explain them that conductor dint give me ticket because it would be childish and they are definitely not going to believe it. It ultimately resulted in paying fine.

               Birthday presents, special gifts, conference calls, office works, travelling, missing stations, paying fines… Finally I made it to bengalur, had yummy home made food by my sis and her husband. It was all I call as experience. Life is always experience and I experience it in my way. The special way. The Bond way…