“Silent LOVE…” – $24

“Vennela. Why do you always do like this? Why do you hurt me always? If you don’t like to come out with me then can’t you tell me straight forward? No need to play with me like this. Don’t fool me every time. You never know how much it is hurting me every time. I cannot take this pain anymore. Good bye. I will never ever disturb you. Sorry for disturbing you all these months. Bye.”

After typing the message, I just placed my finger on the send button and was thinking so deep whether to send it to her or not. I never expressed any kind of feeling to her and now suddenly if I send a message like this, I don’t know how she will react to it and also I may lose her once and for all. But, every time she does like this I feel lot of pain and now I am feeling it much beyond. This particular moment shed tears in me. I thought this will be one of the best moments of my life. But then everything just collapsed. My entire plan just got drained. That pain is creating lot of anger inside me. I cannot show this anger to her as I feel I have no rights to be angry on her. But, I wanted to convey her my pain.

When I was thinking whether to send her that message or not, I remembered the words of Shreya’s father.

(3 months back)

One day, when I was working at my station, I got a call from an unknown number.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Hi. Is this Prudhvi?”

“Ya. I am Prudhvi. Who is this?”

“I am Preetham.”



“Oh okay. Got it. Yes tell me.”

“Can we meet?”

“You wanna meet me? Why so? Regarding?”

“This is regarding Shreya.”

“Okay. When do you want to meet me?”

“Today evening? Is it possible for you?”

“Ya sure.”


That day evening I met Preetham after my office hours.

“Hi Preetham.”

“Hi Prudhvi. Thanks for coming.”

“That’s okay. Tell me. What’s that you wanna talk to me?”

“You already know that me and Shreya are in love and we are also planning to get married.”

“Ya. I know. But then did you inform to your parents?”

“Yes. They agreed for the marriage.”

“What about Shreya’s father? Don’t you think he also needs to agree for this?”

“Yes. I know. But then Shreya is not at all talking to her father and also she is not allowing me to talk to him. I told her that my parents will go and talk to him. But, she says that he wont agree and he is so short temper person. And that is the reason I wanna do one thing. And for that ,I need your help.”

“What is that?”

“I want to meet Shreya’s father.”

“Meet and?”

“I want to meet and talk to him and explain him clearly. But for that I need your help.”

“My help?”

“Yes. I want you also to come with me to her house.”

“Me? But why?”

“I came to know that her father knows you very well. And so if you are with me then it will be little helpful for me.”

“Her father’s decision remains on top. I don’t have anything to do in between.”

“I know that Prudhvi. I will talk to uncle and will make him agree for this. I just want you to be with me at that point. That’s it. Can you do this help for me? Please?”

I began to think for a while before saying YES to what Preetham is requesting. I don’t know that exact reason why Preetham has choosen me. But, one thing is true. I know uncle very well right from the first day when I came to join this company. And so I decided to go with Preetham. We both started to Indore on Saturday early morning. Preetham told me to not to tell regarding this to anyone, even Nandini. We reached there by evening 04:00 PM. As soon as we reached there, I called to Uncle’s mobile.

“Hello Uncle. This is Prudhvi.”

“Prudhvi beta(son) kaise ho(how are you).”

“Uncle me teek hu( I am fine uncle). Me abhi Indore me hu(I am right now in Indore).”

“Indore? Indore me kaha(Where in Indore?)”

He guided me to reach his house. Me and Preetham reached there and stepped inside.

“Prudhvi beta aaa, andhar aa beta.( Son, come in).”

“Yes Prudhvi. Tell me. How come you are in Indore all of a sudden?”

“Uncle. Shreya ke baare me baath karne keliye aaya(We are here to talk about Shreya).”


“Uncle yeh Preetham, mere dosth.(This is Preetham. My Friend). Oh sorry, he doesn’t understand hindi. This is Preetham. He works with me at Pune in same office.”


As soon as I said that name, I have noticed a change in the expressions on uncle’s face.


Uncle is not responding to me, he remained silent. Even I remained silent for few seconds and called him again.


“Yes Prudhvi. What is that you want to talk regarding Shreya?”

“Prudhvi, let me do the talking.” – Preetham.

“Uncle, I am Preetham. I guess you heard me already. I am here to talk regarding marrying your daughter.”


Preetham explained the whole story to her father. During the whole conversation, Shreya’s father remained silent.

“Preetham. I understand everything you said. You said that you also talked to your parents and made them agree for this. But then did you think about me before taking this decision? After everything is finalized, now you are coming and explaining me. Do you think this is enough? Okay. Let me ask you one question. Can you answer that?”

“What’s that uncle?”

“Now, are you here to inform me about the marriage or to ask my permission?”

Preetham has no answer to reply for uncle’s question.

“Preetham. I am not angry on you, even I am not angry on Shreya. I am only angry on myself that even after parenting her from last 25 years, I was not able to gain her trust.”

“Trust?” – Prudhvi.

“Yes Prudhvi. If she really trusts me, I would have been the first person with whom she would have told regarding you. She has taken a major decision in her life which she never told me. I would at least felt little happy if she places me in the last position in the queue of people she told regarding her decision. But, one thing that hurt me most is that she dint even gave me a position in that queue. I was not even apart in that list of people with whom she shared her happiness. That is the most painful truth which I am still not able to digest till today. I don’t know what mistake I did to her. I cared and loved her the same way as like every parent. I gave her everything she needed even before she asked me for. I started changing myself for her. I changed my eating habits, my house, my place, everything for her. And at last I am left alone.”

“Uncle, I am here not to inform you that we are getting married. I am here to talk to you, explain you and make you agree for our marriage.” – Preetham.

“Preetham. This is not what I am looking for. Before you came into her life, only I was there for Shreya. All I was expecting is that she should come and talk to me regarding this. It hurts when we come to know these kind of these things from an outsider. I am sorry for talking like this. But, as of now you are still an outsider when it comes to me. First of all she should speak to me regarding this. I was expecting this from her.”

“Uncle she is afraid that you may not agree for this. And so she dint speak to you till now.”

“Preetham. Until she speaks to me, how can she decide that I will not agree. She should talk to me, if I am not agreeing, then she can take her own decision.”

“Uncle, I am sorry if I am wrong. But, how do you think a girl can talk these kind of things openly with father.”

“Exactly, that’s where the whole problem is arising. They think that we wont agree if they come and speak to us. But, what fathers expect is that they should be the first one to know these kind of things. You never know how much it hurts. ”

Shreya’s father explained his pain to Preetham. After all the conversation that happened between him and Preetham, I understood many things. Every father expects to hear these kind of things from their daughter instead of knowing it from someone else. They cannot even take it if that boy comes and talks to them. I never expected that he will agree for their marriage. But, he said he is agreeing for their marriage. I can never forget the last few lines that he said after saying that he is agreeing for the marriage.

“Preetham. In all these 25 years, I gave everything she asked me. Now, I cannot deny this. I am agreeing for the marriage. All I was waiting is that I need to hear this from her. That’s it. I am her father, I parented her 25 years that doesn’t mean that I can stop her from taking decisions she is interested in. Caring and loving her doesn’t mean that I have gained rights to deny her wish or be angry on her. Just remember one thing Preetham. To love is to give, and only give. The moment you start expecting things from others, you will start getting hurt, you will start feeling the pain and that may sometimes turn out as anger on them. When we are truly loving someone, that doesn’t mean that we get rights to hurt them or be angry on them. We have chosen to love them and we should only do that. I hope you take care of my daughter with these lines in your mind.”

I can never forget those particular lines he said. Loving means just giving and only giving.


As soon as I remembered that particular situation and the lines which her father said, I decided to stop sending her that message. I expected her to come to dinner and when she dint come, I got hurt and felt the pain. And that gradually started turning out as anger. That particular moment I decided to never ever expect anything from her and just keep loving her no matter whatever it takes.

@ “If Loving is all about knowing, I know you more than me. If Loving is all about caring, I cared you like a baby. If loving is all about understanding, I am ur mirror. But, if Loving is just giving. I gave you myself. ”- Mr. Venky Bond


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“Silent LOVE…” – $8

This is a heavy time taking process and I am not doing it now. Let me look at it post lunch or in the evening. It’s now time to get back to work.

What’s on my plate today? There are 3 tasks for the day and apart from this, as today is a weekend, I have to log everything and initiate a branch to branch backup. Let’s start.

I was just doing my tasks one by one and after almost 2 hours, I was interrupted.

“Hi Prudhvi… Good Morning…”

“Hi Raghav. A very good morning.”

“How is it going on Prudhvi? You got used to things? Able to manage everything?”

“Yes Raghav. Things are going pretty well. Started working on the third analysis also.”

“So soon? Very good.”

“Thanks Raghav.”

“By the way, today is weekend right. Did you schedule the branch backup?”

“I have not yet done Raghav. I will do it in the noon post lunch.”

“No Prudhvi. I forgot to tell you. Initiate it now and let it go on. We have a meeting from 3 to 5 on the quarter report of all the R&D items.”

“Oh okay. Sure. Will do that now.”

“Okay. Let me know incase if you need anything.”

“Sure Raghav. Thank you.”

“Prudhvi. I heard that you told some poem on the M&G day. People are talking about that. It’s now became talk of the town.”

“Raghav. Please… Even you started kidding?”

“No Prudhvi. I am seriously telling.”

I did not know what to reply and so just smiled. He left from there and then I continued working on my tasks.

As per the instructions from Raghav. I have scheduled branch to branch backup process which we do every weekend to make sure all our entire work is backed up to the secondary servers. It will be automatically initiated at 13:00 Hrs and will take almost 4 to hours for the backup. And during this whole time I will not have access to system and just need to sit and monitor the progress.

After scheduling it, I increased my rate of work to make sure my tasks will be done before the backup so that they will also be part of the backup.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.”

As I was doing my work, it became 12:45 Hrs and the B2B backup process started triggering its alerts. I just closed all my windows before the process started and gave room for it to work on its process.

The process got launched and my screen is filled up with windows displaying the status of all the servers and the backup process.

After monitoring the process for almost an hour and after making sure that all windows are displaying green, I left for lunch.


After lunch, I just quickly made sure that the process is still in green and then stepped in the meeting hall.

As Raghav leads the activities from the front, he opened the meeting with the agenda and each of others started giving their inputs. Almost after 50 mins, my turn came to throw my inputs.

“Good after noon all of you. Thanks for giving me opportunity to speak up. I just want to highlight some things which I was observing from last 45 days. Why don’t we do frequent visits to the project teams, sit with them and then do a two way analysis on what they were doing exactly and also ask talk to them face to face on what they feel they require further. This personal contact way I guess we can establish a friendlier and open way of discussion where they can freely talk and provide inputs.”

“I am sorry. What’s your name?” – One of the Senior Management members.


“Okay. Prudhvi. The point you are making is valid. But then we cannot do a visit and do these things as a direct one to one conversation. For getting inputs we have a survey which will be triggered every now and then.”

“I am sorry if I am wrong. But then I feel like these app based surveys may not work 100%. Things work much better only when we do a direct one to one talk. I mean this is what I feel. I may be wrong. But I am just trying to make my point.”

“Yes Prudhvi. But considering the size of our organization and also keeping the time required in mind, we are going with this survey based process.”

“Hmm. Okay. But then after analyzing the reports of last 2 months, I just got this thought in mind.”

“Prudhvi. As not to disappoint the point you are trying to make, come up with an analysis on the time required to do this for all the teams in the zone we are covering.”

“Thank you. We may not do this for all the teams. What we can do is to try it with few teams and then compare the results of both the survey based and direct one to one.”

As the discussion is going on hot, my manager announced a 5 mins break to the meeting.

While everyone stepped out for refreshing, I am still sitting inside.

Raghav is going through the mails. As he was using his laptop for projecting the slides, I just looked at the screen. He got quite some mails from the Maintenance Team.

Out of anxiety, I asked him about those mails.

“Raghav. What are those Maintenance Team mails?”

“Every half year, Network team will perform maintenance on our servers that are used for intranet services.”

“Oh Okay.”

Meanwhile, Raghav also made a move out of the meeting room for a short break. I just left that conversation and started thinking of something else.

All of a sudden, I again looked at the screen.

“Due to server maintenance, Employee Profile Service will be down from today 06:00 PM.” says one of the mailer in Raghav’ s inbox.

Oh no. I have to track the entire list and find her profile details using this service and it will be down from 06:00 PM. I immediately ran to my system and turned the monitor on.

I cannot do anything now because the B2B backup process is running and it says it will take 69 more mins to complete it, which means approximately 05:30PM. So, I will have just 30 more mins to access that employee profile service.

@ “We can never control the way things act on us in LIFE. But, we can always control our reactions on those actions” – Mr. Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $2

“Prudhvi. That’s okay. It happens. This is your first interview. There are many opportunities in the coming days. I guess a better one is waiting for you.” – My placement officer is trying to console me. No one knows and no one will ever know what happened inside the four walls. But, there is one person who can understand completely what would have happened inside. Now, I should be ready to face her.

We all were returning to our homes after the interview process is completed. On my way back, I called Suchi to inform her about the interview status.


“Hello Prudhvi…”

“Suchi… I just now started from college. Interview is over.”

“Okay. What about the result?”


“Why are you dragging it? Tell me what happened?”

“I dint get selected.”

“Okay, now tell me what happened.”

“I was not interested in the terms Suchi.”

“Hmmm. You dint tell this to any one right?”

“Ya, I dint tell.”

“What did you say them then?”

“I dint tell anything. They were thinking that I failed in HR.”

“So, you won’t tell them?”

“No Suchi. Just leave it. I am disconnecting. I am near to the stop.”

“Okay. Okay.”

I reached home; my dad is very eagerly waiting to hear from me on the interview status. I just stepped in not knowing what to say to him because whenever he used to ask about my next step in career and also about job. I used to proudly tell that getting a job is very easy dad. All we need to do is tell them some lies. I cannot directly tell him that I rejected because of bond and joining date.

“How did the interview go?” – My dad

“Ya dad it went on fine.”

“What about the result?”

“Yes dad. Tomorrow there is a parent’s meet and you and mom need to go and collect report card.”

My mom shouts my name from the kitchen as soon as she heard my reply.

“Dad. I was not selected.”

“Why? Is it tough?”

“No dad. Not like that. I made it till HR. I lost in HR.”

“Don’t say you lost in HR. Say that you rejected.” – mom.

“What rejected?” – My dad.

“Ask him only.”

“What Prudhvi? What is mom saying?”

“Dad. They asked me to sign on a 2yrs bond dad and also we need to report immediately after the examination and so I said no.”

“It’s good that they are calling you immediately after the examination without waiting for call letters. And also 2years will pass on very easily. So, why did you reject it?”

“Dad. I don’t want to step into a job right after my education. I want some time to make myself prepared for a career and also if I sign bond, I can’t step out immediately if I dint like the job.”

“Ram. Why are you arguing with him? You know right. He will not listen to anyone and he will do only whatever he likes.” – Mom.

“This is the first company right? Are there any other companies they are going to bring for the on-campus?”

“There are some other companies that may come dad.”

“Okay. At least look into them.”

“Okay dad. Let’s see.”

The same routine discussion was happening between me and my dad after each campus interview. For some or the other reason I used to reject them and dad questions me. The best part is that my mom won’t question me or else I need to answer both of them apart from my HR round.

Life is going on so quick. Our final year project review started which is followed by our final sem examinations.

It’s now the time for all of us to take the directions we choose to take. The final day of college has come. All our examinations are done and today is our last day in college. There are many thoughts running in me. We had the best days of life, we are now moving out with million memories that come along with us till the end. Few friends depart and few of them come in the same path. The same kind of feeling I had during the last day of schooling, last day of +2 and now on this day. The one thing I learnt out of all these is that “No matter how well it was, Life has to move on.”

(2 months later)

After college has ended, I was not at all thinking of job or higher studies or anything else. Now and then dad is reminding of job and career. My usual routine is to meet my friends daily in the evening and spend time with them. We were 6 in batch and now finally I was left alone. Every week one among them used to leave. It is either because they were asked to report at the office or to pursue their higher studies. As time passed on, I started thinking of my next step. As college is over, the only chance for me now is off-campus. As I am very particular about which company I should get into, I used to apply for interviews very specifically. And finally the day has come.

(One fine evening at home)

“Ram. I guess from today you don’t need to ask him about his job. Here is his call letter. He needs to report in 2 weeks.”

My dad took the call letter and was reading.

“So, it seems finally you got what you want.”

“Yes dad.”

“No bond. So, you can quit whenever you feel like quitting?”

“Yes dad.”

“So, you are more interested in checking the options to quit rather than continuing.”

“Yes dad.”


“No, nothing dad.”

“What’s your role?”

“Technical analyst at the R&D section.”

“Okay. We have two weeks’ time right. Start working on what all they had asked for.”

“Sure dad.”

(The next day morning)

Dad is about to start to office.

“Prudhvi… Prudhvi…”

“Haaa. Yes dad.”

“Book tickets today.”

“I already did that dad.”

“Oh good. Tell me the dates; I will apply for leave on those days.”

“I don’t understand dad.”

“What you don’t understand?”

“Why do you need to apply leave?”

“To come with you for your joining formalities.”

“Dad. Wait wait. Can I tell you one thing?”


“Dad. This is not the first day of my schooling dad. I am going to report for my job which means a company believes that I can take up a role for its development. And if you come with me, then it’s like I can’t even travel alone to a new place. No dad. No. All these years you taught me many things. Now it’s time for me to learn things on my own dad. And also I don’t want you to trouble there. Once I reach there, I will settle up, take a home and then you and mom can come and stay as many days you want.”


My dad is looking at my mom as he never heard me talking like this. I don’t know what he understood. But, as soon as my mom nodded her head, he said ok and left to office.

(In train…)

Finally, I am on my way to my first ever responsibility at a very large organization. Little excited, little afraid and little enthusiastic. I got down at Pune central and checked-in at the hotel room. This is my first visit to Pune.

(Next day…)

We were taken to Magarpatta City where there are huge buildings all around. this is my first day at office. There are people from across India. I could feel the same excitement and little fear in every one. Introductory speech about the company was given by the Head of Learning and Practices. As soon as the lunch break was announced, the first thing I did is, I called Suchi.

“Hello Suchi. Joining formalities are over and just now the introductory welcome speech was also over.”

“Okay Good. So, did you like the environment there?”

“This is just my first day Suchi. Let me see how things will go further.”

@“No matter how well it was, Life has to move on.Mr. Venky Bond

“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-27

December 13th 2010 13:59 Hrs:

“It’s not just only that. There is a bigger picture.”

“What is that Aravind?”

“She dint try to kill herself.”


“She tried to kill the baby inside her.”


Tarun was shocked on hearing this. He has no words to speak when Aravind was explaining about what happened that day morning with Amrutha.

14:11 Hrs:

“Doctor Aravind. What are you speaking? I mean. How can a mother kill her own baby?”

“Yes. Even I am not able to believe this. I have to run more analysis on this by running more sessions on her and try to figure out why exactly she did like this.”

“Aravind. I thought after we moved to Bangalore, she is recovering. But then now again?”

“Tarun. I can’t just use the casual line and say Everything is fine. Yes, I know it’s a big loss and that to when it comes this way, Yes it will be shocking thing. But we have to figure out why and how this happened. I guess there will be a strong reason behind this. Let me sit with her for few more times. Then we can get the exact update.”

“Okay Aravind. What is her condition right now?”

“She is fine now. And the best part is she won’t remember anything that happened.”

“Aravind. So, what should I answer if she asks about the baby.”

“I am thinking the same in my mind from last 2 hours.”

“Doctor. How is her physical health condition now. Can you examine her now and tell us so that we can decided what to tell her about the baby and what happened.” – Aravind.

“Yes Doctor. That would be helpful for me to answer her questions.” –Aravind

“Aravind. How stable is she now mentally. I mean, when she wakes up and asks me about the baby. Can I tell her that the baby is no more to us?”

“Tarun. As I told u, in these kind of cases, the patients forget completely what happened and what they did in those kind of situations and so don’t worry about her situation. She is al fine now.”

“But still I am not able to establish a link on why did she do it like this.”

“Tarun. We will figure that out. Don’t worry. First let’s get her back to normal stage and let her know about the baby.”

“What should we tell her about the baby?” – Tarun

“Doctor. I know this is a tough questions to ask. But, we don’t have any other choice. What kind of scenario should I tell her now about the baby so that she don’t run into shock again.”

“Tarun and Aravind. Yes, it is a real tough question for me to answer. Actually speaking, I am running blank now.”

“Doctor. Please try to figure out an answer for this. As you said, she may woke up any minute. And at that time, I need to be there next to her with an answer for all her questions.”

“Tarun. I can understand your situation. Just give me a couple of minutes so that I will figure out what can be done now.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you so much.”

“Tarun. I will leave now. She will start getting more questions in her mind if I am here. I will go and be with Sneha. Will meet you in the evening.”

“Okay Aravind. I completely forgot about Sneha. Please go and be with her. I will call you once Amrutha wakes up.”

“Okay Tarun. Take care. Anything emergency call me, I will come immediately.”

“Okay Tarun. Take care of Sneha. Tell her that I am struck in the legal formalities at head quarters.”

“Sure Tarun.”

Aravind left from there leaving Tarun in a tough time. Tarun is facing a real tough situation as he is not understanding how all this happened and what he should tell to Amrutha regarding the baby.

14:43 Hrs:

Tarun is waiting outside when the nurse is examining Amrutha on her physical strength and health condition to confirm how stable she is to know the truth.

15:08 Hrs:

“Sir. She may come into consciousness in next 5 minutes. You may now go inside.”

Tarun went inside and got seated next to Amrutha’s bed and looking at her with the same thought running in his mind regarding what he should tell her about the baby.”

15:11 Hrs:

After just 2 minutes, he heard the sound of door. When he looked at it, he saw the doctor making signs to call him outside.

Tarun was making signs back saying that Amrutha may get up any minute.

Doctor was still continuously making signs requesting him to come out.

15:12 Hrs:

“What happened Doctor?”

“Tarun. I know what I am doing is not right. But I don’t have any other choice left with me.”

“What Doctor? Tell me clear. I am not able to understand?”

“Tarun. Let us put the baby inside incubator and tell her that the baby is not grown completely and so had to keep her in the incubator for observation.”

“Doctor. But?”

“Yes Tarun. I understand that we are trying to fool her with the dead baby. But now I am thinking more like a woman and more like a mother rather than like a doctor. We don’t have any other choice with us right now other than this.”

“Doctor. I am not understanding how to react.”

“Tarun. We don’t have a choice. We need to get this ready by the time she comes conscious.”

“Okay Doctor. As you say.”

“Okay. I will get this done as quickly as possible. If she comes conscious make her believe that the baby is not physically grown and so she was kept in incubator and there are only very few chances for the baby to survive.”

“Dcotor. But, what to tell her about why we had to go for a surgery in the middle of 8th month.”

“Tarun. Tell her that she fell down and so had to go for surgery and there was no other option to save the baby and the mother.”

“Okay Doctor.”

“Okay Tarun. Go and be with her I will make arrangements.”


“Tarun. I can understand your situation. What we are doing is right. To save Amrutha, we don’t have better choice than this. Just go inside.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you so much for all the help.”

“It’s my duty to take care of my patients.”

Tarun left from there and started walking toward the room in which Amrutha was there.


“Yes Doctor.”

“Be strong.”

“Okay Doctor.”

15:24 Hrs:

Tarun came inside the room and sat next to Amrutha. After few minutes, Amrutha gained consciousness.

“Tarun. Why are we here?” What happened to me?”

“Amrutha.. Amrutha..”

Amrutha was looking around the surroundings and started questioning Tarun. She then suddenly looked at herself and was shocked to see that there is no baby inside her.

“Tarun. Where is the baby? What happened to me? Why are we here?”

“Amrutha relax. Amrutha listen. Listen to me.”

“Tell me where is my baby.”

“Amrutha listen. Calm down. Let me explain you what happened.”

As Amrutha is losing control, Tarun caught her hands and was trying to calm her down.

“Amrutha. Listen. Baby is undergoing treatment. She is placed in incubator.”

“What? Why? How did this happen.”

“Amrutha. You fell down to the ground. I rushed you here and the doctors said they had to do surgery and take the baby out to save her. But then the baby was not physically strong and so they kept her in observation.”

“I want to see my baby Tarun. Take me to my baby.”

“Amrutha listen. You should not move now. They will bring the baby here. Don’t worry. Just calm down.”

Amrutha tried to get up from the bed. But then her surgery stitches started giving pain when she was trying to get up.

“Amrutha. Just relax. They will bring the baby here once they confirm she is safe.”

April 01st 2013 18:12 Hrs:

(Present. Where Tarun is telling the flash back to Sneha)

“Tarun. So, that day you showed me in the incubator is a dead baby?”

“Yes Sneha. I don’t have any other choice that time.”

And then after 2 days, we told Amrutha that the baby is dead.

“Tarun. Why you dint tell all this to me before?”

“Sneha. Look. I am sorry for hiding the truth. But then I want you to be with Amrutha as a support to her and so dint tell you the truth. If you also know the truth, then you cannot be free with her. Always the truth will follow you like a shadow keeping you disturbed which I am facing from 2 years.”

¿¿¿: Shadow of Truth Follows…


“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-24

December 12th 2010 07:09 Hrs:

Tarun was trying to control his anger and pain. But as Sneha was continuously questioning him, he replied her in high voice and anger.

“How can I tell you that we failed to provide proper security to the city and because of that she is gang r****d by 5 bastards. We were not even able to catch them except one. I feel ashamed of myself and my department. The situation she is in is because of us. She is badly hurt by those guys.” – Tarun.

Sneha lost control of herself on hearing those words from Tarun. She started weeping out loud and was running to see Rachana. Aravind was trying to control her.

07:16 Hrs:

“Sneha, stop. She is undergoing treatment. And you cannot see her now.”

“No Tarun. I want to see her now. Please let me see her.”

“Sneha. Please listen to me. You cannot see her in this situation.”

Tarun and Aravind were trying hard to control Sneha and stop her from seeing Rachana. As this was happening, a bunch of media people were trying to rush inside to question Tarun.

07:20 Hrs:

“Sir, Sir, What happened Sir? How did this happen?” – Media

“Sir. What is the situation of the girl now?” – Media

“Sir. What is the department doing?” – Media

“Did you catch any of those criminals? What is the action the department is going to take?” – Media

As the media people were trying to rush in and posting questions to Tarun, the other people in the department were trying to control them by not allowing them to enter into the hospital.

Noticing this, Tarun came out to reach the media and answer their questions.

07:20 Hrs:

“Hold on. Please. One by one.” – Tarun.

“How did this happen sir?” – Media

“She, along with her friends went out for shopping and their friends dropped her at her house at around 22:40 Hrs. When she reached the door, she found out that the key was with her friend. Then she called them to come back and handover the key. By the time their friends reached back, a gang of 5 people saw her waiting outside at that late night and grabbed her into the car. She tried to defend them. And in that process her bag and phone fall down to the ground.

When their friends came back, they noticed that she was not there. They tried reaching her through mobile. Then they heard the sound nearby and then found out her belongings lying on the ground.

They immediately reached out to us. All our teams started searching for her by some traces. We alerted all the check points at the city outskirts. After 4 hours of search, we found her 23kms away from the border of the city at a damaged building near the rail track. When the gang noticed that the police were coming to them. They escaped from there. However, we were able to catch one among them. And now we are interrogating him and will soon trace out the other 4. We will not leave any of them and will bring them to justice.

The girl was badly hurt by them. She is now in ICU undergoing treatment. Once she is fine, we will get to know more details. ” –

Tarun explained the whole scenario to the media.

“Sir. Do you agree that night patrolling team and also the whole department failed in this case?” – Media.

“Listen. These kinds of situations don’t happen by giving an alert before. And yes. We failed in this case. And will make sure these kinds of situations will not happen again.” – Tarun.

“Sir. How is the girl now? What is her situation?”

“She is undergoing treatment in the ICU. Will get to hear from the doctors very soon. That’s all for now. We will keep you updated. Thank you. Thank you.” – said Tarun and went inside.

07:33 Hrs:

“According to the words from Special Officer Tarun, the girl was gang r***d by 5 people at the outskirts of the city. The girl was badly hurt and was undergoing treatment. Here it clearly explains the failure of the police department in providing security to the women in city. And also these kinds of harassments on women are increasing day by day in the city turning out the city as unsafe to women. Police needs to take serious action on these criminals immediately instead of revolving round the courts for years.” – Reporter Shalini with Cameraman Pratap, CNNINN Bangalore.

07:45 Hrs:

“Aravind. Amrutha is alone at home the whole night. I will go to her and will be back in an hour. Okay” – Tarun

“Sure Tarun. Go ahead. We will be here.” – Aravind

“Sneha. Please control yourself. I can understand the situation. But, we need to be a support to Rachana in this situation. And if we are like this. Then imagine her situation.” – Tarun

“Okay Tarun. Please go and see Amrutha. I will be here. I can be some help to the doctors if at all they need me.” – Sneha

“Ya. That’s good. Okay Sneha. Will be back in an hour.” – Tarun

08:24 Hrs:

Tarun reached home and stepped inside with the key he has with him. Amrutha was sleeping and Tarun took his dress to fresh up. On hearing the sound, Amrutha woke up.

“Tarun. When did you come home?”

“Just now dear. We had drill whole night and so it became late.”

“This is not late. This is called next day.” – Amrutha said and smiled at Tarun.

Tarun is showing no reactions and trying to hide himself from Amrutha as he don’t want to give any clue to Amrutha about the situation.

“Tarun. You missed a lot of fun yesterday night. Rachana and Aravind were teasing Sneha a lot. Aravind is so funny guy and he loves Sneha a lot. Rachana is a very naughty girl. We had a good time yesterday. I thought you will be joining us.”

“Mmm. Good Amrutha. I had lot of work yesterday and so was unable to join.”

“Okay Tarun. That’s fine. Where are you rushing now? You will be going back again?”

“Yes Amrutha. Need to go back. Lot of pending works.”

“ Take some rest dear.”

“Amrutha. Are you taking the pills on time?”

“Yes Tarun. Don’t worry. I am taking care of your baby very fine.”

10:02 Hrs:

Tarun went back to hospital. Rachana’s situation is still worse. In the late evening at 19:30 Hrs, he went to his office to complete some formalities and from there, he went to his home to see Amrutha.

23:02 Hrs:

Tring… Tring…

“Hello. Tarun here.”

“Tarun. This is Aravind.”

“Ya Aravind. Tell. What happened?”

“You need to come over here right now.”

“What happened Aravind? Is everything fine?”

“Please come fast Tarun.”

23:42 Hrs:

Tarun reached hospital. It was so crowded with the media and other people from the department. Aravind was waiting for him at the entrance.

“Aravind. What happened?” – Tarun

“Sir. How did this happen sir? Your department failed again?” – Media

“Is this because of your carelessness or the hospital people?” – Media

“Who should be blamed for this Sir?” – Media

“Hold on. Wait. I will answer all your questions. Wait”

Tarun and Aravind were walking inside.

“Aravind. What happened?”

“Tarun. Rachana is dead.”


“Yes Tarun. She removed oxygen mask herself. Doctors were in rounds and asked no one of us to disturb her and so we were waiting outside. And suddenly we heard the beep sound. By the time we went inside, she was dead.”

¿¿¿: Is it suicide or murder

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