“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-20

November 27th 2008 02:18 Hrs:

“Tarun. To be simple, this psychological problem occurs when something happens to the people she love most. Then they turn emotional to such a high extent that she loses control and her brain starts functioning in an abnormal way. And please don’t start worrying as nothing is confirmed until and unless I perform analysis. So, please be relaxed. And as you were saying you dint see this kind of behavior in the last 8 months, I guess this is not a major in her. Now, we are witnessing it because of what happened today. So, there is nothing more to worry on that.”

“So, Doctor. Shall we start doing the analysis so that we don’t delay it anymore?”

“Yeah. You are right. But, for these kind of treatments, we should not do it in closed walls and especially in hospital

environments. We need to do it in a friendly way. We should not let the patient know about this at any cost.”

“Oh. Okay Doctor.”

“You don’t worry Tarun. I will figure out a way for this. Before that, I will perform a basic analysis by tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

I said that to him and left that room to see Amrutha. While leaving, as like everyone I was also having the same question in the mind.

“Is he telling the truth? Is really Amrutha not in danger?”

As I opened the door, I saw Dr. Ram Kumar standing at the door.

“Hi Doctor. How is she now?”

“Tarun. She is fine and still unconscious. She may be conscious any minute.”

“Okay Doctor.  I spoke to Aravind. He said he needs to run some analysis to confirm the impact of this.”

“Okay. Hey Tarun. Aravind is a great psychologist. Even though he is young, he has handled many cases successfully. We can completely rely on him.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you very much. I will go and sit near Amrutha. Don’t want to leave her alone.”

“Ya. That’s right. Go ahead.”

As I was leaving, I saw Ramkumar and Aravind talking something in the room.

“Aravind. I need to tell you an important thing.”

“Yes Doctor. Whats that?”

“She tried to harm herself and as we dont have any other go, we gave anesthesia to her.”

“Yes Doctor. This is one symptom of this problem and we have to take care a lot.”

03:55 hrs:

When I went into the room, there was a nurse sitting next to her. I asked her how is she and then confirmed with her whether she can take care of her for the next 2 to 3 hours. She said she was asked to stay there till the morning. Two things were disturbing me completely. And I was totally confused what to decide. Duty at one end and Amrutha at the other end. I cannot leave any of them. But, the weeping’s of people in the hospital for the lives of their loved ones pulled me towards my duty. As the situation was becoming worse outside, I decided to go out and do my job. I informed Doctor and the nurse that I will not be available for few hours.

December 01st 2008 07:15 Hrs:

I returned back at around 07:00 in the morning. Amrutha is still unconscious. I said to nurse that I will take care of her. When I just next to her bed, she woke up. She looked at me holding my hand. I couldn’t react in any way as I am worried how to console her.

In such a short time, Amrutha and my parents became very close. They used to talk regularly in phone. They wanted to make Amrutha feel comfortable with them before she enters our house. Amrutha and my sister became closer. They were all so eager to see her and so Amrutha. Even I was very happy that I am giving her parents.  But, it all happened this way and we completely lost them forever.

“Amrutha, how are you feeling now?”

When I asked her this question, there is no reaction in her face. She was just looking at me.

“Amrutha… Amrutha…”

“Ha. Yes. Tarun.”

“Amrutha. How are you feeling now?”

“Tarun. Why does it always happen to me?”

“What Amrutha?”

“I lost my parents when I was born. From there on, I lived all alone. And now I was so happy with u. But then suddenly it happened this way.”

As she was saying this, tears started rolling down from her eyes. I did not know how to react for what she said. I was just seeing her without speaking anything.

It’s a general saying that people who work in Police Department are stone hearted. But that’s not true at all. Right in that moment, two things struck me so hard. I cannot get back my parents. Amrutha is the only one I was left with and so was she. That truth made me to take a strong decision that I should be with her and take care of her no matter what happens.

“Amrutha. Please don’t thing like that. Things happen in life out of control. And at times when things go wrong this way, we should be strong enough to face them and not to be down.”

“Tarun. I don’t know what to say and how to react. You lost your parents in a horrible way and still I am the only thought you have in mind.”

“Amrutha. I don’t know how I am able to resist it. But the only thing I can say is that. I have you with me and all that matters for me right in this moment is you Amrutha.”

When I said this to her. She was just looking into my eyes holding my hand.

07:54 Hrs:

Knock… Knock…

We heard someone knocking the door.

“Come in.” I replied.

It was Aravind who stepped in.

“Hi Do—.” – I was about to wish him “Hi Doctor.” But then he stopped me in the middle.

“Hi Tarun.”

“Hi…” –  I replied without adding anything at the end.

“Hi Amrutha and Tarun. I really feel sorry for what happened. Infact the whole INDIA is now in depression because of the unexpected attacks on our mother land.”

When Aravind was talking, Amrutha is looking at me with surprised expressions as he is new to Amrutha. I understood from her expressions that she wanted to ask me who is he. I was about to tell that he is Doctor Aravind.

“Oh. Sorry for not introducing myself. We have never met. But Tarun used to tell about you many times. I am Aravind. Tarun’s friend.”

In the very first minute I dint understand why he introduced himself like that. But then later I linked it to what he said the previous night. He wanted to do the treatment in a friendly manner without her knowing about the problem she has.

09:03 Hrs:

Aravind had conversation with Amrutha and me for almost an hour. All his questions and talks seemed very normal. But I was able to understand the insight of those questions as I knew that he is a psychologist. When he was done with his basic analysis, we called the nurse in to check Amrutha and went out of the room.

“Tarun. I guess you understood why did I introduce like that?”

“Yes Doctor. I do.”

“Tarun. You can just call me Aravind. When coming to her situation, she is still in that shock and it takes some time for her to come out. The best is to move her out of this city.”

“Sure Aravind. She completed her training. Waiting for her posting. Will check with the respective department and will try for some other city.”

“Okay. That’s fine. I will come once in a while just to make sure that she is getting out of that.”

“Thank you so much Aravind.”

December 03rd 2008 07:15 Hrs:

When clearance was given in the city, we moved to my home from the hospital. Aravind used to visit once in 3 days and used to do some basic talks with her. That is the time when I called you(Sneha) to Mumbai as she is staying alone. And that’s how you and Aravind met each other.

??? What happens in Bangalore.

#Connecting, Disconnecting

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I delayed this post by almost 10 days. I apologize for such a long delay. I was travelling various places all these 10 days and so couldn’t find peaceful time to draft episode. I am not trying to give explanations. I know this will disconnect the people from the flow and also I may have lost some readers because of this delay. I am also worried about the quality. I am trying my best to improve/maintain it across the episodes. I will definitely make sure that this will not be repeated. There are 6 more episodes for this story and from today I will definitely update with one epi each day without fail. Thanks for understanding.