“Silent LOVE…” – $Journey & Beyond

Before I start writing about the journey of Silent Love, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this success. It is because of your valuable time that you have taken out from you busy schedule,  I was able to achieve this.


After my first story Shadow of Truth, I thought of coming with a whole new different concept. And then I thought about writing a love story as people easily get connected when its love story. But then I decided not to come up a routine kind of love story. I wanted to write about not just love. I had thoughts of explaining how a relation should be especially between opposite gender of teenage group. I wanted to express various feelings of relation and also how tough is to maintain a relation. Every one speaks about love. But then I wanted to present a different kind of relation that is not just love but also has various other feelings embedded in it. Here if you see, in this story, you can see a relation between mom and son, father and daughter, two friends and especially Prudhvi who likes a girl but then he never answers himself that it is Love. Every relation has love in it that doesn’t mean that we name it as LOVE. And also one most important message I wanted to convey to girls is that if a boy is running back of them, it doesn’t mean that he is in love with her and marriage and all. May be he wanted to be a good friend, a special friend as like Prudhvi.

I hope I have clearly conveyed what I exactly felt. When ever I used to write a post and read it, I used to read it several times to make sure that the narration has liveliness in it and also it is connecting the readers and making them feel that they are not just reading story and that the characters are playing around them. I want to understand whether I have achieved it, in your words. Here are some most wonderful comments that I have received from readers.

1. In one post I have explained about relation between two people should be like a bird and a nest and not like a bird and a cage. One person from hyderabad replied to that saying that he did a mistake in his real life and now he learnt how to be in a realtion. I felt really amazing when I read that. People are not just reading, they are connecting it to their real life.

2. One reader sent me a mail as like this. “Hi Venky, I don’t know what is driving you to writing stories. But I wanted to request you to please write it for me. Narration in your stories is so good that it makes me forget myself.” You can imagine how high I would have flied when I read this.

3. Some readers said that they never read any story or book till now but then after reading two posts of my story, they started reading the story and waited very much eagerly for the next episodes.

4. For the climax episode, one reader said that she had tears in her eyes when she read the following lines. “Things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us.”

5. “A very proud reader and a very proud friend. Just keep writing. The least I will say to you. what an explanation. Awesome. Simple superb. Please do start writing articles or blogs related to daily or important news.” This is one of the amazing mail I have received.

There are readers who wait eagerly for my post even in their work hours. There are readers who play trick with their team leads by converting the post into a pdf and reading it. There are readers who are first time readers of stories/novels. As like the above said 5 stories, I wanted to know what’s your take from this story and your experience. Please post it in the comment section.

All your feedbacks/comments encourage me a lot and add value to my writings. They help me a lot in improving my writings as they make me understand how well the writings are reaching the readers hearts. So, please please reply with a comment for every post you read. It may be a comment or a suggestion or anything. I am ready to accept it and work on it.

On this special occasion, I want to especially thank my reviewers Lakshmi Prasanna and Moorthy kritiga for taking time from their busy schedule and helping me in correcting the mistakes in the blog and also motivating me to write it in a better way. They also play a very important role in pushing me to write. Thank you guys.

If any one is interested in being part of my team, you are welcome. You can help me in many ways.

I will keep writing new kind of stories with new concepts that can invoke a changing thought in the society which is the base theme of my writing. Your valuable and true feedback will help me in improving my writings.

1. What’s your first impression?

2. Are the characters realistic?

3. Is the narration making u feel the story and characters lively?

4. What’s the unique thing u have noticed?

5. Is the relation between people explained clearly?

6. What is the one thing u suggest me to change in the writings?

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A heartfull thanks to each of you.

“To write is to express, to read is to feel.”

Author: Mr. Venky Bond


“Silent LOVE…” – $25(Climax Episode) – #5(Final Part)


(18 months later)

(Pune International Airport)

18 months back, when I left this place, I strongly decided to never disturb Vennela. But then I dint stand on my word. I sent her messages in inter office communicator twice. But then as usual she dint reply and from there on I never pinged her.

But one thing I was not able to stop. During these 18 months, I used to get all updates about Vennela through various means. I thought distance will keep her thoughts away. The one lesson that I have learnt is that Distance is directly proportional to the relation between two people.

After getting down the flight, it took 1 hour to complete the check out process and come out. The moment I stepped out, I saw Nandini and Anurudh waiting for me.

“Welcome back to INDIA Prudhvi.”

“Hey new couple. How are you?”

“We are fine Prudhvi. How is the journey?”

“Ya fine. Sorry that I was not able to make it to your marriage. I really felt bad for that.”

“That’s fine Prudhvi. We can understand.”

“Wishing you a very very happy married life. Here is a small token for your married life.”

“Thank you so much Prudhvi.”

“I just don’t need thanks. I want to celebrate this moment.”

“Hmmm. Yeah. We will definitely celebrate.”

“Come on lets go.”

(In Cab)

“So, Anurudh. What are your plans? Where are you planning to settle?”

“I need to fly back to US in next month Prudhvi. I am so glad that I met you. Nandini use you tell about you every time. I thought I could meet you in marriage.”

“Sorry Anurudh. I tried a lot but then was unable to make it to marriage.”

“I understand Prudhvi. Finally I met you. I am happy for that.”

“Thanks Anurudh. So, you will take Nandini with you?”

“Yeah. I have made all arrangements there. We will be there for one year and after that will return back to India compeltely.”

“Wow. Cool.”

“So, what about you Prudhvi?”

“Need to check out Anurudh. I am planning to get transfer to my home town. I already talked with my manager.”

“Nice. You don’t have plans to fly back?”

“No more on-sites Anurudh. Enough with this. Now I have to look out for settling here.”

“Nice. What about your marriage plans?”

“Yeah. Even I am planning to ask the same thing. Tell Prudhvi. When are you planning to get married?” – Nandini.

“Takes time. First of all I need to work on settling and then will think of marriage.”

Three of us reached the restaurant and got down the cab.

(That is the same restaurant where I have planned for dinner with Vennela 18 months back.)

“Hey driver. Park the car and go for dinner and back. It will take at least an hour for us to finish our dinner here.”

“Sure sir.”

“No need Prudhvi. Hey driver. Just wait here for 10 mins.” – Nandini.

“Why Nandini? Let him go for dinner and come back.”

“Let us get inside Prudhvi.” –  I don’t know why. Nandini forced me to get inside. She also dint allow the driver to go for dinner and asked him to wait for 10 mins.

We got into restaurant. The memories from the past were flashing in my mind. While I was stepping in, the lady at the door welcomed me with a flower.

“Good after Prudhvi. Welcome to India.”


Before I started questioning the lady how come she know my name, Nandini pushed me inside. I was looking back and was trying to speak to that lady. But then Nandini is pushing me inside. Three of us settled down at the corner seat which is diagonally opposite to the table which I had reserved last time when I planned for dinner with Vennela.

When we settled down, after few minutes, some one gave me a menu card from my behind. I dint look at the waiter. I just took the menu card and opened it.

“So, what are we having now new couple.”

“First of all open that menu Prudhvi.”

I opened the menu and was surprised and shocked to see a greeting card inside it written as ‘Welcome to India my dear friend.’ While I was reading that, I heard a female voice.

“Good after noon Prudhvi.”

I turned slowly towards her and when I looked at her, my heart stopped for a moment. I was shocked to see Vennela in a beautiful blue colored saree with a bright smile on her face. I immediately got up and was not getting words out to speak to her. It is very surprising and shocking moment for me.

“Prudhvi. How is the surprise?” – Nandini.

“Nandini. What is this?”

“Hey hey don’t look at me like that. I dint tell her anything.” – Nandini was about to explain what happened. But then Vennela interrupted her.

“Nandini wait. I will explain everything.” – Vennela.

“Ok Vennela. We will leave then. Both of you have good time.”

“What? What is happening Nandini.” – Prudhvi.

“Prudhvi. She will explain everything. You waited for this moment from more than 2 years. Cant you wait for 2 more minutes. We will leave to our flat and will keep your luggage there. You come to our flat once you are done.” – Nandini.

Nandini and Anurudh left from there.

“So, Prudhvi. How are you?”

I was still not getting words. I am still in a shock seeing Vennela there.

“Prudhvi. Come out of that. This is true. I am Vennela. Your smiling friend. 18 months back you have planned for a dinner but then I failed it. I am sorry for that.”

“Vennela. Please never say sorry. You don’t need to be sorry for anything.”

“Prudhvi. I don’t know why but when you were with me, I never felt anything. But then the moment you left, I started feeling the difference. I began to understand how well you used to care for me. Right from the day you left to till today, I never had heart full smile on my face which you used to bring when you were with me. I missed everything. I started feeling that I don’t have a friend to share and a person to care. I missed you a lot.”

Vennela explained me everything how she felt. I felt so happy for every word she spoke to me. As she is speaking to me, I started remembering the moment I explained about Vennela to Suchi and Nandini while I was leaving to Australia.

“What are we eating now Prudhvi?”

“You have to order Vennela.”

Vennela started ordering the dishes.

“One chicken lollipop.”

“No Vennela. I am not eating Non-veg.”

“No Prudhvi. Enough of everything you have done to me. You don’t need to change yourself for me or for any one.”

My heart filled with smile.

“Vennela. How did you come to know about all these things?” – Prudhvi.

“As you used to speak about Nandini frequently, one year back, I approached her and spoke to her. She explained me everything. I felt so bad that I was not able to understand you when you were with me. Actually, those days I felt that if I started being close with you, you may take it in a wrong way and so I was like that with you.”

We spent almost 2 hours in the restaurant. We both spoke a lot about everything that happened during these 18 months. I began to feel that I am now a very special and close person to her. She shared every moment with me as like sharing with a special and best friend.

While stepping out of restaurant, “So, Prudhvi. When are you travelling to Mumbai with me?”

I felt extremely happy that she understood me. I was waiting for this day from last 3 to 4 years. And now the moment has come. I realized that things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us. My heart filled with joy and happiness, I started dancing within myself. It was the extremely happiest moment of my life. I don’t know whether I will get a day like this ever.

This is called the Silent LOVE. A Silent Prudhvi, A Special Vennela and a relation that’s not just LOVE.

Millions of rain drops fall from the sky… But only very few of them turns out to be a shining pearl. You are one such pearl like person in my life Vennela.” Mr. Venky Bond


Author’s Desk:

Remaining: Story completed.


I thank each one of you for this wonderful thing. My blog crossed 7000 visits for just two stories. Keep reading and I will keep writing. Wait to hear about the release plan of my next story. Smile

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“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #4


“Don’t be foolish Prudhvi. Without telling her how will she understand you?” – Nandini.

“Wait Nandini.  Prudhvi. Just tell me one thing. Do you love her?” – Suchi.

“Suchi. I don’t know how to explain you. Don’t just name it as Love. She is so very special to me. I like her smile a lot, I care for her and I love doing anything for her. But, I don’t want to put a name for it and call it as love. Its not just love, its something beyond that. Its something more special than love. Every relation has love in it, every relation has care in it, every relation has trust in it. But then I don’t understand one thing. When a relation happens between a girl and a boy during this age period, people name it love. My relation with Vennela is not just that, it’s a very special feel I have towards her and if you ask me to name that, I cannot explain and I don’t have a name for that. It’s a relation, just a relation between two people that has care, happiness, trust and even love. But that is love is towards the things I do for her. That’s it. Just because the relation is between two people who are of opposite gender, I don’t want to send a projection that its love. ”

“Okay Prudhvi I understand. Answer my one last question. Do you want to marry her?”

I remained silent the moment she asked me that question.

“Prudhvi. Answer my question. You don’t have time. You have to catch flight. And I don’t want to break this here. I want to make everything clear before you fly.”

“Suchi. To be frank, I never ever got those kind of thoughts in my mind towards her. And also marriage is a relation that is not just between two people, it is between two families, two worlds. Marriage changes many things, I don’t want to put Vennela in any kind of trouble. Also I don’t know what are her opinions and thoughts towards marriage. May be that’s the reason in these 2 years, I never had thoughts in that direction and also I don’t want to walk in that path as I don’t like to break the little relation that I have with her. Let me not even think in that way. The one and only dream I have is that Vennela should understand me completely, feel what I feel, think how I think and should consider me as one special and most important person in her life. That’s it Suchi. Nothing else.”

The moment I said those words, the expressions in Nandini’s and Suchi’s face started changing.

“Prudhvi. I don’t know whether to feel proud of you or whether to cry for what you are running through. The moment I heard about that diary, I thought you are in love with that girl and I felt happy that at last you started getting towards marrying someone. But now after hearing everything you told, I really don’t know what to speak. I am really proud of one thing in you. As like every guy, you dint say that its love and you want to propose her. Your words and thoughts are so matured that you began to understand the difference liking someone and marrying someone. I am very happy that you dint trouble a girl proposing her or running back of her.”

“Prudhvi. But one thing I want to tell you. I don’t know how much you will miss her when you fly away to Australia. As I know about you very much from last 3 years and also I know how well you take care of people, she will really start feeling like missing you when you are not with her. I am very much sure about this.” – Nandini.

“I don’t think so Nandini. If it should happen, I think it should have happened by this time. May be there is a mistake in me. May be she is feeling like I am troubling her, may be I am not able to convey my feelings properly to her.”

“You never tried explaining your feelings to her?”

“Whenever I feel happy, I used to express her that I am happy because of her. But, whenever I got hurt, I never used to tell her because I am afraid that I may show it as anger on her. I may have rights to make her smile and care for her. But, I never have rights to trouble her or become angry on her.  And so I have decided to not to trouble her any more. In these two years, I made her smile many times, I cared for her. Now all of a sudden I cannot show my anger on her just because she is not replying me and so I have decided to not to trouble her any more. All I ever wanted is that the smile on her face should remain forever. That is the only thing that runs in my mind.”

“Prudhvi. I am confident on whatever decisions you take. I know that you will do everything after thinking from all the corners. I wont speak anything on this. Do whatever you feel like to do. But the only thing I want you to remember is that we are there for you to share your feelings. You don’t need to express your feelings with the papers in diary.”

(The reason I started writing everything in diary about Vennela is that I need someone to express my feelings and share my thoughts on Vennela. I cannot do it with anyone as I don’t want to send any kind of wrong projections and also I don’t want Vennela name to be out and so I started putting everything in diary. Suchi understood this and so she said that she is there to share things and I don’t need pages of diary.)

That is the first day and the first time I spoke about Vennela with someone apart from my heart and diary. After the discussion is over, Suchi took me took me towards her and made me sleep on her lap. For the second time in life, I had tears from my eyes.

“Suchi. How come you understand everything so easily about me?”

“I am your Mom Prudhvi. How can you hide things from me? I still doubt on you. Don’t you really have feelings towards her?”

“Yes Mom. It’s true. Its just a relation. I don’t have any thoughts like marriage and all. But the only thing that hurts me most is that, I was able to gain the trust of a HR and get a job in top IT firm, I was able to gain the trust of a Manager and get promoted, I was able to gain the trust of clients and grab an onsite opportunity so soon. But then I failed to gain the trust of a girl completely. I just asked her for one dinner with me and she never came out for that.”

“Prudhvi. Girls cannot express things easily. And also its not that easy to understand a girl. You never know what she is running through and the circumstances she is in. May be even she is also having the same feelings on you but is afraid to express thinking that you may take it in a wrong way or may be she is afraid of the people around. If you think she dint feel you, just wait and see. As like Nandini said, she may start feeling that once you are not here. These 18 months just concentrate on your work and start enjoying there. As like you said, wait for the day to come. Hope for the best.”


“What Prudhvi.?”

“I love you mom.”

“Love you too Prudhvi. Come get up. Get inside. Go through the check-in process and call us. We will be here till you finish that process.”

(I don’t know why but I felt completely relaxed after I spoke out everything that I was hiding inside me from last two years. My heart became lite. Even though there is a little pain that I cannot meet or see Vennela for next 18 months, I am happy that I shared it with Suchi with whom I never hide anything.)

(18 months later)


Part #5: The final part of the climax episode will be out in next 4 hours.


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“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #3

But, this is not for the first time I am in a situation like this where these kind of questions came to me. I faced this many times within myself. I have asked these questions to myself. Every time, the only answer I get is, she is special to me and I am ready to do anything and everything for her. But then I never got thoughts of proposing her or making marriage plans. I don’t know why I never ever got those kind of thoughts on her. The one and only thing that runs in my mind whenever I think of her is her smile and nothing beyond that.

“Speak it out Prudhvi. Even I thought of asking you some of them. But, I was very confident that you will share with me if there is anything like that and so I have never asked.” – Nandini.

“Nandini. I would have told you if there is anything like that.”

“Okay then tell me why did you go to Mumbai last Sunday? When I pinged u, you said you were in hostel. But, you are not in hostel. You went to Mumbai.”

I was wondering how she came to know that I went to Mumbai. After I missed the chance to travel to Mumbai along with Vennela on Saturday, I decided to travel to Mumbai the next day. It was like one of my dreams to travel to Mumbai with Vennela and roam around with her. But, I was not lucky enough for that and so I have decided to travel alone.

(Last Sunday)

I reached Pune Jn railway station and got into Mumbai express. I reached Mumbai by around 10:00 AM in the morning. I was behaving totally like a mad fellow that day. I started feeling myself like Vennela is with me. That is the first time I have been to Mumbai in my life. I don’t know why but I started liking each and every thing there. I have already made a list of places to visit. I opened that and started visiting each and every place.

The first place I visited is Vennela’s house. That street name is a temple name and so I was roaming all the streets to find a temple. But I came to know very late that even though the street is named after a temple, there is actually no temple there. It took me 3 hours to trace her address. It is a very small street with just around 4o to 50 families. I saw Vennela’s house from a distance and returned back as I was afraid that what may happen if I kept staring at it for long time that too in a street in Mumbai.

The next two places are the places where Vennela has done her schooling and college. As it was Sunday, both the school and college were closed. It almost turned dark by the time I covered all those three places which are related to Vennela. I actually dreamt of roaming these places along with Vennela. But, my fate was not that good enough and so I had to do it myself. Whatever it may be, I have done what I planned to do. I know Vennela recently, just from last 2 years. But, I don’t know why, I felt like I had a relation with her from long back.

After covering all those places, the next place I visited is the most special and beautiful place. It is along the main line and the beach is filled with lot of stones along the shore. I sat there for about 2 hours. During those two hours, I was reading all the conversations that happened between me and Vennela during the last two years. I had each and every single conversation we both had in different means. Right from the first message which I have sent to till today. Like a mad guy, I opened her childhood pic which I had in my mobile and talked to it for some time.

As it was getting late, I started from there and it took 4 hours for me to reach back to Pune. I reached back to my hostel at around 12:30 in the midnight.


I was just wondering how come Nandini know that I went to Mumbai as no one ever knows that I have been to Mumbai.

“Nandini. Mumbai?”

“Prudhvi. Do you remember I have sent you message from facebook chat on that day?”


“I got the location details as Navi Mumbai, Mumbai when you replied. And that is how I have come to know that you were in Mumbai. I thought of asking you immediately. But, I thought you would tell me if there is anything important.”

When they both started questioning me in all ways, I had no chance to hide things from them and so I have decided to share everything with them.

“Suchi, Nandini. As it has come this much far, I will explain you everything that happened.”

I met Vennela during our first Meet & Greet day. And it took 6 months for me to start talking to her. I don’t know why I like her so much. I loved her smile and that is what I was got attracted to in her.

( I explained both of them the whole story about Vennela)

“Why you dint tell about this to us Prudhvi? From last 2 years how come you are hiding this much in you? You never hide anything with me right?” – Suchi

“Suchi. What to tell? How to tell? What’s there to tell? How can I say that I like a girl smile, she is special that’s it. I myself am not clear what is my relationship with her. She talks to me very rare. She replies me very rare. That doesn’t mean she hates me completely. She talks to me very nice when she does. But, that happens very rare. You don’t believe that during these 2 years, I dint get time to speak to her properly. I don’t know what she is thinking about me. I don’t know what she feels about me. I don’t know what is her opinion on me? I never dared to ask her as I am afraid how she takes me when I explain all this. I feel her very special. I want her to be close with me, share with me everything. I just want to be one of those special people in her life. That’s it.”

“Why don’t you speak to her then?” – Nandini

“What to speak Nandini? I cant just tell her that I like your smile, can you be close with me? Can you share everything with me? Can I be your close friend? How do you think I can talk and explain this to her. I waited all these months so that she will feel me, she will understand me. Relationship is something you should feel. It loses its value when you explain it. Its not a lesson to explain and make them understand. When she really feels that in her heart, she would have started being that way with me. I have done everything I could do to make her understand how special she is to me. Every time I thought that she will understand me and will feel my feelings. But that never happened. She is always the same as she is 2 years with me. That doesn’t mean that I should go and explain her. She should feel that inside. No matter how long it takes, I am ready to wait for the day to come.”


Part #4 will be posted tomorrow morning.

I know I am dragging it. But, please bare with me as I have to keep the foot tapping, I  breaked the final one into these many parts.

“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #1

As soon as I remembered that particular situation and also the lines which her father said, I decided to stop sending her that message. I expected her to come to dinner and when she dint come, I got hurt and felt the pain. And that gradually started turning out as anger. That particular moment I decided to never ever expect anything from her and just keep loving her no matter whatever it takes.

I decided to not to ask her anything and also not to expect anything as I have clearly understood from every experience that expectations hurt most. I don’t know why, but I have decided to not to talk to her any more as I am afraid that if it goes like this, I may one day show my pain as anger to her and when a situation comes like that, I don’t know how the consequences will be. She may completely misunderstand and stop talking to me. I cannot take that and so I have decided to not to message/call/talk to her any more. Its just three more days here and once I fly to Australia, the only thing I have to make sure is that I don’t disturb her when I see her online in the inter-office communicator.

(Saturday early morning)

I dint sleep the whole night. Various thoughts were disturbing me the whole night and so I was not able to give my eyes a proper sleep. As like every weekend, Vennela will travel to Mumbai at around 5:00 in the morning. This will probably be the last chance for me to meet her for the next 18 months. After the dinner incident, I haven’t heard anything from her and even I dint send her any message. Even though I have decided to not to disturb her any more, some where deep in my heart, a voice is pushing me to go and meet her at the station. But then it will be a little risk as I have to board my flight at 08:30 and the most important thing is that as it is a international travel, I have to make sure that I check-in at least 2 hours prior to the departure time or else the staff may create a problem. As this is a business travel, I cannot risk that. Keeping all these in mind, I planned and prepared myself to go and meet her for the one last time.

My entire luggage is packed and all set to fly and so I decided to risk a bit and go and meet her at railway station. The good thing is that the distance from Pune Jn railway station to Pune international airport is just 8kms and so I have decided to take that risk.

(03:45 AM)

I called the cab service desk with whom my company has already booked a cab to pick me up to request them to come one hour early than the booked time.

“Easy Ride cabs. Good Morning.”

“Hi, I have already booked for a cab to Airport which should come and pick me up at 05:00 AM. But now I want that to be changed to 04:00 AM. Can you please help me in that.”

“Sir, can you please provide me with your name and booking order number.”

“I am Prudhvi and the booking number is C0589677.”

“Thank you sir. Wait a minute before I check the details.”


“Sir, is this a corporate travel booking?”


“Sorry sir. As it is a corporate travel booking, the timings cannot be changed. This order came to us from your company and so we cannot modify anything on that.”

I don’t have time to argue with her or convince her and so decided to book another one.

“Ok then cancel that and book a new one under my name.”

“Sir, the rate will be 1.5 times and also it takes at least 30 mins for the cab to arrive at your palce.”

“Can you make it a little faster.”

“Sure sir. Will do our best.”

To my luck, after exactly 30 mins the cab driver reached my hostel. I kept the luggage in the cab and left from the hostel. Akshay is on a  2 weeks vacation so there were no one to wave hands at the hostel. All others will be coming to the airport and so there is no one with whom I have to explain why I am starting soon.

(04:30 AM)

“Driver, take me to Pune Jn Railway station and then from there we have to go to airport.”

“Ok sir.”

On my way to the railway station, I got call from Nandini.

“Hello Nandini.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Good Morning. You got up?”

“Ya Nandini I got up. What about Suchi?”

“Ya we got up, she is getting ready. We will reach airport by 06:00. Is that okay?”

“Ya fine Nandini.”

“Where are you?”

“I am getting ready. Cab will come at 05:30.”

(The moment I said that, the cab driver turned back and looked at me.)

“Okay. Make sure you don’t forget anything.”

“Sure Nandini.”

(04:55 AM)

I reached railway station.

“Driver, wait here. I will come back in 15 mins.”

“Okay sir.”

I dint even think about my luggage and all. I just left  everything in the cab and told him to wait and started running inside the railway station. As I knew that Vennela will regularly board her train on the the 6th plat, I directly reached there. I dint call her or message her whether she is starting and if so then what time she is starting because I decided to not to disturb her any more. Once I reached there, started my search of each compartment right from the front to till the end. But then I was not able to find her in any of the compartments.

I don’t have time to wait and search the next trains as I have to reach airport as soon as possible. And also Nandini and other friends will be waiting for me at the airport. If I am late, I cannot answer their questions and also cannot explain them the reason.

(05:17 AM)

I returned near the cab and got inside. While I was stepping inside the cab, I saw Vennela getting inside the station.

“Driver. Wait here please. I will come back in 5 mins.”

I followed Vennela till her compartment. I made sure that she dint see me. I was just starring at her. I wanted to go and talk to Vennela for one last time.

(05:29 AM)


Part #2 will be out in next 3 hours.

“Silent LOVE…” – $23


After coming out of temple, we reached office and had breakfast together as like last time. We both walked till her station. After reaching the station, I asked her about the dinner with her which I was asking her from last week.


“Yes Prudhvi.”

“Thank you so much for everything.”

“Prudhvi. Even till today I don’t understand why are you doing all these. In fact I should thank you for everything.”

“No Vennela. Even though I asked you, you still have choice to just deny. But then you came out with me. I am so thankful for that.”

She just smiled for the reply.

“Vennela. I know I am asking you a lot. But then my one more wish is pending Vennela.”

“What is that Prudhvi?”

“Dinner with you Vennela.”

“Sure. Today evening we shall definitely go.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much Vennela.”

I was completely out of control the moment she said yes when I asked her for dinner. I was literally jumping out of joy. I reached my station and settled down.

The whole day I was looking at her and tapping my feet for some heavenly tune running in my mind played by my heart.


I planned to leave little bit early as I have planned to make some arrangements at the restaurant before Vennela arrives there. Just before leaving the station, I have sent her a message.

“Vennela. I am starting now. I will go out and check for nearest restaurant. Just text me before you start from office.”

I dint even wait for reply. I don’t know why, but I was very confident that Vennela will come out for dinner.

That day seemed so special to me. It started with Vennela and I was very eager to end it with a dinner with Vennela. I was sure that Vennela will anyway come out between 7.30 or 08:00 and so I left by 5 as I have lot of arrangements to be made.

After stepping out from office, I directly went to hostel and got ready in a short time. I pulled out all the clothes from the bag and was checking each dress whether it will match with the dress which Vennela is wearing that day. It ate almost 30 mins of time thinking on which dress to wear. At last, I decided to step out and reach the nearest shopping mall to buy a new pair as I decided to not to compromise on anything that day.

I reached the mall and spent another 30 mins in choosing a new pair. Every time I go for shopping, it never used to take more than 10 mins in choosing what I need. But, that day I took three times more than the usual time. Finally I was able to reach the billing counter with a matching pair. As I don’t have time, I changed the dress in the dressing room once the billing is done. For the first time in 2 years, I am going to have dinner with Vennela. It is going to be one of those very special moments of my life.

I reached the restaurant by 6:25. I don’t know why, but I was so tensed and started roaming here and there to find out a perfect table. One of the waiter saw me roaming around all the tables.

“Good evening sir. How can I help you?”

“Good evening. I am looking for a table.”

“How many members sir?”

“Just 2.”

“Sir, would you like to go for roof top?”

“Wow. Is it available?”

“Yes sir.”

“Please take me.”

“This way sir.”

He showed me roof top section of the restaurant. I reserved a table for us and settled down.

“Sir. Is there anything else I could do for you?”

“Yes. There is a lot to do.”

“Please tell sir.”

It took almost a week for me to completely plan for this particular dinner. This is going to be a very special and most memorable dinner in my life. Even though I don’t understand why is she so special, all I can say is that she is special, very very special.

“Waiter, please come with me.”

“Ok sir.”

I took him to the entrance door of the roof top restaurant and started explaining him the plan I made to welcome Vennela.

“Waiter. Who will be standing here to welcome people coming in?”

“Sir, she is Taniya. She will be standing here.”

“Hi Taniya. Good Evening.”

“Good evening sir. What can I do for you?”

“She is Vennela(I showed them Vennela’s pic in my mobile). When she steps in, I want you to welcome her with her name by giving this bouquet. Don’t forget to spell out her name.”

“Sure sir.”

“Once that is done, please show her that corner table and escort her till that table.”

“Ok sir.”

“Thanks Taniya.”

“Waiter. Please replace all those artificial flowers on the table with this flower. And also please remove the menu from there. After she settles down, when she asks for menu, give her a menu with this card inside the menu.”

“Ok sir.”

“I am sorry if I am troubling you a lot. But, please try to understand, she is very very special to me.”

“I can read that from your eyes sir.”

“Thank you. And also please use her name always. Remember her name is Vennela.”

“Sure sir.”

“And one last and important thing. I will make sure we order a total of 5 dishes right from starters to deserts. In each dish, please place one letter each in this particular order.”

“Sir, I don’t know how much you are excited. But, the way you planned, now I am much more eager to see how this goes on.”

I just smiled at him for the way he spoke to him and thanked him. After planning everything, I reached back to my table and settled down. Time is 7:33. I sent a text to Vennela.

“Vennela. Where are you?”

I dint get any reply from her for 30 mins. I decided to go back to office entrance and wait there so that I can pick her up and bring her to restaurant. I dint even call her or message her. I was just waiting for her to come out. Almost after an hour, I received a text from her.


“Hi Prudhvi. Where are you?”

“I am at the entrance Vennela.”

“It may take some more time for me Prudhvi.”

“No problem Vennela. I will wait.”

“No Prudhvi. I cannot make it to dinner today. We shall make it some other day.”

That particular message broke my heart. I felt like the world is broken apart, I felt like the sky is falling down, I felt like I am going down, I felt like I am losing myself, I felt like there is nothing more that is left. I just sat down at the bus bay. Something was happening to me, something strange, some kind of feeling that I have never felt till now in life. Some kind of pain in my heart, something that is pulling me so hard. Something that is taking me down. I am not able to understand what is happening to me inside. I felt like I lost everything.

I was thinking only about Vennela. I never understand why she always does like this. Is it like she doesn’t like me at all or is it like she is afraid of coming out with me or the situations always are against me. I don’t know why, but that particular day I felt more pain. I felt angry on myself.

I went back to the restaurant, removed the flower from the table, asked the waiter to return the greeting card that was placed inside the menu.

“What happened sir?”

“She is not coming.” – I just said those words and walked to the entrance to take the bouquet back.

While going back, I gave tip to the waiter and Taniya but they have refused to take it.

“Please keep it. Please.” – When I am almost out of the restaurant, I heard Taniya calling me.

“Sir, Waiter told me to return these letters to you.”

Those are the five letters which I gave to waiter to bring them one each in each dish. SMILE.

When she returned them, I gave the bouquet to Taniya and left from there. I reached back to hostel and directly went to terrace. For the first time in life, tears came running down from my eyes. I started crying like a child. I don’t know how to explain her. I don’t know how to make her understand. I thought this day will be so memorable with her smiles, but then it turned much more memorable with my tears. Just for a moment I felt like why am I doing all this? why am I becoming mad for her? I started becoming angry on her. I opened my mobile and started typing.

“Vennela. Why do you always do like this? Why do you hurt me always? If you don’t like to come out with me then you can tell me straight forward. No need to play with me like this. Don’t fool me every time. You never know how much it is hurting me every time. I cannot take this pain anymore. Good bye. I will never ever disturb you. Sorry for disturbing you all these months. Bye.”

“Whenever I think of u, I feel like Pigeons surrounded, Sparrows sounding, Parrots talking, Clouds thundering, Raindrops falling, and the music of breeze whispering your name in my ears. Vennela.” Mr. Venky Bond


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“Silent LOVE…” – $21

She just replied with a smile. I did not know how to explain the battle that is running inside my heart. I wanted to explain her how important she is to me. But then as like every time I stepped back.

 (2 days later)

 I was working at my station on a priority task and my mobile started making noise. I looked at it and noticed that I was receiving a call from a landline. I just picked it up keeping a question in my mind who it might be.


 “Hi. Good after noon sir. Am I speaking to Mr. Prudhvi Raj?”

 “A very good afternoon. Yes, I am Prudhvi. Tell me.”

 “Sir, I am calling from the International Travel Desk. Your flight tickets to Australia are confirmed. You will be flying on 7th of this month and the departure time is morning 08:00 Hrs.”

 “Okay. Thank you.”

 “Sir, please make sure that you check-in at least 2hours before the departure time. As it is an international travel, it takes 2 hours of time to complete the formalities inside the aerodrome.”

“Sure. I will do that. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you sir. Sir, you can reach us at any time for any kind of queries regarding your travel.”

After disconnecting the call, I just looked at the calendar. I started counting the number of days that are left with me before I fly to Australia.

To my surprise, exactly 12 days left from today. The very next moment I turned towards Vennela because that was the first thought that came in my mind when I heard about the confirmed travel date. I was continuously watching Vennela from my desk for about 10 minutes. After sometime, she noticed that I was looked at her and so she turned back and looked at me. She just made some gestures with her eyes. For about 2 mins, we both talked with just gestures.

She asked me a question raising her eye brows. “What Prudhvi?”

I replied to her nodding my head. “Nothing Vennela.”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah fine.”

“Heavy work?”

“Not much.”

“Not going for lunch?”

“Will go now. What about you?”

“Little pending work. I will start once this is done.”


We managed to talk a lot with eye gestures and hand movements. But then when we both understood that it cannot be continued any longer, we just smiled at each other.

That night, I sat on terrace looking at the sky and thinking about Vennela.

12 more days left with me before I take my flight. In these 12 days, I have to explain her everything. But, before I do that, I have to first of all clarify myself on the relation with her. Even though almost 2 years passed on, I am still not clear on anything. I am still in the same confused state as I was on the first day when I saw her. But, one thing is sure. Whatever it may be, I just have 12 days with me. Now, if I lose these days, I cannot do it for the next 18 months. And never know what happens in these 18 months.

I was not able to tell her when I am here, I don’t think so I can do it once I fly away from here. And also things may turn out in any way in these 18 months. From now on, each day that passes by is an opportunity I will be losing. I don’t know whether she understands me or not and also I don’t know what will be our relation after I explain her what I feel. I am seeing her from 2 years and started talking with her from 18 months. But then there are very less moments that I had spent with her. I don’t know whether I can explain her or not and even if I explain her, I don’t know whether she will understand me or not. But the one thing that I have decided is to spend some more time with her and make some memories with her.

I immediately picked up my mobile and sent a text to her.



Whenever I send her a message, I call her with her name and she just replies using one of the following words. “Ya, Hello, Hi.” Very rarely she calls me with my name.

“Wow. Is that you?” – I replied.

“Ya. What happened?”

“Nothing. I was just excited seeing your message calling me Prudhvi.”


“Vennela. Can I talk to you?”

“You ask like this every time and then you never speak anything.”

“Vennela. I am flying in 12 days. Flight tickets also got confirmed.”

“Oh. Which day?”

“7th of next month. Saturday.”

“Saturday? Hmm.”

“What happened Vennela?”

“If it is on a weekday, I would have come to airport. As it is a weekend, I may not be here.”

“It’s okay Vennela.”

Before she replied, I sent her another message.

“Vennela. This week are you going home?”

“Not sure. Why?”

“Vennela. I want to spend some time with you before I leave to Australia. I cannot come back for next 18months and I don’t know whether you will be here by that time. And so, before I fly, I want to make some memories with you Vennela.”

“I did not understand Prudhvi.”

She got confused with the way I spoke with her and so I decided to make it straight forward.

“I want to visit temple with you, I want to travel to with you to Mumbai and before I leave I want to have dinner with you. Can you please grant me these three wishes?”

I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong to ask her that way but then I felt like that and so just asked her. I know very well that now if I lose, I cannot make it till next 18 months. I am so tensed on how she will receive it and also whether she will accept them or not. As I was thinking all this, she just replied with a smiley. I am not able to understand how to take it. It is like she said YES or is it NO. Her reply added a lot of confusion.

“Please reply Vennela. I have never been to Mumbai. I want to visit it travelling with you in train. Please Vennela.”

I did not know what happened to me. I am becoming mad of her each day. I am not sure whether I am asking her the right way. The only thing that is running in my mind is I have to spend time with her and on a perfect moment, explain her.

(Friday night)

 She still dint reply for the question I have asked her. Every time whenever she don’t reply, one side I feel so much pain and on the other side, I feel like I am disturbing her?

“Vennela. Are you going home tomorrow?”

The whole night I was waiting for her reply thinking about her.

@ “A tune cannot be complete without 7 notes, A rainbow cannot be complete without 7 colors and I am not complete without 7 letters. ‘Vennela’ ” – Mr. Venky Bond.


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Next Story: I quiT

I quiT is the story of five different friends. This story details about their personal life and professional life explaining about the different situations they undergo and how they impact their life. At one point, all of them quits from their job. Wait and see what situations made them to take this decision in their life…

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“Silent LOVE…” – $20

(6 weeks later)

 It is the day where most of the employees in the office are so eager about the list that is going to get released by the HR team. It is the list for which people wait days, months and years expecting their name on it. It is the list for which people work extending their time, sacrificing their leaves sometimes and sometimes sacrificing their personal life. It is the list that is going to be released by the HR. This list is released twice a year.

When the list was out, some started celebrating, some started feeling sad and some started thinking of their next steps. I jumped out of joy when I saw her name on the list. May be I am feeling more happy than her. The way she works, the dedication, commitment she shows towards the job, made me wish that she should be on that list. And when that came true, my happiness broke the boundaries

As soon as that news was out, I immediately sent her a text.

“When we are putting our efforts, we should not be thinking of success. But, when the success reaches us, we should not be just let it go away. We have to call if for a celebration. Hearty congratulations Vennela. I am so happy.”

“Thank you so much Prudhvi. I have never expected that my name will be on the list.”

“Hmm… Hey.. Can I ask you one thing?”


“Thursday morning temple… Please. I guess this is an occasion to visit it?”

“Sure Prudhvi.”

This time, my happiness doubled, tripled and so on. I actually never go to temples and even if I had to go, I never step inside. But, I have to break my rules and I have no other choice. I don’t know whether I am completely changing myself for her. But, one thing is true; I like her so much that I am ready to do anything and everything for her and her smile.

(Thursday Morning)


The previous night, I hardly slept for 3 hours. I was so excited that I am going out with Vennela for the first time. The previous time when we were out, it is for training. But, this time, it’s just we both. I was extremely happy for that.

“Vennela. Just tell me when you get ready, I will start from here.”

“07:30 you start Prudhvi.”


I got ready and wore the new dress which I had purchased for her birthday and reached there by 07:00 and was waiting for her. After she came, I requested that we shall go by walk as the temple is not so far.

We both were walking together talking about her promotion and next plans. I was enjoying every moment that I was walking with her. After we entered inside the temple, she started explaining me about each idle but then all I was doing is just looking at her when she was praying to each idle. I don’t know why but I was feeling so happy inside and my heart was filled with joy looking at her. She looked so beautiful that day and her smile arrested me as like always.

After we came out of temple, we reached office and decided to have breakfast together. When her order came, she got up to get it. In that time, I arranged all the gifts on the table. I don’t know whether I will get any perfect moment than that and so immediately took out the gifts from my bag and arranged on the table.

“Hey Prudhvi. What are all these packs?”

“Vennela. I bought you a gift for your birthday but then don’t know why I dint give it to you. But then today it sounded like a perfect occasion for me to do that.”


“Here is the lucky watch that holds your hand and keeps reminding you to step out of office early. This is for your birthday. And this one is for your promotion and this is your favorite chocolate.”

“Thank you so much Prudhvi. I have never expected this.”

That day was the most memorable day of my life. I had spent almost 3 hours with her looking at her smiles and walking next to her. I had never thought that such a kind of day will ever come. I was extremely happy. I felt like dancing right on the floor.

 (One month later)


I travelled to my home town after almost 2 months. This time, I am travelling to celebrate my birthday. Every year, no matter wherever I am, I make sure that I celebrate my birthday at home with my parents and my friends. I reached home just before the day of my birthday.



As like every year, my friends arranged cake cut at mid night. This time, to my surprise, they have arranged it on my roof top. At exactly midnight, everyone started wishing me and then we continued it with cake cut. We had spent almost 2 hours in that midnight. All were in full party mood but then I was looking at my mobile now and then. No one has noticed that I was peeping at my mobile very often. I was expecting a call or message from Vennela. Many people called and messaged me, wishing me. But then I don’t know why, I dint feel it complete. I was expected a wish from Vennela. I don’t know whether she remembered my birthday or not.

The waiting continued till 04:00PM. As the day is going to end, I was not able to control the pain that it is creating in me. Every beep my mobile sounds and every noise that the environment makes, I used to think that I received a message from her. But then when I look at the mobile, it is not Vennela. I began to understand how deep it hurts when the people we expect to wish forgets to do that.

I was not able to wait anymore. I did not know whether what I am doing is right or wrong. I took my mobile and sent her a message.


“Hey. Where are you? I am starting early to home. I was looking at your station and you were not there.”

“I am at home town Vennela.”

“Home town? When did you go?”

“Yesterday I reached.”

“You dint even tell me. I thought you might have been to other location. Okay. Why did you go all of a sudden?”

“It’s my birthday Vennela.”

“Oh. I am really sorry. Really really sorry. Happy birthday.”

I was expecting a lot from her from the midnight. But then she dint wish me. And then when I myself reminded her about my birthday, all she did is wished me using two words. “Happy Birthday.”

This time, I got hurt more than before. Then I slowly realized that it’s the expectations of people on others which hurt them. It’s my mistake that I expected a lot from her. She never promised me that she will wish me. It’s me who was expecting from her. Expectations are good when they turn reality. But, when they dint turn out, we get hurt and it pains so deep inside the heart.

(6 weeks later)

I was called for a meeting with my manager. My team lead informed me that I had to attend one on one meeting with my manager.

“Rahul. May I come in?”

“Yes Prudhvi. Come in.”

“Yes Rahul.”

“Take your seat.”

“Thank you Rahul.”

“Rahul, what is this meeting all about?”

“Prudhvi. You have been working in the team from almost 2 years. And your progress is excellent. Even our clients at onshore is very much impressed with your work.”

“Thank you so much Rahul. It’s my duty and my responsibility.”

“Yes. And you have done it so well. And so we have a proposal for you.”

“What is it Rahul?”

“We are planning to send you to onshore location for a period of 18 months.”

“You mean Australia?”

“Yes Prudhvi.”

“But Rahul…”

“I know you have told me long back that you don’t want to work at onshore locations. But then try to understand what I say Prudhvi. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your career.”

“Rahul, I know, and I am excited to hear this. Thank you very much. But then I am really sorry to say NO. I am not at all interested in working out.”

“Take time Prudhvi. Think and let me know.”

We had discussion for about 40 mins where Rahul is trying all ways to convince me for the onshore opportunity.

For about one complete week, I have been thinking on the same thing. I don’t know why I am thinking so much on this. I went home that week to discuss this mom and dad. All they said is its all my wish and the final decision will be mine. There are so many things running in my mind. I cannot just leave everything and go but then opportunities won’t knock the door when we want. They knock only once and just once. And at the time, if we keep delaying, we cannot get back it. I have not informed this to Vennela yet. It’s been almost 3 weeks that we both had conversation. After my birthday, I haven’t sent a message to her.

After thinking for about 10 days and talks with my parents regarding the onshore opportunity, I informed my manager that I am ready to take this up.

As soon as I said this, he immediately started my VISA processing and other initiatives. I was completely busy for 2 weeks with all the process and transfer formalities. When it was almost confirmed that I will be leaving in the next 30 days, I started informing to my friends and relatives.

During this period, even though I was busy with the planning and process, each minute one more thought used to run in my mind, Vennela. After I go there, I don’t know at what times I will be working and whether I will have access to internal communications. I did not know how to stay in touch with her and first of all I am not sure whether she will be in touch with me. The one fact that hurts me a lot is that I am going to miss her. I will be missing her so much that I am not able to imagine or explain. I will be coming back only after 18 months and I am not sure how things will change during that period. Right now I cannot do anything. I cannot stay back here for her as I am not sure what happens next in our relation and also I cannot flyaway as I am very much sure that I will be missing her. For now, I decided to inform her about my opportunity.

“Vennela… are you free?”

I don’t know why, I always send only message to her. I never pick up my phone and call her. I don’t get words to talk with her even in phone or directly. I don’t know whether its fear or something else. And so, I always only text her. She replied me after few minutes.

“Yes Prudhvi. Tell me.”

“I want to tell you one thing.”


“I have got onsite opportunity and all the formalities are done.”

“What? When all this happened? You never informed me.”

“I thought to inform once it is confirmed.”

“Congratulations Prudhvi. When will you fly?”

“In the next 15 days.”

“What? Just two more weeks?”

“Yes Vennela.”

“Oh nice.”

I don’t know why but then I have decided to ask one thing to her that day.


“Ya. My name is Vennela.”

“Can I ask you one thing?”

“Sure Prudhvi.”

“Did I ever make u smile?”

“Ya many times.”

“Prudhvi. You made me smile many times. And especially the message that you have sent during my promotion and when our team has won volley ball championship, I really felt so confident and happy. Thank you lot for that.”

“Can I ask you one more thing?”

“Sure. Why do you need permission for everything?”

“Please keep smiling. All I liked in you is your smile.”


She just replied with a smile. I was not knowing how to explain her the battle that is running inside my heart. I wanted to explain her how important she is to me. But then every time I am stepping back.

@ “U are the rays of SUN in my every morning, U r the cool breeze of my every evening, u r the twinkling star when I look at the sky… u r the lightening moon when I walk in the dark….. U r everything in the world I live.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $14

After sending those lines, I was actually little tensed what will be her reply and how is she gonna take those lines.

“Superb. Situational lines.”

“Thank you Vennela. Happy and safe journey. See you on Wednesday.”

“Thanks Prudhvi.”

That was the first time she called me with my name.

I was typing to reply her and then I was receiving call from Nandini.

“Hey Nandini. Just now I started from office. Where are you?”

“Prudhvi. I am waiting at Coffee day just right opposite to your office.”

“Okay. I will be there in 5 more minutes.”

“Okay Prudhvi come fast. It’s raining.”

(After few minutes)

“Hello Nandini. How are you dear? It’s been almost a year. We have met when your dad had come to Pune and after that we dint time to meet at all. After that it’s all calls and mobiles.”

“Yes Prudhvi. Really missing those days. I am really thankful to you for all the help you did during our academy days.”

“Hey Nandini. You are breaking the rules. No thanks and no sorry”

“Yeah. Prudhvi, the man of rules. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“Yeah just going on and on.”

“What do you wanna have Prudhvi?”

“As usual iced cappuccino.”

“Hmmm. I know. I have already ordered it.”

“So, tell me Nandini. What’s that you wanna talk to me regarding Shreya?”

“Shreya’s father spoke to me last week.”


“He got to know about her love.”

“What? How did that happen?”

“I dint ask him all that. He said that he got to know about Preetham and he is now looking for matches for her marriage.”

“Did he spoke to her?”


“Did she spoke to her father?”

“No. They both are not talking to each other.”

“Did she know that her father knows about this?”

“Yes, she knows that.”

“When she know that their parents knew about them, then why did she travel to Preetham’s home town?”

“I don’t know all that Prudhvi. I dint talk to her yet completely. I am worried where this is going to take her.”

“Hmm. Don’t get worried Nandini. Let me talk to her once.”

‘I don’t think she will even talk to any of us. She is completely in his trance and not talking to any one properly.”

“That’s okay Nandini. I know how to deal this with her. You first talk to her and let me know. Based on that I will decide what to talk and when to talk.”

“Okay Prudhvi.”

“So, how is your life going Nandini? When is your marriage?”

“I told you right. Anurudh is flying UAE this month end. He will be there for 8 to 12 months. Once he is back, we will get married.”

“Oh that really nice.”

“What about yours Prudhvi?”

“Me? Marriage?”

“You are still in the same lines?”

“Not like that Nandini. I told you right. I am afraid of that. Marriage is a lifelong relationship. It brings two people from two different worlds into one world. I don’t like to change myself and also I don’t like if the girl has to change something just because of marriage. And also I don’t know whether I can take care of a girl for life long. ”

“Why do you feel like that Prudhvi?”

“I don’t know Nandini. I have seen many families where a girl has to change many things after marriage and I don’t want that to happen in my case. A girl leaves her entire world and comes to a guy trusting him to such an extent that he will take care of her and love her for the rest of life. And if suppose at any time I will hurt her for any reason then I don’t know what will happen.”

“Prudhvi. Let me tell you one thing. Relation doesn’t always mean being happy. Being in a relation always has two sides of it and you have to accept both. It’s definite that in any relation you will get clashes. All you have to do is forgive each other, forget all that and move on. These clashes, especially between husband and wife will help them to understand much better and also brings out their love and care.”

“As of now this is what I feel Nandini. May be as time moves on, I will start learning and understand things. “

“Hmm. I am waiting for that day Prudhvi. You are really a nice guy and I am very much sure that whoever comes into your life will be happy and is also the luckiest girl.”


“Yes Prudhvi. I know how well you take care of your friends and also how much you value your relations. Many times you took care of me like a child whenever I am depressed and also you use to drop me till my room no matter how late it was to you.”

“Hmm. I value friendship and relations Nandini. But, marriage, I guess I am still not ready.”

“Hmm. Yeah. Very soon you will be ready for that and I should be the first person to receive your marriage invitation.”

I just smiled when she said those lines. We had conversation for almost 2 hours as we are meeting almost after a year. And, as usual I dropped her till her room and returned back to my hostel at around 11:30 in night.

@ “Life is not just to reach the Heights and bank the savings. But to reach the hearts and grab memories.”– Mr. Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $13

That day, I have seen a different Vennela. Till then, I just know Vennela who always works at her station without even looking at what’s happening next to her. She always wanted to learn new things, be dedicated and complete anything and everything that’s assigned to her. But, that day, I saw her being more energetic and more sportive. After their team won the match, I wrote few lines and sent to her.

“Innocent looks, Innovative thoughts, Beauty in the heart, Boldness in the hands, Genius at work and Gorgeous at looks.”

She felt very happy for those few lines and said thank to those lines. During our conversations, I used to send her some few poetic lines now and then. Sometimes she used to reply saying that she liked them very much and sometimes she never replied. And at those kinds of times, I used to have a feel like am I going way too far? Am I taking advantage?

But, that thought used to be only for a very short time in my mind. When I see her smiles the next time, I used to do the same thing. I never used to understand why I am so crazy about her.

I used to remember her whenever I see the moon, whenever I see a baby smiling and whenever a bird singing. She used to be there in most of my thoughts but she is not only my thought. I never had such confusion in my life. Sometimes I feel like I just like her and its bit more. But, sometimes I feel like there is something way beyond just liking. Every single minute I used to think about her, converse with her and see her, I used to think like I will get the answer to my question very soon. But, that never happened.

Vennela is basically a south Indian girl. Their family moved to Mumbai few years back. And as Mumbai is just 4 hours from Pune, she used to travel very regularly to home. Almost like every weekend. And whenever she used to stay back on any weekend, she visits her relative’s house. Never know why, but I always used to have a very strong wish inside me to travel along with her at least one time and keep talking with her during the entire journey time. I always felt like telling this to her but then backed off. I feel like I have so much to say her, so much to talk her and so many things to express her. But then when I start texting her, I don’t get anything in my mind. Everything gets stuck up somewhere.


Tring… Tring.. Tring…

I was so busy watching movie at hostel that I did not notice my mobile ringing. When I saw that, I was shocked to see 8 missed calls from Nandini.

“Hello Nandini. Tell me what happened. Why did you call me so many times?”

“Hey Prudhvi… where are you?”

“I am at hostel.”

“Okay. I want to meet you.”

“Okay sure. Tell me where. But then what happened Nandini?”

“Shreya said she is going home town. But then she dint go.”

“Then where did she go?”

“She went to Preetham’ s home town.”


“That guy who is from IS2 batch.”

“Oh yeah yeah. One day when we all went out, he also came along with Shreya.”

“hmm ya the same guy. I just now got the news.”

“I tried telling her many times not to make it complicated. Now what happened?”

“I will tell you all the on Monday evening. We will meet somewhere outside. Is that okay?”

“Ya sure Nandini. You can. We dint meet after the training.”

“Hmm. Yes. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“It’s just going on normal Nandini. Nothing much. Only office and hostel. That’s it.”

“Hmm. Okay. Okay then Prudhvi. Let’s meet on Monday. Okay. I will call you before I start.”

“Okay Nandini.”

Nandini is one of my best friends of academy. She is one among the few people with whom I share everything and anything. But then I did not tell about Vennela to anyone.

Even though Vennela episode in my life is running from last 1 year and I have never shared this with anyone till today. The reason behind this is that either I am afraid to answer their questions or I do not have answers for their questions. I cannot tell them that I like her smile and so I have these feelings on her because nobody is going to believe and they may also think this relation in another track. I don’t want them to come to any conclusions in their minds as I myself still not clear on this.


From the last few weeks, she started messaging whenever she is starting to home. During the initial days, she used to travel on Friday evening. Whereas nowadays, she is most of the times travelling on Saturday early morning intercity express. The previous weekend, she did not travel to home and so Monday morning she is early to office. I was surprised to see her at office. I went near to her and had conversation for few minutes.

Every day, whenever I leave home, I look at her desk. That day, I couldn’t find her at her desk and also her belonging where also not there. I took my mobile and immediately sent her a text message.

“Vennela. Where are you?”

“Just now started.”

“Oh nice. You left early today.”

“I am going Mumbai.”

“What? Today is Monday only right?”

“Ya. Today is Monday only. Yes, I am going home now. I applied for leave tomorrow.”

“Okay. You dint tell me anything.”

“I was actually in a hurry to catch the train. I thought of messaging you once I settle in the train.”

“I am angry on you.”

“Sorry. Actually I was not sure whether I will be leaving or not as my other team mate is also on leave. But then at last minute I got confirmation and so was in a hurry to leave. Sorry again. Sorry to the power of infinity. Please.”

I don’t know why but I felt uneasy when she said that she is leaving and will not come to office the next day. And for the first time I said to her that I am angry on her. This is actually not anger on her. After reading her reply, I did not know what to reply her. I was thinking what to reply to her while I was walking out from office, suddenly it started drizzling. Those rain drops and that situation made me write some lines.

@ “Even the clouds started crying the moment you are leaving. You may not see the tears of mine in this heavy rain. But, every drop of rain resembles my pain.” – Mr. Venky Bond