“I quiT” – Episode @30

“Oh. Welcome. I am Quadhar. We all are waiting for you.”

“Oh. I am so sorry to keep you all waiting. Good evening to all of you here. I am Ishwarya. I will be your new manager for this location.”

“Welcome Ishwarya.” Said Quadhar clapping his hands. Everyone else joined him, welcoming Ishawarya into the squad.

Ishwarya moved a few steps forward making sure that she is visible by everyone and then started talking to the team.

“Hi team. I thank you so much for your warm welcome.I look forward for a great experience working with all of you. I hope for the same from you.Before I take over the complete responsibility, let me formally introduce myself. I am Ishwarya, I am married and having a 4-year-old kid. I am basically from Mumbai and recently moved to Bengaluru. I have nearly 9 years of experience in the field of IT. This is my third company. I worked under various verticals like banking, retail and now working on mobile projects from last 3 years. Now, I am pulled in to take care of the mobile projects wing, especially the new project that was said OK by the clients. I should thank Quadhar and the team for working on the demo, presenting it to the clients and finally winning the pot.We will be working on this for the next 8 to 12 months.That’s all about myself. Now, each one of you can you introduce yourself, please.”Asked Ishwarya to the team.

When she asked everyone to introduce, each one of them started introducing themselves to Ishwarya one by one detailing their name, home town and the project in which they are operating.It took about 17 minutes for all of them to introduce them to her. When everybody completed, Quadhar reminded Ishwarya that Thyagarajan asked them to call to his mobile once Ishwarya steps into the meeting room.

Quadhar immediately took the phone and dialed to Thyagarajan.


“Hi Thyagarajan. This is Quadhar.”

“Hi Quadhar. Good evening. Did you guys assemble?”

“Yes Thyagarajan. We have the entire team along with Ishwarya.”

“Oh. That’s great. Hi Ishwarya. Welcome to the team.”Said Thyagarajan.

“Hi Thyagarajan. Good evening. Thank you so much.”

“Team, Ishwarya is your new manager. She will be taking care of the entire Bengaluru team and also the new project that is coming up.I guess she finished her introduction.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. Just now we all introduced ourselves to one another.”

“Oh. That’s great. So, team.She will be your primary point of contact for everything you need. She is not even a technical manager; she also worked as people manager for 2 years.So, hope that will be an added advantage.”Said Thyagarajan welcoming Ishwarya into the team and detailing her role with the team.After that, he said “Quadhar.”

“Yes Thyagarajan.”

“Please help her in detailing the process and also the team structure.”

“Sure Thyagarajan.”

“For few days, you have to support her in understanding everything.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. I will definitely do that.”


Meeting went on with the detailing of her roles and responsibilities.

After Thyagarajan disconnected, some of them started asking Ishwarya some questions regarding technical and non-technical. When Ishanth’s turn came, he asked her a question related to management.

“Ishwarya. Can I ask you a question.”

“Sure. Ish..” Ishwarya is trying to remember his name and when she confirmed herself that she cannot recollect, she asked “Sorry, what’s your name?”

“I am Ishanth.”

“Sorry, this is the first day right. After a few days, I will start getting used with the names and people.”

“That’s okay Ishwarya.”

“Yeah. Continue. You want to ask something.”

“What is your management strategy?”

“Management strategy? What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, you are 9 years experienced right. What is the strategy that you have learned that will best suit thissector.”

“That’s a very beautiful question Ishanth. But, I don’t think strategy is something that can be defined in words. It is how we work or react upon situations. May be you can know based on how I deal with people and things as the days move forward.”

“Okay.” Said Ishanth. He is basically attempting to understand her management and so posted such a question. But, she gave a dynamic answer to his question.

After the meeting, Ishanth and Meher were walking out of the meeting room. Meher asked Ishanth “Hey Ishanth. Why did you ask that to Ishwarya?”

“I just asked it very randomly Meher. Frankly speaking I want to know whether she is like Thyagarajan or not. That’s it.”

“Okay.” Said Meher and they both went back to their desks. Quadhar and Ishwarya walked towards Quadhar’s cabin.

For the next two weeks, Quadhar got busy with Ishwarya detailing her about the team and the process. And also explaining her about the projects the team is working and the roles and responsibilities of each individual member in the team.

Slowly Ishwarya started taking over responsibilities from Quadhar. When someone used to approach Quadhar for any information, he used to divert them to Ishwarya. After a few days, it turned out like people started going to Ishwarya directly. Quadhar’s work at office used to come down day by day. Ishwarya is very quick at understanding the process and so used to handle things quickly and efficiently.

As this is going this way, one day Meher came to Ishanth’s desk for some information.

“Hey Ishanth. What are you doing?”

“I am just going through the QA report Meher.”

“I need a small info Ishanth.”

“Yes, tell me Meher. Regarding what?”

“This is regarding the maintenance project Ishanth.”

“I am not aware of anything in that project Meher. Why don’t you talk to Quadhar?”

“I don’t know Ishanth, from last few days, he is directing to Ishwarya whenever I go and ask something. Not just me, whoever is approaching him for anything, he is asking them to go and talk to Ishwarya.”

“May be because she is manager right and so he wants her to take decisions and give directions.”

“Not just that Meher. He is not being interactive as like before. He is just coming and going. Half of the day he will be in meeting with Ishwarya or Thyagarajan. He is not even asking the status of the tasks.”


Guess the story: How will Ishwarya manage the team?


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“Silent LOVE…” – $22

“Vennela. Are you going home tomorrow?”

 The whole night I was waiting for her reply thinking about her.

 (Next day Morning)

 The next day morning, I got ready by around 4.00 in the morning and reached Pune Junction station 6th platform where Vennela will be regularly boarding her train to Mumbai. After reaching there, I waited at the FOB bottom edge where people will be coming down on to the platform to board the train.

For about 40 mins, I was just looking at the FOB without even turning my head. Then I heard the announcement regarding the departure of the train.

“Passengers, your attention please. Train No One One Zero One Zero, SINHAGAD Express, bound from Pune JN to MUMBAI CST is ready to leave from platform No 6.” – Announcement.

The moment I heard that, I got up from there and reached the front part of train. As soon as I reached the first compartment, I started searching each and every individual CC compartment for Vennela. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I came with so many thoughts to talk to her as I may not get any better moment than this. Travelling with her together and explaining her about the whole journey I had during these 2 years looking at her smiles. And also, this may be the last time for now where I can wave hands at her as I will be flying next week.

 When I couldn’t find her, I got down train and sat at the same place where I was initially sitting. I began to think what might have happened. May be she got up late, or maybe she is not travelling this weekend. I took out my phone and sent a text to her.

“Vennela, are you going home today? Where are you?”

I dint get any reply from her. I waited for 1 hour for the next train. When I heard the announcement that SAHYADRI express is going to leave, as like the previous train, I searched the entire train as fast as I can looking for Vennela. At the end, I came out empty. I was not able to find her even in this train.

I continued the same with DECCAN QUEEN, PRAGATI and MUMBAI Expresses. I searched almost 5 trains and I couldn’t find her. While I was getting down from MUMBAI express, I heard the announcement of another MUMBAI express which is ready to leave in about 20 mins from the other platform. I ran as fast as I can to that platform and started searching each compartment for Vennela.

While I was crossing from one of the coach, I received a message to my mobile. I dint care it as I was busy searching the train for Vennela. After I found out that she is not in there, I got down the train and sat on a bench breathing heavily. After settling down for few minutes, I took out my mobile to read the message. It is from Vennela.

“I am not going this week.” – Vennela.

After I saw that message, I did not know how to react. Is it like whether I should be happy that I dint miss her or is it like I should be sad that I missed a chance to travel with her. Travelling with her in train and talking to her for 3 to 4 hours is like one of my dream that I have been imagining from many months. Now, I will not get that chance till next 18 months and also I don’t know whether I will get after I return back as things may change in any manner at any time.

One thing is clear that out of all the three wishes, one is gone and may be its gone once and for all. I was not able to digest this. When I first got the travelling thought in my mind, I thought I will definitely make it one day. But then I have never expected that it will just remain as a dream.

I dint reply anything to her message. I was just sitting there on the platform, looking at all the people and the trains that are passing by. I sat there at the station till evening. I dint even move a bit from the place.

Now that one dream is gone, I decided to get back and ask her about the dinner plan. I was actually afraid a lot. I cannot tell her how important each one is to me as I was afraid whether she understands it or not.

(2 days later)

“Vennela. Good Morning. Can we go for temple tomorrow morning & then dinner at night? Please?”

During the initial days, after I send a message, I used to sit and wait for her reply. But then as days passed on, I began to understand that she will not be replying immediately. I never asked her the reason and even she never explained me.


I sent her a message with so much of anxiety and excitement filled in that question. And the reply that I have got from her is just a two letter word. Whatever it may be, she agreed for the dinner and there is nothing much happier beyond that.


“Vennela. At what time shall we start tomorrow?”

“07:30 ? okay?”

“Okay Vennela. Sure.”

That night I dint sleep at all, I was fully excited about the next day that I am going to spend with her. One of my dreams is already gone and now I have to make sure that I make good memories out of these two and take a chance to explain things to her in detail during the dinner time.

(Next day morning)

I got ready by around 07:00 wearing the new dress which I have purchased to wear it for the day I will be dining with her. I reached the place 30 minutes before as I was not able to control my excitement. I requested her to come by wrapping the watch which I have gifted her. Even though I have gifted it few months back, I have never seen her wrapping that to her hand.

“Good Morning Vennela. Thanks for coming.”

“Good morning. You always insist me to not to say thanks. But then you always use that word.”

I just smiled for those lines. We both walked to the temple. As like the first time, even this time the same thing happened. I was looking at her while she was busy praying to each idol. I don’t know why I was attracted to her and why do I like her so much than any other in this world. But, the one thing I can answer very surely is that. Her smile, her beautiful and innocent smile locked me to her.


“Ya Vennela.”

“You don’t pray. But then you come to temple. I never understand why do you do like that.”

“Vennela. The value of a question goes down once we find out the answer for it. So, better be it that way.”

I just blabbered something when she asked me that question. But, the actual truth is that, I am actually coming with her to spend some time with her looking at her smile. When I was seeing her praying at each idol, I was feeling lot of happiness inside me, lot of joy, excitement and much more. I was not even able to express these feelings to her. That particular moment is awesome and I felt like the time should just stop there for long duration.

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