“I quiT” – Episode @2

(One hour later­- 10:00 AM)

“Ping…”  – Office Internal Communicator.

Ishanth heard a sound and when he looked at the monitor, he saw a group ping from his manager.

“Hi Team. Good Morning.”

Everyone else in the team responded to it wishing the manager back. Ishanth is just staring at it without even wishing the manager back. He is waiting to understand the context of this group conversation. He is well aware that most of the group conversations initiated by his manager leaves no important message to the team. Only this time it is something important. Something not only the team but also every employee of the organization is waiting to hear.

“Team, the most awaited day is here and the much awaited list is now reached my Inbox few seconds back. We all shall quickly get connected through video conference in next 15 minutes. I will be sending you the meeting invite right away.” Ishanth’s manager pinged the team in the group conversation.

(10:15 AM)

Ishanth along with fellow teammates reached the video conference room and got seated. Video conference just got started and all other team mates across various locations got connected. Everyone is so eager to hear the results and are waiting for their manager to speak.

(10:18 AM)

Mr. Thyagarajan M, Senior Manager – Projects is basically from Pune and so manages all the projects and operations from Pune location. He travels to other locations every now and then to meet his teams. At around 10:18 AM, he stepped into the meeting room and got connected to the conference by dialling the bridge code.

At IT offices, every conference room is generally equipped with two large display televisions, a high resolution camera and a microphone. Out of the two large screen televisions, one projects the other locations live stream and the other one projects any presentations or videos used for the conference. After wishing all his teammates, he started prepping for the conference by connecting his IBM laptop to the presentation projection adaptor available there.

He barely glanced at the display which is projecting the live stream of other locations. The first thing Mr. Thyagarajan noticed is the eagerness of each of their faces and also their eyes which are filled with anxiety. Even though he knew that everyone is waiting to hear the promotion results, he planned to take up the conference with updates on one of the critical project the team is working on for last 18 months.

“Hi Team, I know you all are so eagerly waiting to hear the results. I could mark that on your faces. Even I am so eager to speak out the results. I received the mail some 30 mins back. But, in this meantime, I also had another important mailer. I own both the mailers opened on my screen. One mailer is regarding the promotion list and the other one is about a critical update on the major project which you all were working from last 1 year. Tell me which one you want me to talk about.?”

Even though Mr. Thyagarajan knew that the team wants to know about the promotion list first, he tried to add a little bit of tension to them by starting the conference talking about the updates on the project. The moment he read those words, most of the team members who were connected from various locations shouted that they want to hear about the promotions list first. Their voices clubbed all together created a little piece of noisy environments. With that, he very well understood that all of them wants him to talk about promotions first and project later.

“Ok. Ok. I get it now. I will go with the promotion mailer first. I will be reading out the names one by one from the list” said Mr. Thyagarajan opening the promotion mailer that he had received from HR(Human Resources) team. He paused the projection to make sure that the team will not sneak peak into the list before he speak out the names.

“So, team. Here we go with the people who made it through this time. M. Harsha from Koltaka location got promoted to Senior Architect. Congratulations Mr. Harsha.”

“Thank you so much I thank all my team mates who supported me and especially my lead who is a continuous support for me right from the start of this project” said Harsha who is connected to video conference from Kolkata location.

“Next we have Rupali from Hyderabad. She got promoted to Business Analyst from JBA. Congratulations Rupali.” – said Mr. Thyagarajan wishing her through the conference bridge.

The same process repeated for each of the names he read out from the list. Every time he read out a name, the one who got promoted started speaking about their experiences thanking each of them who helped them all the way to make this happen. As this is happening, it added more tension to Ishanth. But, as like every time he made sure that it dint appear on his face. He knows very well how to hide his emotions or feelings inside and no one could ever make out from his face what he is feeling inside.

Mr. Thyagarajn started asking each of them what would be their next step and how are they planning to achieve it. And every one answered it in their own way.

(11:03 AM)

At around 11:00 AM, it was Ishanths turn. Mr. Thyagarajan spoke out his name and everyone shouted out loud making more noise. Not only Ishanth, everyone else in the team is so eager to hear his name. All of them are pretty sure that he will come through this time. The moment he heard his name, Ishtanth felt relaxed immediately and gave a smile.

“So, Ishanth. How are you feeling?” – Mr. Thyagarajan.

“First of all thank you Thyaragajan. And yes, it obviously feels safe when you are promoted no doubt in that. The same way I am feeling happy. I was actually waiting for this moment since last 3 months.”

“That moment finally arrived bringing a lot of happiness in you. That’s pretty good. So what are your plans next? How are you planning your next step?”

“I am resigning.” – Ishanth.


Guess the story: Why did Ishanth say that he is resigning?


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“I quiT” – Episode @1

(3rd Cross Road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore)

Bangalore. The moment you read the first word, some of you might have thought why the author is still referring to the city as Bangalore even though it was changed to Bengaluru. Yes, you are right. It’s no more referred as Bangalore now. It has got a brand new name called Bengaluru marking its place in the list of cities like Beijing which was once Peking, Tokyo which was once Edo and the latest Tollywood’s most visited place Istanbul which was once Constantinople. Now you may have another question popped up in your mind, why the change was initiated. Well, I cannot answer this, you have to ask Jnanapith award winner UR. Anantha Murthy who first mooted the change way back in 2005 during the litterateurs meet at the state’s golden jubilee Suvarna Karnataka celebrations. The one reason that was spread across is that it is to mark the culture of Karnataka state. Let me not dig deeper well.

Bengaluru, which stands 3rd in the most populated cities list of India, takes its place in 18th position in the World’s most populated cities. It is well known for its most pleasant climate all over the year despite of the rise in average temperature. This city, which was once ruled by the Western Gangas, the Cholas during 1537 CE, is now being ruled by the Western culture and the corporate world.

IT, which is the dominating sector in the corporate world, makes Bangalore stand in 4th place in the world as the largest technology cluster after Silicon Valley, Boston and London with 80% of global IT companies having their Indian operations and R&D centers based here. Bangalore is all known as the Silicon Valley of India. It employs about 350,000 employees among the 1 million techies of India. One of the character from our story, Ishanth is one among those busy IT guys who works for one of India’s top 10 IT companies.

(08:17 AM, Ishanth’s Flat)

Even though cool climate covers the city during the nights, the Sun marks its bright presence during the day time giving a warm touch. The bigger needle just crossed the quarter pass of the clock keeping the shorter once at 08 making it 08:17 AM on a bright Monday morning. Ishanth woke up and is getting ready for office. He is almost done and just wearing his shoes. In the meantime, Ishanth’s friend and room mate Ramu came out from his room yawning.

“Good morning.”

“A very good morning Ram ji (Ishant calls him Ram ji).”

When Ramu heard Ishanth’s voice, he felt a little bit surprised and started rubbing his eyes faster.

“Ishanth, is that you?”

“Yes Mr. Ram ji.”

“What is the time now?”

Ramu looked at the clock. Before Ishanth replied, he said “Ishanth, it’s barely 08:20 and where are you going this early morning?”

“I am going to office” said Ishanth working on with the polish brush trying to get his shoes look more promising. It is a very special day to him. The day may not only change his life but may also touch on some of his colleague’s life at the office.

“Office? So early…” replied Ramu rubbing his eyes as he is still not able to believe that Ishanth is leaving very soon to office.


“Early I mean, you will not even get up from bed until 10:00. But today you got ready to office before 08:30 and so. Okay. Tell me. What’s the reason?”

“There is a reason Ram ji. Today is a big day at office.”

“Big day? What do you mean?”

“Today is the day for which people wait so eagerly. Today is the day lot of things change. Today is the day where people take serious decisions.”

“Okay Okay stop it. Can you just tell me in one word?”


“Promotions? Can you be little elaborative?”

“This is what the problem with you. When I started explaining you said make it short. And when I made it short, you are asking me to elaborate.”

“Hayyo. Ishanth. Don’t get me mad. Please tell me.”

“Today is the day where Promotions list will be out from the HR team.”

“Oh. Wow. All the best Ishanth. You dint even tell me all these days.”

“Thank you so much Ram ji. I just want to save it as a surprise for all of you. Okay. I am leaving. Put the lock in the safe place.”

“Okay Ishanth. Don’t forget to call or message once you hear the good news.”

“Sure Ram ji. Have a nice day.”

Ishanth left the room, walked down to the cellar and reached his bike. Until then, he dint give a thought on his bike keys. He started checking his pockets for the bike key only after reaching there. When he figured out that he left them in the flat, instead of taking the steps to reach back to the 7th floor, he made a call to Ramu’s mobile.

“Tring… Tring…”

(Ramu’s mobile started ringing.)

When he saw Ishanth’s name on the screen, “he just left a few minutes back and why is his calling” he said to himself.

“Hello Ishanth. What happened?”

“Hey Ramu I forgot the key in my shelf. Can you please throw it down.”

“This is what happens when a guy who leaves the bed at 10:00 AM decides to leave for office at 08:30 AM”

“Come on Ramu. Just give me the keys. It’s a big day and I cannot be late on this much awaiting day.”

(Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore)

After 30 mins of drive on the roadway filled with heavy traffic in the lanes, brand showrooms on either side and large green trees here and there as like the nuts on ice cream. Ishanth reached his office. He parked his bike, had breakfast and began walking to his block from the cafeteria building.

Along his way, he saw his colleague Monisha who is on her way to the cafeteria. They both exchanged good morning wishes. As it is a big day for every employee, most of the conversations from the last few days between any two employees were about promotions. The same phenomenon was applied even to their conversation.

“Any good news?” Monisha asked Ishanth.

“What do you mean?”

“I meant promotion.”

“Not yet Monisha. I suppose the list may be out at around 10:00 AM. Waiting for it.”

“Okay Ish. All the best. Don’t forget to ping me once you heard the news.”

“Sure Mony.”

After the conversation, Ishanth left from there to reach his bay. On his way back, Ishanth is thinking regarding promotions and started speaking to himself.

“Will I make it through this time? Even though our work, achievements and all internal awards speak about our confidence and commitment, we can never believe until it is officially announced. Anyway lets me wait and see what materializes. In the next one hour, the list will be out answering all my questions.”

Ishanth reached his desk and got settled down. He just turned on his system and started going through the mails he received. As he was going through the mail one by one, he saw a mail from HR with subject “Fingers Crossed? You grow along with us. The official announcement of Full Year promotions will be out at 10:00 AM.” Even though he is bit tensed whether he will make it through or not this time, he covered it up with a curved smile on his face.

@Big Day

Guess the story: Will Ishanth be listed in the promotion list?


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