“I quiT” – Episode @21

(01:47 PM)

After the lunch, everyone returned to their desks and resumed their work. When Ishanth turned on his monitor, he saw Quadhar’s message on his inter-office communicator. When he saw that, he immediately went to Quadhar’s desk.

“Hello Quadhar” said Ishanth and sat in the chair.

“Hi Ishanth.”

“I saw your message and so came here running. What happened Quadhar?”

“I guess you heard the info that Uthrani submitted her resignation.”

“Yes Quadhar, she explained us just now during lunch time.”

“All right. She will be moving out in max 7 to 10 days. I am working on my plan to release her as fast as we can. Few minutes back, me and Thyagarajan had a discussion on that.”


“As part of that, you may need to take up Uthrani’s tasks.”

“What? I should take up Uthrani’s tasks?”

“Yes Ishanth. Meher is a junior, he cannot handle and so Thyagarajan decided to assign them to you.”

“But Quadhar, look at the load of work I am currently handling. I am working late nights which you know I don’t like at all. But, I am doing it just to avoid working on weekends. Or else I would not have done even that.”

“Ishanth, I know about you. But, here you have to understand that this is Thyagarajan’s decision.”

“Whatever it may be, I cannot take it up Quadhar. I am telling you this right from day 1, I don’t like taking up that project. I am not interested in that maintenance activity. I am sorry. If you want, I can talk to Thyagarajan and settle this down.”

“Okay Ishanth. Better do that now, he is forcing me to assign additional tasks to you and I am not left with any other choice.”

“It’s okay Qudhar. Don’t worry about it, I will speak with him.”

“Okay Ishanth. And, the other important news is that we will be on-boarding two additional junior resources into our team.They will operate from Bengaluru location. And regarding assigning tasks to you, if you deny, then maybe we have to assign this project to one of them. You may have to speak with Thyagarajan.”

“Okay Thanks Quadhar. I will speak with him” said Ishanth and started moving out from Quadhar’s cabin.

When he just started moving out, Quadhar called Ishanth back and “Hey Ishanth. Wait for some time; let me talk to Thyagarajan for one more time. If he is still not intending to change plans, then you can talk to him directly.”

“Okay Quadhar” said Ishanth and went back to his work desk.

Quadhar had some thoughts running in his mind and so he stopped Ishanth from speaking with Thyagarajan.

(02:57 PM)

After Ishanth left of his cabin, Quadhar worked for sometime and then went to Thyagarajan’s cabin to discuss about the next steps.

“Hi Thyagarajan. Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon Quadhar. Sit down.”

“Thyagarajan. I have devised a plan.”

“Oh. Good.”

“Shall I start explaining?”

“Yeah sure Quadhar.”

Quadhar started explaining about the plan he prepared for the next steps to be followed in the project as Uthrani is moving out. They are also in the plan to on-board two new fresher’s into the project who will be working from Bengaluru location.He clearly drafted out the plan on who will be working on which project, who will be taking up Uthrani’s project and also the revised timelines. It took about 55 minutes for him to discharge the entire explanation to Thyagarajan.

After going through the complete plan, Thyagarajan started shooting questions at Quadhar on the plan and Quadhar answered them politely.

“Quadhar. Why don’t you assign this project to Meher and let him share the work with one of the new joiner. I think that will be a better idea.”

“Thyagarajan, even Meher is a new recruit into the project who joined few months back. So, I don’t think he can handle this out and also he is completely from a different background. This is what I have told you right from the beginning.”

“I understand Quadhar, but we are left with no choice. Ishanth straight away rejected when we assigned this project a few months back. I think he will deny it even this time if we try to assign it to him. Uthrani is the only girl who used to work on this and now even she is leaving all of a sudden. We cannot accept the risk of attributing this to fresher’s. I am not able to understand what to do. This is bumping my brain. Quadhar, Why are we not able to allocate the tasks in a proper way?” asked Thyagarajan with a very low voice for the first time in the last three days trying to figure out a way to break this problem.

“Thyagarajan, can I say one thing if you don’t mind?”

“Yes Quadhar, go ahead.”

“We are actually running out of resources. For the count of projects we have, the number of resources with which we are handling these two projects are not enough; we have to pull more resources to run this project in a smooth way.”

“We cannot do that Quadhar, we are already on-boarding two fresher’s into our project. We cannot go for more resources. For sure I cannot consider that option. Anyway, let’s leave that for now. So, now, this is the entire plan and revised timelines? ”

“Yes Thyagarajan.”

“All right. I will look deeper into this and will get back to you. Meanwhile, please summarize the tasks on that project and submit me a report in the next 24 hours. And also give me an update on the project which we need to demo next week. We will sit for sometime tomorrow morning and will discuss on those two things.”

“Sure Thyagarajan. I will do that soon. As of today, I will assign those tasks to Uthrani and will ask Meher to learn the process from Uthrani.”

“That’s wonderful. We have to keep going Quadhar. Our progress rate is down when compared to the reports from last quarter. We need to work on that and see where we are lagging and refine that. I don’t want to see the same kind of results in the next quarter. I want you to focus more on the productivity so that you can produce more results from the team by effectively managing the resources. Now that Uthrani is leaving, we will have some pressure, we have to handle that well and see that it is not doing much damage to the timelines and the smooth functioning of the process.”

As Thyagarajan is explaining, Quadhar interrupted him. “Thyagarajan.”

“Yes Quadhar” replied Thyagarajan staring at him why did he stop him in the middle.

“I want to speak to you about one more important thing.”

“What is that Quadhar?”


Guess the story: What will Quadhar say to Thyagarajan?


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“IquiT” – Episode @20

(10:13 AM)

Quadhar reached Thyagarajan’s cabin and “Yes Thyagarajan. You have called me.”

“Sit down Quadhar. I called you to talk about Uthrani’s resignation mailer which I have received yesterday mid-night.”

“What Thyagarajan? Come again? Uthrani resigned?”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“What is the reason Thyagarajan?”

“I don’t know yet. She hasn’t specified anything in the form.”


“Is she in to the office today?”

“I suppose she is not yet in Thyagarajan.”

“Will she come today?”

“Ya. She stated that she will definitely come in today morning.”

“All right. Once she comes in, set up a one-to-one meet with her and then tell me.”

“Why so immediately Thyagarajan?”

“She specified that she needs to be out in 7 to 10 days.”

“So, she will not be working the entire notice period?”

“Speak to her Quadhar. Do that once she comes in and then let us discuss further.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. Sure.” Said Quadhar and left from Thyagarajan’s cabin.

He straight away went to the bay where Meher and Uthrani will be working and asked Meher “Hey Meher, Uthrani is not yet in?”

“No Quadhar. She is not yet in.”

“Ask her to come and see me immediately when she reaches her desk.”

“Okay Quadhar” replied Meher with a bit of tension in his face as he is worried what might have taken place. Quadhar looked worried when he asked about Uthrani.

“Thanks” said Quadhar and left from there.

Ishanth, who is observing this from his desk, came walking to Meher after Quadhar left and asked Meher “What happened Meher?”

“He asked about Uthrani. I said she is not yet in. He wants Uthrani to meet him immediately she arrives at office.”


“Don’t know Ishanth. He dint tell me any reason.”

“Okay. He is looking a little worried right?”

“Yes Ishanth. Even I felt the same way. But I dint ask him anything.”

“Ok” said Ishanth and went back to his desk to continue working on the assigned tasks.

(11:19 AM)

At around quarter pass 11:00, Uthrani arrived at her work desk. The moment she arrived, Meher informed her that Quadhar had called her and asked her to visit her cabin once she arrives at her desk.

Uthrani, who knows very well that it is about her resignation, kept her bag on her desk and went up straight to Quadhar’s desk.

“Hi Quadhar. Good Morning.”

“Hello Uthrani. Good morning. How are you?”

“I am fine Quadhar. How are you?”

“Ya. I am fine too. Come, sit.”

“Thank you Quadhar.”

“So, how did you celebrate your vacation?”

“Yeah it went on fine Quadhar. Had a good time with family members after 4 long months.”

“Wonderful. So, what did you bring from your home town other than resignation?”

“What Quadhar?”

“Yes Uthrani, Thyagarajan called me early in the morning and told me that you have submitted my resignation.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“What happened Uthrani? Why is this sudden decision now?”

“My marriage is almost fixed Quadhar and so I had to move out.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“No Quadhar. They were looking from many months; it was me who is dragging from many months as I was not getting leave to go to home town. Now that I have been to my home town, they asked my decision. I said yes and so they started making preparations. That is the reason I have specified that I want release in 10 days.”

“All right. When is the marriage then?”

“Any time in the next few weeks Quadhar.”

“You will invite all of us right?”

“Sure Quadhar. Definitely.”

“Hmm. Okay Uthrani. I will talk with Thyagarajan once again and will set up an official meet sometime today or tomorrow on the next plans.”

“Thanks Quadhar. Try to do me a favor by processing the things faster. I am even ready to pay the early release payments.”

“Sure Uthrani. I will do the best I can.”

“Thank you Quadhar” said Uthrani and left from Quadhar’s cabin.

(11:49 AM)

The next moment, Quadhar went to Thyagarajan’s cabin and talked about the discussion he had with Uthrani. Thyagarajan initially denied releasing Uthrani in 10 days because the normal notice period is 60 days. But when Quadhar said that her marriage got fixed and that she is also ready to pay the early release amount, he had nothing to say and so asked Quadhar to start with the further process. They also discussed about whom she will be transferring all her project works. Thyagarajan asked Quadhar to come up with the plan on who will be taking her place and whether they would in need of any resources. Discussion went on for about 70 minutes.

(01:07 PM)

Uthrani, who used to regularly go for lunch with her academy mates, joined Meher and Ishanth on that day to update them about her resignation and marriage.

“Hey Uthrani. What’s special today? You have connected with us for the lunch.”

“Yes Ishanth. There is some important news which I have to share with you all.”

Before she replied for that, Meher asked her about why Quadhar called her to his cabin.

“Yes Meher. I joined to update you both about some important news.” –Uthrani answered.

“What is that Uthrani?” asked both Meher and Ishanth who are very eager to know what happened.

“I have submitted my resignation.”

“What? Why Uthrani. What happened?” asked both getting tensed.

“My marriage got fixed guys.”

“Oh. Wow. Wonderful.When?” – asked Meher.

“In the next few weeks. Date is not yet fixed.”

“Oh. That is the reason you have been to home and came one day late?”

“Hmm” said Uthrani.

“Where is the guy working Uthrani” asked Ishanth.

“He is working in Mumbai Ishanth.”

“We will be missing you Uthrani.” – Meher.

“I will also miss this office, my flat, my friends and especially both of you. But, what to do guys, I have to move on.”

“Hmmm” replied Meher in a very low voice.

“Don’t forget to attend my wedding. I will send you invitations once the date got fixed.”

“Sure Uthrani. But, this fellow has to approve leave for us.”

“Hmm. Don’t worry Meher. I will make sure that it falls on a weekend.”

“Even that also may not work Uthrani. This fellow is not leaving us even on weekends. And that Quadhar is assigning me tasks which I am not aware of. Now that you are moving out, he will not leave me. Till today I thought you will come back and will take up those tasks.”

“Hey Meher. I will teach you before I leave from here.”

“Thank you so much Uthrani.”

Uthrani answered all their questions and their  lunch time went on with that discussion.

After the lunch, everyone came back to their desks and resumed their works. When Ishanth turned on his monitor, he saw Quadhar’s message on his inter-office communicator. When he saw that, he immediately went to Quadhar’s desk.


Guess the story: When Quadhar will resign?


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“I quiT” – Episode @19

(07:58 PM)

“I think we did a mistake by coming here from Hyderabad.”

“Why do you think like that dear?”

“We thought we will be staying here only for one year and then we go back. Last year manager said that this year at any cost we can go back as they were planning to set up a team in Hyderabad and run operations from there. But now all of a sudden he is saying that the plans were dropped off. We dint join our Angel in school this year thinking that we will go back. I am not bringing mom and dad here because it will be tough for them to leave their place and stay here and travelling will be tough for them. Even we are not able to stick around for a few days there because of leave problems. All this is happening simply because of that transfer being delayed.”

“Dear. What are the chances now?”

“It’s all over Shami, there is not even 1% chance now. All the wonderful moments we had in Hyderabad are running in front of my eyes.You used to happily go to school and teach children. Angel used to play with mom and dad. I used to come on time from office daily. Spend time with our baby. We all used to have dinner at one time. We used to have a wonderful time on weekends with mom and dad. I used to feel like everything is working just perfectly with everyone right before me. It used to give me great strength and confidence. But, precisely because the money we are earning is just insufficient and that we need to earn a little bit, I took this decision of changing company. And now after coming here, everything changed. You are getting bored being alone at home all day. I am not getting time to spend with you and Angel. Travelling to Hyderabad once in 4 or 5 months, left mom and dad alone there.”

“To be frank, yes darling.What you said is true. Even I am getting thoughts like this. But I have never shared them with you because I don’t want to trouble you more as you are already in pressure in your office works. And, if you think deep, compare the rent we are paying here, compare the cost of living here. If we consider all this, I think we are spending more than what we are making here. When we used to live in Hyderabad, even I used to earn. Now, here we are not even having that option as all the schools are equipped with e-Technology and the traditional student teacher relationship I am not finding here in the schools. Not just that, here I can’t go to work as we cannot leave Parveen alone. At Hyderabad mother-in-law used to take care. But, darling, I don’t mean that our decision is wrong. I am merely trying to fix the differences as the discussion raised. I am sorry dear.”

“You don’t need to be sorry dear. In fact it’s my decision and my fault. Now see, for the first time I missed bringing her chocolates and ice cream on her birthday night. And, also I had to call for a vendor to make arrangements and decorate our house to celebrate her birthday party. I feel really bad for that. I am not having time to spend for decorating house for my Angels’ birthday. Someone from the outside had to do this work for us. I am still not able to digest that dear. Till the last minute, I was thinking whether to call them or not. But, I called them because I don’t want to take chances as I don’t know what time the meeting will get over and also I don’t know whether my manager will leave me on time. And so I called the vendor to decorate the hall.”

“Darling. You did what is in your hands. Don’t feel for that dear.”

“No Shami. What we are doing right now is not working. What is the point of earning when we can’t spare little time for our dear ones. I don’t feel like sticking around here anymore. Let us go back to Hyderabad Shami. I don’t feel like working under him anymore. I am still not able to digest the explanation he gave me when I asked him why he dint inform me earlier regarding the plans being dropped off.”

“What happened dear?”

“To be frank, I am still not worrying about transfer because I am ready to wait for few more months. But, the explanation he gave, I cannot take it in.When I asked him why he dint inform me earlier regarding that, he said that I may lose concentration on the deliverables. How can he think like that Shami? I am working under him from almost 2 years. Is this what he understood me? That line is making me mad. Today I totally lost interest in the work and so I left immediately without even monitoring anything.The employee looks for trust from his boss. Why can’t he understand that as a manager? He is 13 years experienced and can’t he understand that?”

“Dear. Calm down, my dear. Don’t keep thinking about that. Think about what can be done now. Think about the next step.”

“I have made my decision Shami. Let us go back to Hyderabad. I cannot work for him anymore. I would have felt happier if he directly stated to me that the transfer is not possible.Instead he is trying to make some stupid management concept. I don’t understand why these managers think that way. Whatever it may be, enough is enough Shamina. Let us go back. I will start looking for job at Hyderabad location and will take my resignation here.”

“OK darling.Just as you say.I have complete faith in you. I know that my dear would do what is right.”Replied Shamina smiling at Quadhar and hugging him.

(10:07AM – Next day morning)

Quadhar reached office; un-packed his bag and turned on his system.During that time, his inter-com started making sound. He immediately picked up the call and “Hello. Quadhar here.”

“Hi Quadhar. Good morning. Can you come to my cabin?”

“Good morning Thyagarajan. Yes. Sure.”

(10:13 AM)

Quadhar reached Thyagarajan’s cabin and “Yes Thyagarajan. You have called me.”

“Sit down Quadhar. I called you to talk regarding the Uthrani’s resignation mailer which I have receivedyesterday mid-night.”


Guess the story: Why did Uthrani resign?


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“I quiT” – Episode @3

“That moment finally arrived bringing a lot of happiness in you. That’s good. So, what are your next plans? How are you planning your next step?”

“I am resigning.” – Ishanth.

Some of them laughed when they heard that reply from Ishanth. Ishanth is a fun guy who plays well with comic lines every now and then. When he said that he is resigning, they thought that he just said those words to create a little fun at the conference.

When he heard that, Ishanth looked at everyone. He doesn’t understand why everyone is laughing. He is trying to speak out and continue his conversation. But then he is not getting a chance as everyone is laughing out continuously.

“Ha Ha Ha” Mr. Thyagarajan also laughed out loud for Ishanth’s words. “That’s funny Ishanth. Now let’s get to the point.”

“I know most of you will think that it’s funny. But, this is not funny, I am serious. I am resigning” said Ishanth with little louder voice.

All of a sudden the entire conference room turned silent. It was so silent that we could even hear the sound of the air coming out from the air conditioner blower. None of them spoke out; all the people who were connected to the conference bridge from various locations remained silent without uttering a word. They ran into shock when they heard those words from Ishanth.

Thyagarajan looked at all the locations live stream, everyone is so serene. All of them are waiting for either Thyagarajan or Ishanth to speak out. All of them are in confusion whether to take Ishanth’s words for granted or whether he is attempting to get some play in conference as usual.

To break the silence and to continue the conference, “Ishanth, what are you talking?” – Mr. M. Thyagarajan asked Ishanth.

“Thyagarajan I am serious. I am not making fun here” replied Ishanth doing something with his cell phone.

“Ishanth enough, I think you should stop it here” one of Ishanth’s team mates said to Ishanth with a low voice.

“Thyagarajan, can you please check your Inbox, you would have received a mail from the app by this time.”

The moment he heard those words from Ishanth, Mr. Thyagarajan unlocked his laptop and refreshed his Inbox. As this is happening, the team set about discussing within themselves.

“All the teams, can I have your attention?” said Mr. Thyagarajan seeking the attention of the team members. “He is not joking. He submitted his resignation to the department. I received mail from the Human Resources portal.”

The entire conference became silent. They understood that Ishanth is not joking and it is true that he submitted his resignation when he heard that he got promoted. A question arose in everyone why he did he do like that. Ishanth is a talented and dynamic personality who completes his tasks in no time. They all ran into shock when it was confirmed that Ishanth resigned. They never anticipated that he will present his resignation on a day like this that too the very next moment upon hearing the news that he got kicked upstairs.

“Ishanth. What happened? Why did you acquire such a decision?” – Thyagarajan.

“Thyagarajan. I will explain. I will explain in detail” saying these words looking at Thyagarajan on the screen, Ishanth stood up from his chair to catch every ones attention.

Some of them, who are still in their internal discussions, dint notice this. Noticing this, “Can I have all of your attention please?” said Ishanth with so much command in his voice.

Conference rooms again turned silent. Everyone started looking at Ishanth. All of them are so eager to know what he will speak. They want to understand the reason behind his resignation.

“Good evening everyone. I know that you all want to know the reason behind my resignation. Before I share with you the reason, I want to know the answers to some of my questions. I will be taking some of you these questions.”

With these lines from Ishanth, everyone stared at him with anxiety. People who got promoted forgot their happiness, people who didn’t promoted forgot their sorrow and who didn’t get the results yet, forgot their curiosity. Everyone’s attention is on Ishanth.

“Can somebody tell me when was the last time all our teams across locations had a video conference like this?”

“Two months back” one of the team mate replied.

“All right. Can you tell me what the team count was that time?” – Ishanth.

It took few seconds for people in the room to think and respond. And in the meantime, Mr Thyagarajan replied “47 people across all locations.”

“What is the team count now?”


“Okay. What happened to that 47th person?”

“She resigned.”

“All right. Do any of you remember how many people moved out from our team in the last 8 months?” – Ishanth.

“3 people.”

“Does anyone in this room know why did they resign?”

None of them uttered a word out when Ishanth asked that question. But, Thyagarajan replied.

“Ishanth. Why are you living in the past? Everyone had their own reason. One got a job in Govt. sector, one wants transfer to another location, and so on. I don’t think we should talk about this right now.”

“We have to discuss Thyagarajan. We have to discuss it. And we have to do it right now, in this conference room” replied Ishanth with loud voice adding a little bit of control in it. “I want each of you to know why they gave up. What reasons or factors forced them to abandon the company?”

“We don’t have time to learn from their stories Ishanth” replied Thyagarajan trying to drop the conversation.

“Mr. Thyagarajan, please sit down. Don’t break this now.”


Guess the story: Guess the reasons behind?


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“I quiT” – Episode @2

(One hour later­- 10:00 AM)

“Ping…”  – Office Internal Communicator.

Ishanth heard a sound and when he looked at the monitor, he saw a group ping from his manager.

“Hi Team. Good Morning.”

Everyone else in the team responded to it wishing the manager back. Ishanth is just staring at it without even wishing the manager back. He is waiting to understand the context of this group conversation. He is well aware that most of the group conversations initiated by his manager leaves no important message to the team. Only this time it is something important. Something not only the team but also every employee of the organization is waiting to hear.

“Team, the most awaited day is here and the much awaited list is now reached my Inbox few seconds back. We all shall quickly get connected through video conference in next 15 minutes. I will be sending you the meeting invite right away.” Ishanth’s manager pinged the team in the group conversation.

(10:15 AM)

Ishanth along with fellow teammates reached the video conference room and got seated. Video conference just got started and all other team mates across various locations got connected. Everyone is so eager to hear the results and are waiting for their manager to speak.

(10:18 AM)

Mr. Thyagarajan M, Senior Manager – Projects is basically from Pune and so manages all the projects and operations from Pune location. He travels to other locations every now and then to meet his teams. At around 10:18 AM, he stepped into the meeting room and got connected to the conference by dialling the bridge code.

At IT offices, every conference room is generally equipped with two large display televisions, a high resolution camera and a microphone. Out of the two large screen televisions, one projects the other locations live stream and the other one projects any presentations or videos used for the conference. After wishing all his teammates, he started prepping for the conference by connecting his IBM laptop to the presentation projection adaptor available there.

He barely glanced at the display which is projecting the live stream of other locations. The first thing Mr. Thyagarajan noticed is the eagerness of each of their faces and also their eyes which are filled with anxiety. Even though he knew that everyone is waiting to hear the promotion results, he planned to take up the conference with updates on one of the critical project the team is working on for last 18 months.

“Hi Team, I know you all are so eagerly waiting to hear the results. I could mark that on your faces. Even I am so eager to speak out the results. I received the mail some 30 mins back. But, in this meantime, I also had another important mailer. I own both the mailers opened on my screen. One mailer is regarding the promotion list and the other one is about a critical update on the major project which you all were working from last 1 year. Tell me which one you want me to talk about.?”

Even though Mr. Thyagarajan knew that the team wants to know about the promotion list first, he tried to add a little bit of tension to them by starting the conference talking about the updates on the project. The moment he read those words, most of the team members who were connected from various locations shouted that they want to hear about the promotions list first. Their voices clubbed all together created a little piece of noisy environments. With that, he very well understood that all of them wants him to talk about promotions first and project later.

“Ok. Ok. I get it now. I will go with the promotion mailer first. I will be reading out the names one by one from the list” said Mr. Thyagarajan opening the promotion mailer that he had received from HR(Human Resources) team. He paused the projection to make sure that the team will not sneak peak into the list before he speak out the names.

“So, team. Here we go with the people who made it through this time. M. Harsha from Koltaka location got promoted to Senior Architect. Congratulations Mr. Harsha.”

“Thank you so much I thank all my team mates who supported me and especially my lead who is a continuous support for me right from the start of this project” said Harsha who is connected to video conference from Kolkata location.

“Next we have Rupali from Hyderabad. She got promoted to Business Analyst from JBA. Congratulations Rupali.” – said Mr. Thyagarajan wishing her through the conference bridge.

The same process repeated for each of the names he read out from the list. Every time he read out a name, the one who got promoted started speaking about their experiences thanking each of them who helped them all the way to make this happen. As this is happening, it added more tension to Ishanth. But, as like every time he made sure that it dint appear on his face. He knows very well how to hide his emotions or feelings inside and no one could ever make out from his face what he is feeling inside.

Mr. Thyagarajn started asking each of them what would be their next step and how are they planning to achieve it. And every one answered it in their own way.

(11:03 AM)

At around 11:00 AM, it was Ishanths turn. Mr. Thyagarajan spoke out his name and everyone shouted out loud making more noise. Not only Ishanth, everyone else in the team is so eager to hear his name. All of them are pretty sure that he will come through this time. The moment he heard his name, Ishtanth felt relaxed immediately and gave a smile.

“So, Ishanth. How are you feeling?” – Mr. Thyagarajan.

“First of all thank you Thyaragajan. And yes, it obviously feels safe when you are promoted no doubt in that. The same way I am feeling happy. I was actually waiting for this moment since last 3 months.”

“That moment finally arrived bringing a lot of happiness in you. That’s pretty good. So what are your plans next? How are you planning your next step?”

“I am resigning.” – Ishanth.


Guess the story: Why did Ishanth say that he is resigning?


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