“Silent LOVE…” – $19

At exactly 12:00, I made a call to her mobile and as usual, it is busy. Then I sent her a message to call me back. She called me back at around 12.27. As soon as I attended her call, I dint even speak to her. I just started playing her the happy birthday tune. She felt so happy by the way I wished and thanked me a lot.

 Behind every single thanks she is telling me, I was able to feel her happiness and also the smile that came along with it. I don’t know whether she will remember this moments even till her next birthday or not. But, every moment is a memory to me that will be with me forever.

 (Next day)

 I woke up in the morning, got ready and reached office. I don’t know why, I was so happy that day. It seemed so new and so happy. My surrounding, atmosphere everything seemed bright and beautiful. Every day, I usually have breakfast and then will be walking to my station. But then that day I was so excited to see her. I was imagining how beautiful she will be looking and also how much more beauty her smile would add to her.

 Without even seeing her, I was getting some lines in my mind about her. I dint even turn on the system. My eyes were completely eager to look at her. Her usual time is crossed and she is not yet in the office. As the time is passing by, I started getting worried she will be coming or not. May be she has some birthday plans outside. I immediately took my mobile and messaged her where is she.

After 20 mins, I got reply from her saying that she will be coming a bit late to office. I dint ask where she is and all. But, out of curiosity, I asked her what color dress she bought.

“Hey Vennela. May I know the color of your new dress?”

“New dress?”

“Hmm. Your birthday dress Vennela.”

“I dint purchase new one. I am not much interested in this birthday celebrations Prudhvi.”

“So, you are now coming in regular dress?”


As soon as I got this reply from her, I got up from the desk and ran to Sam’s desk.

“Sam. Good morning.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Good morning man. Looking so bright what’s so special?”

“Hey Sam. You got bike right?”


“I need it for 10 mins. Please.”

“Ya. Take it Prudhvi.”

“Thanks Sam. Where is it parked?”

I just remembered what he said and left from there.

“Prudhvi. What’s the matter man? Why are you in so hurry?”

“I will just explain you once I am back.”

“Okay. Ride safe.”

“Ya sure.”

(After 30 mins)


I reached back to office and was walking towards my desk. I received a message from Vennela.

“Hey Prudhvi. Where are you? I reached office. You are not at your desk.”

“I just went out for a break Vennela. I am walking back.”

I went to Sam’s desk, handed over the keys to him and was walking back to my desk.

“Hey Hey Hey Prudhvi. Wait.”

I stopped and turned back towards him.

“Yes Sam.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Why did you change your dress?”

“There was some mark on that, I dint see while I was wearing it and so went and changed now.”

“But then that seemed like a new dress.”

“No, not new. It is old dress only.”


After settling at my desk, I just turned around at looked at every one to make sure that no one has noticed the change in my outfits. Few minutes later, I went to Vennela’s station and wished her Happy Birthday.

I just wished her very simple. No much of poetic lines, no much of special spices. Just a plain happy birthday. I never thought this day will be this way. All my imaginations and dreams which I had filled with rainbow of colors seemed so simple in reality. Just to get all these things of my mind, I pulled out my task sheet. Even though I was trying so hard to take things of my mind and concentrate on my work, I was not able to do that. My eyes were not at my monitor and my mind is not on the task list. The reason is that, I imagined a whole new Vennela in a bright new dress with full of smiles on her face and lot of people gathering around her, wishing her. But then the situation right in front of my eyes is completely different. It is more than the usual regular day.

I was thinking about the same thing right from the morning. I was actually waiting for a perfect moment to gift her. I don’t know why, but the way she dressed and the way things are running before my eyes, and especially the reason she said that she doesn’t like celebrating birthdays much, I just lost the interest of doing what I have planned. I decided to keep the gift with me until I get a perfect moment.

While I was thinking about the amount I have spent, I was just questioning myself whether I have done the right thing or not. She doesn’t like birthday celebrations. That means, she either doesn’t want to spend the money for the celebrations or, there may be some other strong reason. Now, I don’t think she will accept the gift whole heartedly even if I decide to gift her.

The whole concept was running in my mind till the evening. Then, all of a sudden I just got an idea to gift her something really special on her birthday without actually gifting her. This way, I guess I will be happy on both the ways. As soon as I got that thought in my mind, I just pulled over the check book which is in my draw and prepared a leaf for 1000 Rs as a donation to an NGO under her name on behalf of her birthday. I don’t know how she will accept this if I tell her and so I decided to just keep this to myself.

That day night, after I returned home, I took out the gift from the bag and kept it in my rack. I was just thinking when I will be giving it to her. I just can’t give it to her on a normal day and so waiting for some special occasion to gift her.



“Good night. I failed to be the first person to wish you, at least, let me be the last person. Wishing you a very very Happy birthday once again. Keep smiling Vennela.”

I immediately got reply from her.

“Thank you Prudhvi.”

“Hey, you dint sleep yet?”

“Just now had dinner and getting ready to sleep.”

“Hmmm. Okay. So, how did the day go on?”

“Nothing much special Prudhvi. Yesterday night my brother came from Mumbai and today morning we went to temple and so I came late to office. That’s it”

“Hmmm. Okay. Fine.”

After some time, I sent her one more message which sounded stupid to her.

“You believe in GOD?”

“What’s that question Prudhvi?”

“Nothing. I am just asking.”

“Hmm ya.”

“How often you go to temple?”

“Not very often. But, whenever some occasion comes, then I will go.”

All these months, we were talking in office, conversing in messages. We never met outside. And I never asked her that we will meet somewhere outside as I never had that kind of thought in my mind. But, that day, I don’t know why I got such a thought in my mind even though I don’t believe in god, I asked her that I want to join with her to temple next time. And, to my luck, she immediately agreed to that. I cannot tell her that I don’t believe in god because she will ask the second question then why am I coming to temple. And for that question, I don’t have an answer and also if at all I do have, the answer is that I am coming for her. Just for her.

At that moment I decided to gift her when we both go to temple. But then the next big thing is that I just can ask her that we shall go to temple immediately. I just have to wait for a right time and a right situation. And that situation came exactly 6 weeks later.

@ “Your eyes arrested me, your silence relaxed me… And your smile attracted me.” – Mr. Venky Bond


“Silent LOVE…” – $16

While returning on the second day, it was raining heavily and still we managed to travel back from the training center. We used various means of transport for those 20 Kms. But then ultimately we reached back safe. I dropped her at her room and then started walking from there.


“Ya Vennela.”

“Thank you.”

“For what Vennela?”

“You really made me smile a lot these two days.”

“Actually, I am selfish Vennela.”


“Yes Vennela. I made you smile because I like your smile and to look at you smiling, I did all that.”

I did not know whether I conveyed her perfectly or not but I liked the way she smiled at me when I said that.

Our relation started getting better and better each time we had conversation but then the no of times we interact or converse are very less. I never dare to ask her that I wanna talk her. I just wait for the time to come and when it comes try to make the best of it.

(Two days later)

I just had lunch and returned to the desk. Vennela was sitting at her station and was working very seriously.

“Hey, you dint go for lunch yet?”

“No Prudhvi. Lots of work pending.”

“So you are sacrificing lunch today?”

“Not like that. I will go after few minutes.”

“It’s already 02:30 Vennela. When will you go?”

“I just need to finish this and send mail to the Analytics team.”

“Vennela. The world is not going to end if you send it after 30 mins. Just go for lunch, come back and then you can continue your work.”

“Hmm. I will. I will”

As I was talking to her, I am receiving call from Nandini.

“Go for Lunch first Vennela. Go.” – I just said those lines to her and attended Nandini’s call.

“Hello Nandini.”


“Yes Nandini. Tell me.”

“Where are you?”

“Just now had lunch and came back to station.”

“Okay. I have to speak regarding Shreya.”

“Ya tell me Nandini.”

“It is becoming a real mess up at her house regarding Preetham.”

“What happened Nandini?”

“Her father came to know that she went to Preetham home town.”

“What is he saying?”

“He dint talk to her yet. But then she is worried that he will arrange for some marriage very soon.”

“Hmm. I knew this would definitely happen.”

“I told her during the academy days itself to make this out clear and talk to her dad.”

“Even I told her the same thing many times. She never listened. And she is not even caring any of us. She is completely into him.”

“Don’t worry Nandini. I will talk to her.”

“Yes that’s why I called you. She is coming to your office for the next two days. So, you can meet her there.”

“Really? When?”

“This Thursday and Friday she will be there.”

“Okay sure Nandini. Will talk to her and will let you know.”

(The next day)

The first thing I did the next day is to call to Shreya. I tried calling her three times but then she dint answer the call. And then I have texted her.

“Shreya. Call me back.”

She called me back at around 6 in the evening and then I dint pick it up.

“Hi Prudhvi. I came to your location today. Sorry couldn’t meet you up. Tomorrow evening definitely we will catch up.”

I replied to her message.

“Tomorrow we should meet for sure Shreya. I have to talk to you.”

(Next day)

The next day, the only thing that was running in my mind is that I have to meet Shreya and talk to her. As it is Friday, I was working seriously on a N2N backup which is my regular task every Friday. It is creating issues as two of the 8 nodes are not responding to the requests. It usually used to get completed by 05:00 PM. But then today it took almost one hour extra and still it is not completed. As I was working with the issue, Shreya started calling me.

“Hey Shreya. Go to the top floor and wait in the open cafeteria. I will come there in few minutes.”


While I was walking to meet Shreya, I saw Vennela sitting and working very seriously. I couldn’t talk to her anything as Shreya is waiting for me there.

“Hey Shreya. How are you?”

“Hey Prudhvi. I am fine. How about you?”

“I am super as always. So, how is life going? No calls, no messages. Busy busy?”

“Nothing like that Prudhvi. Just work that’s it.”

“Okay. So, what else?”

“You have to speak out Prudhvi. You said you have to talk to me something?”


“What’s that Prudhvi?”

“How is dad?”

“Ya he is fine.”

“I heard that something is going on.”

“What Prudhvi?”

“Shreya. Let me come straight to the point.”

“Did you talk to your dad regarding Preetham?”

She is not responding to my questions and just remaining silent.

“Shreya. Talk to me. I called you to talk regarding this.”

“No. We dint speak on that.”

“What are you planning?”

“Preetham is waiting for his onsite opportunity. Once it is confirmed we planned to talk this in our home.”

“What if your dad looks out matches before that?”

“I will not accept.”

“Then you have to let him know now itself so that he will not run into that and will start thinking on this.”

“He won’t accept this Prudhvi.”

“Why do you think so?”

“How do you think he will accept this Prudhvi?”

“Do you know that he won’t accept?”

“Yes I know.”

“You should first of all talk to him and then come a conclusion Shreya. Just like that you cannot decide for yourself.”

“So you mean I don’t have right to decide things in my life?”

“No I am not saying that way. But then you have to talk to him and then make your plans.”

Discussion between me and Shreya went on for almost 1 hour. Finally I made her understand that she should first talk to her father before deciding something. She nodded her head but then I am not sure how she is going to actually behave. I dint go too far as I am afraid what kind of decisions she may take and what if she may say that who am I to involve in her decisions. I just told her what I felt as a friend. And as the time is almost 08:45, I asked her to leave as the last cab to her location is at 09:00 PM.

I went with her till the cab and when the cab left, I returned back to my station. I directly came to my station without even looking at Vennela’s desk as I was sure that she may leave by that time.

After reaching the station, I saw the status of N2N backup. It got completed successfully. I then immediately shared the reports to my team lead and had shut down the system.

I took the bag and was about to start. I saw Vennela still sitting at her desk and working. And none of their team members were there.

“Hey Vennela. Still working? Its 09:10.”

“Ya Prudhvi. Closing some issues.”

“When will you start?”

“In just 15 mins I will start.”

“None of your team members are also there. Is that okay? How will you go back?”

“I will go back Prudhvi. Don’t worry. You just start.”

I thought of asking that I want to stay back so that we both will start. But then she will definitely not agree because she doesn’t like if I do things like this for her.

“Hey Prudhvi. Why did you stay back late?”

“I met one of my academy friends and so it became late.”


I said okay and then waved my hands at her. I walked till the Stilt floor but then something is dragging me back. I was not at all able to move from there leaving her all alone.

(10:17 PM)

I was waiting for her outside. When I saw her walking out of the building, I went near to her.

“Hi Vennela.”

“Hey Prudhvi. One hour back you have started. What are you doing here?”

“Shall I tell the truth?”


“If I say I will stay, you won’t allow me. And I cannot leave you alone and go in this late night.”

“Hmmm. Really you are…”

“Ya. I am?”


“Hey Vennela. How are you planning to go now?”

“We will catch up some auto.”

“All auto’s also went back home Vennela. They are not workaholic like you.”

She dint smile for the joke which I tried to crack because she is already much tired.

“Hey Vennela. Shall we walk?”

“What? 3 Km’s? No way.”

“I am not forcing you. I am just asking you as we don’t have any chance now.”

She started thinking and after 2 mins she put her step forward.

Seeing that, I shouted out loud.


“What happened?”

“Nothing Vennela. For the first time I am walking with you. Daily I go by walk in this route enjoying the greenery. And today you joined in my walk and so felt very much happy”

I thought I will speak so much to her. But then as usual words dint flow out. I just spoke very little. But I was enjoying walking with her. After reaching out, I dropped her till her room and returned to hostel.

While I was walking to hostel, I got some lines in that happiness and shared them with her through message.

@ “The route that used to be dark every day, seemed so bright. The breeze that used to be hot seemed so cold. The walk I used to get tired made me feel wonderful. The moon that was dull is shining bright. Every step I walked, asked me for another. Every minute I spent, asked me for another. When I looked around for the reason for all these, all I saw is your SMILE.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $15

I just smiled when she said those lines. We had conversation for almost 2 hours as we are meeting almost after a year. And, as usual I dropped her till her room and returned back to my hostel at around 11:30 in night.

As it was raining heavily, I kept my mobile inside my backpack and didn’t take it out till I reached hostel. After reaching hostel, I just took it out and saw calls that I missed from Nandini. And there were also some messages.

“Prudhvi. Hope you reached back safe. Message me once you are there.” – Nandini

I just pressed the CALL option and connected to her.


“Hey Prudhvi. Did you reach back safely?”

“Yes Nandini. Just now I reached.”

“Okay. Good. Talk to you later Prudhvi. Had good time speaking with you.”

“Me too Nandini. Stay in touch. Good night.”

“Good night Prudhvi.”

(Next day)

I just got up at my usual time, got ready and started to office. While I was walking to my station, as usual my eyes turned towards Vennela’s station. It was empty as she is on leave today. The moment it got recorded in my mind, I decided not to think about that and just go on with my tasks. I was actually eagerly waiting for the end of the day just to see will there be any difference when compared to other days.

(End of the day)

At the end of the day, I just began to re-wind myself on how the day went on. And the only difference I could feel is that the number of times my eyes looked at her station got reduced little bit and apart from that, I could feel no other difference.

Whenever she returns from home, she starts at 3 in the early morning catching the intercity express. It’s been 24 hours almost that we dint converse. I woke up at around 4.30 and messaged her.

“Good morning Vennela. Started back?”

I had to wait for about 40 mins for her reply. Finally I just received two characters from her.


For few seconds, I dint understand what to reply her. Whenever we wish someone, we wish whole heartedly and according to me that can be expressed by the way we wish. I don’t know why some people use corporate short cuts in personal life conversations which actually convey a wrong message. Whenever she replies short cuts, it hurts me a little bit but then will never convey this to her as accepting everything is the basic rule of a true relation.

“Got into train?”

“Ya. Woke up early?”

I was very excited to tell her that I woke up to wish her. But then backed off. I don’t know why but I never express anything to her openly and also I never tell her anything whatever I feel on her.

“Just like that Vennela.”

I was waiting for her reply and then slowly ran into sleep. When I woke up at 7 in the morning, I was actually expecting a reply from her. But then she did not reply anything. She does this quite sometimes. She suddenly stops replying sometimes between the conversations. And I never ask her why she is doing like that. I used to wait for hours for her reply but then never used to ask her the reason. This is because I feel like the moment I ask her for explanations, I am afraid how she is going to take that and react to that. No matter how much time I have to wait and no matter how much pain I have to take, I just used to take it and keep it inside me without questioning anything on why she is doing that way.

Relations are more beautiful and meaningful when we know how to maintain them. The more we start expecting from other or the more we start questioning others, the more we start damaging the relation. We have to trust other and give freedom to others in such a way that even though they decide to leave, we have to accept it and allow them to leave. Because, we cannot maintain a relation in force. It is a feel that others should have in them and when they think they don’t have that in them and wanted to leave, we have to let them move away instead of holding them back. I know it’s too hard in most of the cases, but then that’s the ultimate way of caring others. Our love or care should not be a burden to them and should not be like we are forcing them.

I never used to force her for anything or ask her any question as I was afraid how she is going to take. I like her a lot and I want her relation. And for that I am ready to take any amount of pain.


“Hey Vennela. You too registered for the AIS training?”

I sent her a message when I saw the list of employees who registered for the training that is scheduled for the next two days at the other office which is 30 kms away from here.

“Yes Prudhvi. How did you know?”

“Even I registered. I got a mail from them on the timings and venue details. And in that list of people, even your name was also there.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

That was the first time I asked her something.

“Vennela. Can I ask you one thing?”

“Yes Prudhvi.”

“Can I join with you tomorrow morning?”

“To the training venue?”


“Sure Prudhvi. You can.”

“Wow. Thank you so much Vennela.”

“Hachcho. What’s there to thank in this.”

“I don’t know Vennela. I just felt happy and so said thanks to you.”


“Okay. What time you will start in the morning?”

“07:00 AM”

“Okay. Message me once you got up.”

“Okay Prudhvi. Sure.”

That was the first chance I got to travel with her and spend some time with her. I was preparing a lot what to talk, how to talk and such things. I thought of telling everything that I feel on her and make her understand how important she is to me.

(Next day morning)

We both met each other at bus bay and got into bus. I sat next to her. When we got settled, I slowly started conversing with her.

“Vennela. I don’t know why but then whenever I see you, I forget everything that I plan to speak with you.”

She dint reply anything to that and just smiled at me. I cracked little jokes, made some fun and made her laugh during the entire journey.

While she was smiling for my lines, I was looking at her without even closing my eye lids.

“Hey. What are you looking at?”

“Your smile Vennela. That’s where everything started.”


“I mean. Your smile is what I like most in you.”


Even though it took 70 mins to reach destination, I dint feel the time at all. During the entire journey, she is continuously smiling.

@ “In Life, some moments make us Smile, some moments make us cry, some moments make us think. But, only very few moments leave us blank without words.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $10

Vennela… the name of the smile.

As soon as I saw her, my foot started dragging me towards her, my eyes started looking at her and my heart started thinking about her. But, what to do, I am still in office and so my hands are still working on the keyboard.

Looking at the way I was working to trace her details, I actually thought that I will go and talk to her immediately when I see her. But the situation is completely different. I was forcedly stepping my foot back as I am not clear what to talk and how to talk. I myself am not clear why is that I want to talk to her and what is the reason I got attracted to her. I don’t know how she will take it if I go and say like “I like your smile. Can I make friendship with you?” all this will be so childish and not convincing. I have to wait for some more time to see how things will go for next few days and then come to a point on why I want to talk to her and what I will be talking to her.

Happiest moment is that I saw her. I slowly walked to one of my team mate station and started enquiring about her.

“Sam. Good Morning.”

“Good morning Prudhvi. What’s up?”

“How are you? How is the work going?”

“Yeah going on fine. Trying to learn DNS server set up for the new server we have purchased.”

“Okay. good. Hey Sam. I wanted to ask you one thing.”

“Ya. Tell.”

“One of my friends is trying to relocate to this office. I saw the station IVS456 being idle and so I planned to tell him that it is free and he can contact Asset team.”

“Which one?”

“Right there, that corner seat.”

“No Prudhvi. It’s not free. There is a girl who sits there.”

“Girl? I have never observed anyone.”

“There is a girl named Vennela. That station belongs to her. She was on leave from last 2 days and so the station was idle.”

“Okay. okay. But then how come I dint observe all these days?”

“You just come on time and go on time and always busy playing with your station. How come you will know all these? And also I am very much sure you don’t even know all the names of the people who are working in our team.”

“Hey, nothing like that Sam. This is not college or school right. Everyone is busy with their own works and tasks and so we don’t get time to talk to each other. That’s it.”

“Hmm… You have answers ready for every question.”

I just smiled at him and came back to my desk. After coming back to my desk, I started thinking about the two points he said to me.

One is that I don’t talk to people much and the second thing is that I have answers for every question. For the first one, it’s not true completely because, I have lot of friends who get in touch with each other frequently. The reasons behind what Sam specified are that I don’t talk to people right from the first day and also I don’t make many friends at office. I don’t know whether it’s the case with all others at office. But, as far as what I have seen, they talk to very less people at work and also they are not as friendly as they are with their school or college people. This may not be true in all the cases. But, this is what I have analyzed in the last few months.

Right now, I don’t have time to think about the second point he said as something more important is in front of my eyes injecting various thoughts in my mind.

That whole day, my eyes spent most of their time looking at her and my mind spent it’s time thinking about her. This continued the whole day. Daily I used to leave by around 06:00 PM. But then today I was still sitting at my station looking at her. One hour passed and still she is sitting and working. One moment I thought of going and asking her when she will be leaving. But, didn’t dare to do it. I left one hour late that day.

The new task that was added to my daily list is to look at her, see her smiles and feel happy looking at her smiles. The thought of going to her and talking to her came into my mind many times. But each time, I was stepping back. I don’t know whether I am afraid or feeling shy.

The enthusiasm I showed in tracing her details and finding her just stopped when I saw her. But, from the moment I saw her, I dint even dare to go, meet and talk to her. I was only looking at her and feeling her smiles. I thought that the happiness of seeing her in the office will disturb me much more. But that was not the case. It went only with looks and thoughts now and then. Then I realized that, people are more excited and are anxiety during the journey to reach the destination. And once they get what they worked for, they just take it very normal.

The same thing continued for almost 4 months and I began to feel like I got answer to the question which I have asked myself. The answer is that I liked her smile and wanted to see it one more time and so traced her details and there is nothing more in my mind or in my heart.

This was proved wrong when I couldn’t see her in office for 5 continuous days. I was missing her smiles very badly each single day and each single second. The first day when she dint come to office at her regular time, I thought she may come late and waited all day long. And the same thing repeated 2nd and 3rd day. But, 4th and 5th days were little different. I started worrying about what might have happened.

“She resigned? No. Details still show active status.”

“Did she get transferred? No. Station details are still same.”

Hundreds of questions started disturbing me again. This time, they just dint only disturb me, they also pushed me further. They gave me a little strength to pull out my mobile and message her. During these 4 months, I have gathered her home town, college and mobile information.

“Missing your smiles from 5 days.”

“Message delivered.” – Network.

It was raining so heavy that day and I am looking at those drops of rain, thinking about her and waiting for her reply.

@ “While I was walking in the Lane, I heard the words of the Rain. Every drop of it, Has a wish hidden in it. Not to be a Pearl in the shell, but to stay with you for a while.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $9

I cannot do anything now because the B2B backup process is running and it says it will take 69 more mins to complete it, which means approximately 05:30PM. So, I will have just 30 more mins to access that employee profile service.

The only thing that I am concentrating throughout the meeting is TIME.

As soon as the meeting is over, I ran to my desk and waited for the process to be done. Once it is done, I started my work of searching each name and finding out the employee id of each name and then knowing their profile information.

The same thing I repeated for each match that was returned for each name from the list that I am having with me.

I started filtering out based on the age and also project details. Time is running out and I have 5 more names to do the search. I just have 16 more mins with me. I don’t know how I can finish this off. If I am not able to do then again I can do it only on Monday once I am back to office.

(5 more mins)

The last five minutes for me to complete my tracing for today. Till now I was able to find only 2 matching profiles. Increased my search speed as much as I can to finish this off. I just have one 1 last name to search. I keyed in the name and it luckily resulted in just 3 results. I have noted down those three ids and started searching one by one in the service. Out of all the employee id’s which I have searched till now none of them is matching her. Now I pray that this should show her pic and information.

I keyed in the last id and just 25 seconds more left for the service to go down. Even though we deliver high-end systems to clients, all internal services will be slow and low-end. I never understand the reason behind this. Just 10 more seconds left and it slowly started downloading the picture.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I shouted out as loud as I can as I am sure that everybody would have left by this time as today is Friday. My three days of waiting and tracing finally succeeded. I now have her employee id.

I immediately clicked on the project info tab to see her project details and the station (we call systems as station) location and any other further info.

As soon as I clicked on that tab, it displayed the following message.

“Server Down. Maintenance in Progress.” – is displayed there.

Anyway, I got her employee ID and her name. Rest of the information I can pull it on Monday.

As soon as I have got what I was searching for, I left my station and reached room.

When I am thinking about all the trace that I ran to get her details, I dint get an answer for the question that I have asked to myself.

“Why did I work this mad to get her details?”

I am just trying to make an answer for that question to justify myself.

“Is it LOVE at first sight?”

No way. I don’t believe in that. So, what’s next?

“I have fallen for her beauty?”

I don’t think so as all I have seen is her smile and just smile.

“Is it because I have got a poem automatically as soon as I saw her?”

Hmm.. Well. May be.

“All I remember is that, she smiled, I spelled a poem. That’s it.”

So, it may be like. I was attracted to her smile. Yes. That’s true. I was attracted to her smile and it drove me so crazy that I spent 2 complete days working out tracing her details.

Weekend went on with regular works and little time went on thinking about her and her smile.

After 2 days of deep thinking, I just told myself like.

“Why am I trying to find answer? Is it like definitely there should be some reason behind all this? Will there be a definite reason behind every relation? I actually don’t think so. But then the one thing I am excited about is like what will I do after getting her details or what will I do if I really meet her.”

(2 days later… Monday)

Even though I was thinking about her during the weekend, I dint have that in my mind while coming to office. I walked through the main gate and was walking straight to my building. Reached my desk and pulled out my task sheet to make a plan for the day.

There is a thought running in my mind to open the employee profile service and check out for her details, I strongly decided myself to not to fall into that until I finish the tasks that are assigned to me for the day.

(After an hour)

I am completely involved in my work and was trying to close each item. My hands are trying to open browser and go for the link to see her details. But still I am holding them to get back to work. I stepped in the office to not to think about that until I finish all my tasks. But then something is trying to pull me out. Everything that is happening in my surrounding is leaving me with a new kind of feel that I have never experienced before. When I felt like I was flying away, I just got up from my station and had a casual look around.

“What? Is this true?” – I said to myself rubbing my eyes and shaking my head. I started starring at it and completely forgot that I am at office. I am just not able to believe this. Like a fool, I started touching and feeling things to make sure this is not a dream. And the worst part is, I have to do this without running into the notice of others.

It’s the smile that drove me crazy. It’s the smile that made me a poet. It’s the smile that made me do things that I am not supposed to do inside. It’s the smile that put me through a tough time of self-questioning. It’s the smile that is sweet, simple and what not. It’s everything according to me. The smile for which I was searching from last 5 days is right in front of me. I have been trying to swim the oceans depth to reach it and now finally it’s here driving me more crazy.

I have never expected that I will see her again in such a short time. Wow. I feel. I feel. I mean I am not even able to explain in words how I feel.

Just to make sure that she is not here on a deputation, I immediately opened the Employee Profile and keyed in her id to get her details. Everything I see is increasing my happiness. She belongs to this bay and her work station is at a corner which is right across to me.

But, the one thing that is confusing me is, how did I miss to see her all these days? The new question that started confusing me right now is. This particular change is going to answer my questions or is it going to add some more? Whatever it is, the smile I was searching for is now near.

No, wait. Wait. Is this for good or is it going to turn things out to a different route. All I have to do or all I can do is to just wait and see how things will go further.

Vennela… the name of the smile.

@ “The only thing in this world which has nothing to do with reasons, is relation” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $4


Prudhvi, who just completed his graduation, got an offer letter from a top MNC as a Research Engineer in the R&D department. He travelled to Pune to join there. He finished the joining formalities there and their training was also started. Training went on with various sessions from the Industry experts and other top leaders of the company. He was injected into the R&D department on the process improvement module. After few weeks, he gets himself involved in other activities like organizing events. And related to that he becomes part of Meet & Greet organizing team. On the day of event, he was forced to do some act on the stage. When he gets onto the stage, his eyes will be attracted by a smile and he speaks out a poem unknowingly. And when he hears people clapping for that, he runs down the stage and starts searching for the girl.


(Meet & Greet day)

I searched the entire resort, every nook and corner for the beautiful smile that attracted me, that controlled me for few minutes. While I was searching, I was receiving calls from the other organizing team members to know where I am as we need to pack up things and need to leave in the next few minutes. When I figured out that I couldn’t find her, I returned back and helped the team in packing up all the things and loading them on to the bus. Everyone boarded their respective route buses and we are all set to leave the place in just few seconds. But my eyes are still looking around trying to find someone. As we are about to leave, I felt like something attracted me and turned slowly towards my left. All of a sudden, my eyes turned bigger and my lips turned wider. They pointed out to what I was searching for. It is that beautiful smile that made me poet on the stage.

I felt like shouting out loud to stop the bus to get down and meet her. But then this is not college and people expect us to behave professional even though when everybody knows that professionalism is what you cover up to show that you are a professional. The only thing I could do at this time is to just note down the bus route number and I did that. On my way back, there are only two things happening to me. My eyes are still seeing that smile and my mind is thinking about that. I am lucky because the next day is not a holiday or a weekend. Usually all these kinds of outings will be arranged before a holiday or before a weekend so that the next day people can rest. Luckily today is a Wednesday and so I can enquire about her the next day.

(The next day)

Every day, whenever I step into the office, I used to search for the mails to see what tasks have come in and then plan the day according to. But then today, I opened my mailbox to search for the bus route mails that the organizing team received last week. After a few minutes drill down, I finally found out the details of the route. Surprisingly, that route covered 8 stops which are near to three office locations. As I am new to this place, I am not much aware of all the roués and so I am little confused how I will be solving this puzzle.

I don’t know her employee ID, I don’t know her name and I don’t know which office or which project or which team. The only thing I know about her is her smile and as an additional clue, her bus route number which I cannot rely on because she might be staying in that route but may not be working in the location near to that route or she may got into that bus to travel along with her friends. There are tons of questions in my mind creating confusions. Whatever it may be I have to find her in some or the other way. I was thinking about what ways I have to trace her. While my mind is busy in it, my eyes looked at the event POC’s list that was pinned to my desk. 1. Breakfast, 2. Lunch, 3. Games…


I shouted out loud and everybody looked at me. I don’t know what to do now. I just took the program schedule and ran away from the desk. I straight away reached to the top floor open cafeteria which is my regular hangout place at office. What I found out in the list is very interesting.

-Photography- Ishank.

I immediately took my mobile and dialed his number

“Hello Ishank. How are you?”

“Who is this?”

“Hey this is Prudhvi. I was the cultural events POC for M&G day.”

“Hey poet, U… tell me. How are you dude?”

“Yeah I am fine. Where are you now?”

“I am at office.”

“Oh. Okay. I just wanted to ask when we can get the pics which you took on that day.”

“I have already handed them to admin team. It’s now in their hands.”

“Oh. Will they be sharing with us all the pics?”

“Nah Nah. I don’t think so. We had team pic session right. Only those pics they will be sharing I guess.”


“That team pics dude. We had a very tough time getting pics of each team by gathering them to the point. It was like hell those two hours. You were not there that time?”

“Oh Oh. I was not there. I was busy organizing games.”

“You are lucky dude. Hey. I will catch you later. Is that fine?”

“Sure Ishank. Thanks for this info.”

I was like flying high when he said that there are separate pics for each team. But… What if she also missed the team pic as like me?

Hmmm. Let’s hope for the best. No no. Let’s hope for the pic.

Now the bigger problem is to get access to all those pics form the admin team. They will anyway send a mailer to the entire teams with the share path details. But, I can’t wait till then. I have to find some way to get access to that share path.

(Mission Hacking)

I have done this many times in college days. But now it’s a big risk. Hacking a corporate admin server is seriously a big risk.

@”Ur smile is like the moon in the Sky, Ur Smile is like the pearl in the sea…”- Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $3

“Hello Suchi. Joining formalities are over and just now the introductory welcome speech was also over.”

“Okay Good. So, did you like the environment there?”

“This is just my first day Suchi. Let me see how things will go further.”

“Okay. Try learning adjustments here and there Prudhvi. Never forget that always everything will be in your control.”

“Suchi. You always tell the same thing and I am never listen. Then you do you keep telling?”

“Prudhvi. Telling you is my choice and listening to that or not is your option.”

“Okay Suchi. I will call you later.”

“Okay Prudhvi. Take care.”

“Suchi. I love you.”

“Love you Prudhvi.”

Suchi is like my best friend always. Whatever it is, I share with her. She always convinces me that life is to adjust here and there. Life is to take what you get instead of always striving for what you want. We have this discussion every now and then. She ends up telling some lines and I end it up by not listening to it.

Even though I am not a silent guy, I don’t immediately get into people and make friends with them. I need to study them, understand them and then start talking with them. But, the fact is everyone is not that way. People started talking to each other, started knowing about each other and even started making friends with each other. Slowly after few days, I started getting along with the people in my batch. As most of us are from different states and regions, I started knowing about their cultures, interests and customs.

Days are just going on and on. People from various units and levels are visiting the academy and taking sessions on various things and trying to make us stay updated with all the latest happenings around the world. At the academy, we are being forced to take exams every 5 days.

Finally, the day has come for us to start doing what we are here for. The beautiful, informative, fun filled academy days have come to an end. And it’s now time for us to move on to respective job roles. Every one received information on where to report and after we reached there, we were briefed on what is our role and responsibility.

(After 2 weeks)

Even though the academy was over, I am still feeling this as academy because, even here the only thing I was being asked to do it to learn, learn and learn. The task that is being given to me is to learn, know and explore each and every nook and corner. As this is going on like a hard rock, the day to celebrate has finally come. During college days, I never knew that there will be outings, parties and team lunch/dinner at IT companies. My only perspective is that at IT people will just sit right in front of systems and play with the keyboard.

Organizing committee of the Meet & Greet initiative has set up a meeting with all the new joiners of various projects.


Some lady from the group started her speech.

“Hope you are doing well in your respective roles. I have some very interesting news for all of you. At our company, we have this excellent initiative called ‘Meet & Greet’ which we will be organizing once in a year where you will be getting a chance to meet each and every employee across all the Pune office locations of all various departments. For some of you, there might be a question like what’s that interesting in this or what’s in it for you. Yes, I am coming to that now. At our organization, you have a chance to take up an additional role apart from your regular work. And now, we are here to invite nominees for organizing this Meet & Greet this year in Pune. I can see how excited you are about this. Once the session is done, you can swipe your id card at the Kiosk which has been set up just right outside this hall. ”

Out of all the 45 mins speech till now, this sounded a little bit interesting for me. In this busy IT life, now and then these kinds of gatherings help us to know each other. And for me the most interesting part was that we can take up additional roles like organizing apart from the job role. I felt like wow. As soon as the session was over, I nominated for organizing the cultural events on the Meet & Greet day.

Even though I was busy learning the various things at office, I made sure that I spend enough time on the additional role that I have took up voluntarily.

(Meet & Greet Day)

Today, I see a different kind of feeling on every ones faces. All were looking happy, relaxed and energetic. People from various projects, locations have gathered to celebrate the theme Stay United, Stay Connected. Lot of games and entertainment stalls are set up to engage people and establish a connection between them. All the organizers were busy making sure that the things are running smooth and there is nothing blocking the flow of the day.

During the “Show You” event which is basically a show focused on individual special talents. Each participant is been given 3 mins of time to showcase their talent. The twist the chief organizers gave to us is that, the organizing committee who are fresher’s in the organization are targeting first. Each of them is having fun their own way. It is all going with full energy and fun by the events being performed by each individual.

I am feeling like life is going somewhat dull and dry and there is no element that is driving it forward. Now, it is my turn. I have to perform something on the stage for 3 minutes. I am walking onto the stage thinking about what to do in those 3 minutes. As I was putting my steps forward, I felt like something attracting me. Something that is pulling me towards it and making me silent without words to speak. People from the ground are shouting and making noise as I am not performing anything and was just looking somewhere.

“Prudhvi…. Do something. Time is running. Prudhvi.”

“Hey Prudhvi what happened? Where are you looking? Perform something Prudhvi.”

“I am looking at your eyes to see myself,

I am looking at your smile to know the meaning of being happy,

& I am hearing your talks to feel the music of joy”

Suddenly the whole surrounding turned silent. Everyone started looking at me. And after few seconds, I heard some of them clapping for the lines I said. I do not know what I am doing and what I am talking. I ran down from the stage and started looking around in search of the smile that attracted me.

@“To understand someone, you really dont need a languageMr. Venky Bond