“I quiT” – Episode @10

“Quadhar. I spoke to you regarding my leave right?”

“Yes Yes. I do remember that one. I spoke with our Senior Manager.”

“What did he say?”

(02:37 PM)

Quadhar noticed Uthrani’s face. She is tensed a bit. “Don’t worry Uthrani. It’s good news. He accepted your leave request.”

Uthrani literally jumped out of joy. There were no limits for her happiness. “Thank you so much Quadhar. I am so so happy right now. I was so tensed that I may need to send my mom alone in the train. Now I can also take 4 days vacation and come back strong.”

“There is only one condition Uthrani.”

All of a sudden her happiness came down and started getting tensed when she got word that sentence from him. “What condition Quadhar?”

Quadhar smiled at Uthrani seeing her getting tensed. “Nothing Uthrani. I just made it to see how you would react to that. Have a wonderful time at home and don’t forget to bring a pack full of homemade dishes with you.”

“Thank you so much Quadhar.” Saying these lines, Uthrani left his cabin and went away with a smile on her face.

She is completely filled with joy and happiness and almost felt like dancing but then backed-off as it is ordered.

Ishanth saw Uthrani coming out of Quadhar’s cabin happily and asked her the reason.

“Hello ma’am. What happened there? Why are you dancing?”

“Hey Ishanth. I am going home.”

“What? Quadhar approved your leave?”


“How is it possible? You completed the task?”

“Yeah. I completed.”

“You are lucky.”

“Hmm. I can say yes for that Ishanth. I was actually so tensed from last 4 days. After Quadhar gave us a shocking update on the project, I thought I should drop out my leave plan even this time. I don’t mind that because I got used of dropping leave plans many times. Even sometimes I booked tatkal the morning and then by evening we used to get some update or mail which forced us to cancel our trip and work late nights and weekends. The same repeated from last 4 months. But now, I decided strongly to not to give up as this is something which I had to deal with my mom. She came all way from Gurgaon to spend some time with me. I dint even spend time with her as I was staying late nights here at the office. My mom used to stay awake for me without even having her dinner. All that is fine. But, the one thing that made me worry a lot is how do I send her mom if he dint approve my leave. She has never travelled alone. And also I dint travel to home from last 4 months.”

“I do understand that Uthrani. Now your leave is approved. Go ahead and have a wonderful time! All this is routine for us and it will never change. What time is your train?”

“07:00 PM”

“Okay. I wish you a happy and safe journey. Have a nice time at home.”

“Thanks Ishanth. Where is Meher? I dint see him since morning.”

“Even I dint see him. I just left it thinking that he will be coming late.”

“Yeah even I thought the same. Yesterday I left at 11:00 PM. That time he is still working. Don’t know when he left.”

“I will call him and update you.”

“Okay Ishanth. I will call him once I am free.”

“Okay Uthrani. Bye.”

“Bye Ishanth.”

(04:00 PM)

Uthrani left office by 04:00 PM and reached home. She made sure that everything is packed and booked for a cab and reached Bangalore railway station by 06:30 PM, traced out the platform number of the train, reached it and got seated.

(09:30 AM – Monday morning)

Ishanth reached the office and started working at his desk. In the mean time, his mobile started ringing. It was Uthrani who is calling him.

“Hello Uthrani.”

“Hey Ishanth. I need a help from you.”

“Sure Uthrani. Tell me.”

“I want you to try tatkal for me.”

“Tatkal? You dint start from home?”

“No Ishanth. I am starting today evening. I got a ticket till Mumbai. From there I have to catch another train. You will have to book tatkal for tomorrow.”

“Okay. I will definitely do that. Why are you starting today? What happened?”

“I will explain you all that after coming. Can you please try tatkal please?”

“Ok I will try. Don’t worry.”

“I will also try here so keep your mobile tuned so that we will not overlap.”

“All right.”

“Ishanth. Can you message me Quadhar’s mobile number? I need to call him and tell that I will be coming on Wednesday. I don’t know how he will react.”

“Whatever may be his reactions? You cannot do anything now. Just call him and give a heads-up so that he will not be surprised tomorrow.”

“Okay sure. Thank you Ishanth. I will call him once this tatkal is over.”

“Yeah. That’s fine.”

(10:37 AM)

Quadhar was called by Thyagarajan to his cabin.

“Hi Thyagarajan. Good Morning.”

“Good Morning Quadhar. Please be seated. Can we discuss on the project updates?”

“Yes Thyagarajan. We are ready to release it to QA by this weekend. And as planned you can go for demo next week.”

“That’s really good. What about the other project?”

“That we kept on hold as the whole team is busy working on this.”

“What? We have to deliver that in 4 more weeks.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. But, we completely concentrate on this working late night and even on weekends as you told that this is of high priority.”

“Yes Quadhar. I agree with you on that. But, the other one also is important. We cannot put in on hold. You have to make sure that is running.”

“All our resources are putting on their complete time and even extra hours on this Thyagarajan. We don’t have time to work on the other project Thyagarajan.”

“I never expected this from you. I was in a thought that you are managing both. So, from last one week there is no progress.”

“Yes Thyagarajan.”

“No Quadhar. This is not the right way to manage. I want to know what all the resources are up. What are the tasks they are doing and the progress on each task?”

“Thyagarajan. Ishanth and Meher are working on the current project which you have planned to demo with clients next week.”

“What about Uthrani.”

“Uthrani completed her module and submitted for QA. We are waiting for the results.”

“So, now she is free until we heard from QA. Then why don’t you assign the other project to Uthrani.”

“She is on leave. She will be coming tomorrow. Once she is back I will ask her to go with this.”

“Leave? How did you approve leave in this crucial period?”

“I spoke to you before confirming her leave request.”

“I thought it’s for some other week.”

“But, Thyagarajan, I have sent you mail with the details and then only we had a conversation.”

“I receive hundred’s of mails every day. Do you want me to sit and read each and every individual mail top to bottom? I don’t know how you will do, what you will do. I want update on that in 2 days.”

Quadhar was totally disappointed when he heard that kind of reply from Thyagarajan. After the discussion, Quadhar stepped out of Thyagarajan’s cabin. As he is walking out, he received a call on his mobile. It was from an unknown number.


Guess the story: Who is calling Mr. Quadhar?


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“I quiT” – Episode @5

“I don’t think so we could do it. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to complete 6 weeks task in just 2 weeks.”

“I know, but that is one important module which we should demo to the clients.We have to stretch ourselves during the weekdays and we may also need to add up during weekends for these 2 weeks.”

(10:10 AM)

Uthrani has no words left. She planned for a weekend trip to her hometown to accompany her mother during her travel. Usually her father used to go on a Friday evening, spend the weekend with Uthrani and travel back to Gurgaon with her mother. But this time, Uthrani decided to travel along with her mother for two reasons. Her father said he will not be able to make it up this time as he is engaged with agriculture works at home town.And the other main reason is that it has been almost 4 months since Uthrani visited her home town and then she wanted to go there and spend some time with family and friends.

With this shocking news which she heard from Quadhar, she was left in a dilemma whether to talk to him regarding the leave or not. After the early morning talk she had with Quadhar, she returned back to her desk. She is thinking deeplyhow to cross the bridge she is standing on now. She cannot insist Quadhar on her leave as she knew very well that Quadhar will not allow her in this crucial period and also she cannot ask her father to come and take her mom. For the first time he has done something like this. Every time he is the one who falls and lifts her up.

As she was thinking deeply, she was interrupted by Meher, one of her teammates.

(10:27 AM)

“Hi Uthrani, Good Morning.”

“Good Morning Meher.”

“What’s up?You are looking cool in this dress.”

“Thanks Meher.”

“When did you purchase this?”


“Whose selection is this?”


“Mom? Did she come to Bengaluru?”



“Friday evening.”

“How many days she will be here?”

“One week.:

“Oh wow. And so what did she get? So, this one week you will have good food.”

Uthrani is not responding much to Meher’s questions. She is simply throwing a plain and straightforward answers.Even though she is talking to Meher, her mind is thinking deeply about how to send her mom.

“Hey Uthrani. Shall we go for a coffee?”

“Let me finish this one Meher. Then we shall go.”

“All right. Finish it off. By that time Ishanth also will come. We three can go. Meanwhile I will just go through the mails.”

Meher turned on the system and opened hismailbox. He saw a meeting invite from Quadhar that was scheduled between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM.The moment he saw the meeting invite, he turned left towards Uthrani and “Hey Uthrani, what’s this? Why did he schedule a meeting today after noon that to with the subject Time Lines? Did you see this? Meher asked Uthrani.

Uthrani dint respond to that, she is still struck up in those thoughts.

“Hey Uthrani. I am asking you.”


“Do you know anything about the meeting invite which Quadhar has sent?”

“Hey sorry. I almost forgot to tell you.Quadhar called me in the morning. There is an alteration in the timelines. We have to complete the development phase in 2 weeks.”

“What thehell is this. I am sorry.I really am sorry. What is he thinking of himself? How can a module be completed in 2 weeks that actually takes 6 weeks. Is he gone mad?”

(11:10 AM)

As they both were discussing about this, Ishanth stepped into the office. When he is crossing their bay, he saw Meher and Uthrani talking seriously about something.

“Hello guys. Good morning. What happened? I think you both are discussing seriously about some National issue?”

Meher explained everything that he heard from Uthrani.

“Hey Meher control, control. Let’s talk this over a coffee. Come lets go to pantry.”

Three of them went to pantry to have coffee and also to discuss about the cut down on time lines of the project they are working. In most of the IT companies, the pantry is the only place where you can see most of the people being themselves. They talk openly and frankly what they feel about the project or the team or their leaders. They also share their problems or happiness with their colleagues or friends. The moment they reach their cabin or desk, you will see a different angle in them. They nod their heads for everything their TL’s or Managers say to them and will do any task they assign. It is for sure not respect towards them because if its respect, it should be the same even in the pantry.

Uthrani explained her problem to Meher and Ishanth. Both of them just heard her problem and they know very well that they cannot do anything except feeling sorry for what she is running through. Even Uthrani knows that they cannot question against Quadhar as it’s not in his hands to determine the time lines. The only person they can ask is their Manager who never listens to anyone or anything.

(12:03 AM, Meeting room)

The entire team assembled in the meeting room waiting for Quadhar to step in and start the meeting.

“Hi guys. I have scheduled this meeting to provide you the latest updates on the timelines. There is a change in the project plan. The time frame for development has been reduced to 2 weeks from remaining 6 weeks. ”

“What?” one of the person in the room asked.

“I mean, we have to complete the development phase in the next 2 weeks.”

“Quadhar. That is impossible. We cannot do it.”

“We have to do it. I received updates from our manager. They have planned demo in the first week of next month.”

“We have to extend our time during the weekdays and also need to plan for the weekends.”

Discussion went on so hot between Quadhar and the rest of the team. But, finally it ended in the same way how it originated.

“Look team. Even I am one like you. I just do as per the orders I receive from the Manager. We cannot go against it. All we can do is to re-plan the work and see how fast we could deliver it. Hope you understand.”

There is no reply from anyone. Even though they are against Quadhar’s proposal, nobody dared to speak out.

(06:37 PM)

Almost everyonewho belongs to that bay left the office except few from Quadhar’s team. As they need to finish the module in very short duration, they all were busy working with their schemes.

(07:07 PM)

“Hey Uthrani. Shall we have dinner and come? I don’t think we can leave home by dinner time.”

“No Ishanth. Mom will be waiting for me. I will go home and will have dinner. You people have and come back.”

“Okay. At least come and give company.”

“No Ishanth. I need to finish this as early as possible and start. I cannot be late.”

“Ok” said Ishanth and left for the cafeteria to take in his dinner along with few other team mates.

(09:44 PM)

Uthrani is still working at her desk without even looking at either side.


Guess the story: Will the team be able to complete the module in 2 weeks?


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