“I quiT” – Episode @8

“Sorry madam.”

“If you are okay then you can enter the cab.”

(11:07 PM)

Uthrani thought for a while whether to occupy the cab or not. She heard some gossips few times that it is not safe to take a cab alone that too when a security guard is not accompanying.

She began considering what to do. She cannot go by herself as it is a bigger risk and also she cannot take the cab as a little bit of risk is involved even in that. The other option she has is to ask Ishanth to drop her. The moment she got that thought in her mind, she said to herself “No. No. I have to erase that from my mind at least till mom is here. I cannot give another explanation to mom today. Yesterday is the first day and so she dint drag it long. Today if I repeat the same thing, then she will definitely not believe and that will be a bigger risk.” Saying this to herself, she decided to take the cab.

(11:19 PM)

While she is travelling in the cab, she began to think about the little argument that happened with her mother last night. Her mother saw Uthrani getting down from Ishanth’s bike. After the dinner, she asked Uthrani about that.

(Last Night)


“Yes Mom.”

“This is the first time you are getting late?”

Uthrani doesn’t know what to say. She cannot lie as she had come late many times before. And she also cannot say yes because she used to call their parents and say that she reached flat even though she worked late nights at office.”

“No Mom. I came late twice before.”

“Your room mates reached by 08:30 PM. Why did you become late?”

“Mom. They are from different project.”

“You all work for same company right.”

“Yes Mom. But still projects will vary. They work in some other project.”

“All right. Your company provides cab facility right?”

“Ya. They do.”

“Then why dint you book cab?”

“I thought I would start early and so dint book. They won’t give cab if we don’t book 2 hours prior.”

“What’s that? When they are making you stay late, they have to provide cab facility right. Especially for girls.”

“Yes Mom. But, we have to book 2 hours before.”

Discussion went on for quite a long time. Her mother started asking so many questions. And Uthrani who was already tired with the work, brought out all the patience and answered her questions politely. All of a sudden, she asked about Ishanth.

“Who is that guy who dropped you?”

“He is Ishanth. We both work on the same project. It became too late that’s why dint introduce him.”

“All right. I just want to tell you one thing.”

“What Mom?”

“Try to start early from office or book a cab.”

“Mom. Ishanth is a good guy. Cabs were available at 01:00 AM service. As you will be alone here, I only asked him to drop.”

“I am not saying anything about you or about him. I don’t think it will be good when someone sees you getting down from a guy’s bike at this late night. You are yet to get married. Just a little advice that’s it.”


“I am not trying to argue or say anything to you. I just told what I wanted to tell you that’s it. You already know that these kind of jobs are not fit for a family like us. But, I argued with your father and made him agree to this. If he comes to know all these, it won’t be good. He will ask you to come back immediately. I do understand your dreams and so warning you before you run into any kind of problems”

Uthrani is from a nearby village in Gurgaon. Her father is a farmer. They are a middle income group family. She is the only daughter for their patients. From childhood, she Is good at studies and always aimed high. Initially her father dint agree when she told that she wants to work. But her mother who always used to hold her,is the one who made her father agree.

(11:49 PM)

While she is thinking about all these, suddenly the driver stopped the car. Uthrani came out of those thoughts and asked him what happened.

“Madam. The car cannot go beyond this point.”

“Why? What happened?” asked Uthrani to the cab driver.

“Madam. The road is narrow, I cannot make a turn as this is a bigger vehicle. Do you have any other route?”

“Yes there is one. But, it takes another 15 minutes if we take that route now.”

“It’s fine with me Madam. Guide me.”

Uthrani thought for a while, every minute seemed valuable to her as she wants to reach home fast. Her mother will be waiting for her.

“That’s okay. I will walk and go. Thank you” said Uthrani to the driver and got down from the taxi and began walking to her apartment.

It is very dark out there with not much of the lighting and the time is near midnight. Uthrani walked every step carefully but quickly. She is already tensed as that route is not so advisable especially after late evenings. At every step, her tension doubled. After 2 minutes, she took a left turn and after walking a few yards, she felt like someone is following her. Now, fear added to her tension. A bunch of drunken people make abusive comments on girls, following them and threatening them. Even though there are no major incidents reported, girls don’t take that route after evening time. When she felt like somebody is watching her, she dint dare to return. She started placing longer steps so that she could reach faster. When she is almost a turn away from her flat, she saw a shadow just next to her. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that shadow.


Guess the story: Whose shadow is that?


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“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #3

But, this is not for the first time I am in a situation like this where these kind of questions came to me. I faced this many times within myself. I have asked these questions to myself. Every time, the only answer I get is, she is special to me and I am ready to do anything and everything for her. But then I never got thoughts of proposing her or making marriage plans. I don’t know why I never ever got those kind of thoughts on her. The one and only thing that runs in my mind whenever I think of her is her smile and nothing beyond that.

“Speak it out Prudhvi. Even I thought of asking you some of them. But, I was very confident that you will share with me if there is anything like that and so I have never asked.” – Nandini.

“Nandini. I would have told you if there is anything like that.”

“Okay then tell me why did you go to Mumbai last Sunday? When I pinged u, you said you were in hostel. But, you are not in hostel. You went to Mumbai.”

I was wondering how she came to know that I went to Mumbai. After I missed the chance to travel to Mumbai along with Vennela on Saturday, I decided to travel to Mumbai the next day. It was like one of my dreams to travel to Mumbai with Vennela and roam around with her. But, I was not lucky enough for that and so I have decided to travel alone.

(Last Sunday)

I reached Pune Jn railway station and got into Mumbai express. I reached Mumbai by around 10:00 AM in the morning. I was behaving totally like a mad fellow that day. I started feeling myself like Vennela is with me. That is the first time I have been to Mumbai in my life. I don’t know why but I started liking each and every thing there. I have already made a list of places to visit. I opened that and started visiting each and every place.

The first place I visited is Vennela’s house. That street name is a temple name and so I was roaming all the streets to find a temple. But I came to know very late that even though the street is named after a temple, there is actually no temple there. It took me 3 hours to trace her address. It is a very small street with just around 4o to 50 families. I saw Vennela’s house from a distance and returned back as I was afraid that what may happen if I kept staring at it for long time that too in a street in Mumbai.

The next two places are the places where Vennela has done her schooling and college. As it was Sunday, both the school and college were closed. It almost turned dark by the time I covered all those three places which are related to Vennela. I actually dreamt of roaming these places along with Vennela. But, my fate was not that good enough and so I had to do it myself. Whatever it may be, I have done what I planned to do. I know Vennela recently, just from last 2 years. But, I don’t know why, I felt like I had a relation with her from long back.

After covering all those places, the next place I visited is the most special and beautiful place. It is along the main line and the beach is filled with lot of stones along the shore. I sat there for about 2 hours. During those two hours, I was reading all the conversations that happened between me and Vennela during the last two years. I had each and every single conversation we both had in different means. Right from the first message which I have sent to till today. Like a mad guy, I opened her childhood pic which I had in my mobile and talked to it for some time.

As it was getting late, I started from there and it took 4 hours for me to reach back to Pune. I reached back to my hostel at around 12:30 in the midnight.


I was just wondering how come Nandini know that I went to Mumbai as no one ever knows that I have been to Mumbai.

“Nandini. Mumbai?”

“Prudhvi. Do you remember I have sent you message from facebook chat on that day?”


“I got the location details as Navi Mumbai, Mumbai when you replied. And that is how I have come to know that you were in Mumbai. I thought of asking you immediately. But, I thought you would tell me if there is anything important.”

When they both started questioning me in all ways, I had no chance to hide things from them and so I have decided to share everything with them.

“Suchi, Nandini. As it has come this much far, I will explain you everything that happened.”

I met Vennela during our first Meet & Greet day. And it took 6 months for me to start talking to her. I don’t know why I like her so much. I loved her smile and that is what I was got attracted to in her.

( I explained both of them the whole story about Vennela)

“Why you dint tell about this to us Prudhvi? From last 2 years how come you are hiding this much in you? You never hide anything with me right?” – Suchi

“Suchi. What to tell? How to tell? What’s there to tell? How can I say that I like a girl smile, she is special that’s it. I myself am not clear what is my relationship with her. She talks to me very rare. She replies me very rare. That doesn’t mean she hates me completely. She talks to me very nice when she does. But, that happens very rare. You don’t believe that during these 2 years, I dint get time to speak to her properly. I don’t know what she is thinking about me. I don’t know what she feels about me. I don’t know what is her opinion on me? I never dared to ask her as I am afraid how she takes me when I explain all this. I feel her very special. I want her to be close with me, share with me everything. I just want to be one of those special people in her life. That’s it.”

“Why don’t you speak to her then?” – Nandini

“What to speak Nandini? I cant just tell her that I like your smile, can you be close with me? Can you share everything with me? Can I be your close friend? How do you think I can talk and explain this to her. I waited all these months so that she will feel me, she will understand me. Relationship is something you should feel. It loses its value when you explain it. Its not a lesson to explain and make them understand. When she really feels that in her heart, she would have started being that way with me. I have done everything I could do to make her understand how special she is to me. Every time I thought that she will understand me and will feel my feelings. But that never happened. She is always the same as she is 2 years with me. That doesn’t mean that I should go and explain her. She should feel that inside. No matter how long it takes, I am ready to wait for the day to come.”


Part #4 will be posted tomorrow morning.

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“Silent LOVE…” – $22

“Vennela. Are you going home tomorrow?”

 The whole night I was waiting for her reply thinking about her.

 (Next day Morning)

 The next day morning, I got ready by around 4.00 in the morning and reached Pune Junction station 6th platform where Vennela will be regularly boarding her train to Mumbai. After reaching there, I waited at the FOB bottom edge where people will be coming down on to the platform to board the train.

For about 40 mins, I was just looking at the FOB without even turning my head. Then I heard the announcement regarding the departure of the train.

“Passengers, your attention please. Train No One One Zero One Zero, SINHAGAD Express, bound from Pune JN to MUMBAI CST is ready to leave from platform No 6.” – Announcement.

The moment I heard that, I got up from there and reached the front part of train. As soon as I reached the first compartment, I started searching each and every individual CC compartment for Vennela. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I came with so many thoughts to talk to her as I may not get any better moment than this. Travelling with her together and explaining her about the whole journey I had during these 2 years looking at her smiles. And also, this may be the last time for now where I can wave hands at her as I will be flying next week.

 When I couldn’t find her, I got down train and sat at the same place where I was initially sitting. I began to think what might have happened. May be she got up late, or maybe she is not travelling this weekend. I took out my phone and sent a text to her.

“Vennela, are you going home today? Where are you?”

I dint get any reply from her. I waited for 1 hour for the next train. When I heard the announcement that SAHYADRI express is going to leave, as like the previous train, I searched the entire train as fast as I can looking for Vennela. At the end, I came out empty. I was not able to find her even in this train.

I continued the same with DECCAN QUEEN, PRAGATI and MUMBAI Expresses. I searched almost 5 trains and I couldn’t find her. While I was getting down from MUMBAI express, I heard the announcement of another MUMBAI express which is ready to leave in about 20 mins from the other platform. I ran as fast as I can to that platform and started searching each compartment for Vennela.

While I was crossing from one of the coach, I received a message to my mobile. I dint care it as I was busy searching the train for Vennela. After I found out that she is not in there, I got down the train and sat on a bench breathing heavily. After settling down for few minutes, I took out my mobile to read the message. It is from Vennela.

“I am not going this week.” – Vennela.

After I saw that message, I did not know how to react. Is it like whether I should be happy that I dint miss her or is it like I should be sad that I missed a chance to travel with her. Travelling with her in train and talking to her for 3 to 4 hours is like one of my dream that I have been imagining from many months. Now, I will not get that chance till next 18 months and also I don’t know whether I will get after I return back as things may change in any manner at any time.

One thing is clear that out of all the three wishes, one is gone and may be its gone once and for all. I was not able to digest this. When I first got the travelling thought in my mind, I thought I will definitely make it one day. But then I have never expected that it will just remain as a dream.

I dint reply anything to her message. I was just sitting there on the platform, looking at all the people and the trains that are passing by. I sat there at the station till evening. I dint even move a bit from the place.

Now that one dream is gone, I decided to get back and ask her about the dinner plan. I was actually afraid a lot. I cannot tell her how important each one is to me as I was afraid whether she understands it or not.

(2 days later)

“Vennela. Good Morning. Can we go for temple tomorrow morning & then dinner at night? Please?”

During the initial days, after I send a message, I used to sit and wait for her reply. But then as days passed on, I began to understand that she will not be replying immediately. I never asked her the reason and even she never explained me.


I sent her a message with so much of anxiety and excitement filled in that question. And the reply that I have got from her is just a two letter word. Whatever it may be, she agreed for the dinner and there is nothing much happier beyond that.


“Vennela. At what time shall we start tomorrow?”

“07:30 ? okay?”

“Okay Vennela. Sure.”

That night I dint sleep at all, I was fully excited about the next day that I am going to spend with her. One of my dreams is already gone and now I have to make sure that I make good memories out of these two and take a chance to explain things to her in detail during the dinner time.

(Next day morning)

I got ready by around 07:00 wearing the new dress which I have purchased to wear it for the day I will be dining with her. I reached the place 30 minutes before as I was not able to control my excitement. I requested her to come by wrapping the watch which I have gifted her. Even though I have gifted it few months back, I have never seen her wrapping that to her hand.

“Good Morning Vennela. Thanks for coming.”

“Good morning. You always insist me to not to say thanks. But then you always use that word.”

I just smiled for those lines. We both walked to the temple. As like the first time, even this time the same thing happened. I was looking at her while she was busy praying to each idol. I don’t know why I was attracted to her and why do I like her so much than any other in this world. But, the one thing I can answer very surely is that. Her smile, her beautiful and innocent smile locked me to her.


“Ya Vennela.”

“You don’t pray. But then you come to temple. I never understand why do you do like that.”

“Vennela. The value of a question goes down once we find out the answer for it. So, better be it that way.”

I just blabbered something when she asked me that question. But, the actual truth is that, I am actually coming with her to spend some time with her looking at her smile. When I was seeing her praying at each idol, I was feeling lot of happiness inside me, lot of joy, excitement and much more. I was not even able to express these feelings to her. That particular moment is awesome and I felt like the time should just stop there for long duration.

 @ “Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every dream and every breath. Is for U. just for U.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-5

As the days went on, Tarun and Amrutha started liking each other very much. Even though their professions resembled North Pole and South Pole in nature, their interests and opinions paved the way for the love and bonding between them. Every day, Amrutha used to reach the shore after finishing her training. Tarun is now no longer walking in the beach alone. Cool breezes and sea waves of Chaupati used to witness their love daily in the evenings.

Tarun decided to explain about Amrutha to his parents. He thought he could call and explain them. But, he had a second thought that it would be much better if he can go and talk to them directly. The very next minutes, he called Amrutha and said her about what he had thought. Amrutha jumped out of joy when she heard Tarun’s words. And at the same time, she was also worried about how they would react to it.

October 10th 2008 18:00 Hrs:

“Tarun, even though I was grown up all alone from my childhood, I never felt this lonely. But now when you are leaving, I feel like I am completely alone in this world.”
“Amrutha, I will be back in 3 days and I am very sure that mom and dad will agree. It would have been much better if you could join me.”
“Even I felt the same Tarun. But, as you know, we were not allowed to take leaves in our training period. And also; after I come there if your parents won’t agree then I can’t take that pain at all.”
“No Amu, there will be no situation like that.”

“Ting, Ting, Ting… Yaatrikan krupaya dhyaan dheejiye. Gaadi sankhya 12431,
Mumbai se Nayi Delhi jaane waali Rajdhani Express, thoodesi dher me theen number platform se
rawana hone keliye thayaar he.”


The signal turned green leaving redness in Amrutha eyes. Even Tarun doesn’t like to leave Amrutha alone. But, he knew that for them to be together forever, he had to leave to home.

Seeing Amrutha that way, even Tarun eyes were filled with drop of tears. Probably that was the first time in life he ever had tears in his eyes.

Train started moving while Amrutha was still holding Tarun’s hand. Tarun had to forcefully leave her hand even though his heart was pulling him back.

The first 2 days were so different for Amrutha and Tarun. Even though Tarun was not there, Amrutha continued to visit the shore daily in the evening. They were physically apart in distance but used to engage all the time through calls. The call which Amrutha received on the 3rd day was so special and surprising.

“Amu….I Love you…” Tarun screamed these words as soon as she answered the call. “Mom and dad agreed for our marriage and my mom wants to talk to you “saying this, Tarun gave to his mom.

“Amrutha Beti, Tarun told everything about you. At first, when he said he was interested to get marry we were shocked as whenever we talk to him about marriage, he used to refuse. But, now he himself told us about you and his will to marry you.”

Amrutha felt so blessed upon hearing those words from Tarun’s mom.

Tarun returned Mumbai. Now, whole Mumbai witnessed their love. There was no place where they haven’t been to.

Amrutha used to talk frequently with Tarun’s parents. Especially with his sister Rupa. Rupa used to tell Amrutha about Tarun’s childhood memories.

November 14th 2008 08:00 Hrs:

Trnnnnn… Trnn…. Trnn……
“Hello Amrutha. I woke up and getting ready, I will be there in 20 mins.”
“Don’t be late Tarun. I don’t want you to miss even by a minute.”
“Sure Amrutha. And.. at least can you tell now.”
“Tarun… I will wait for u at the hostel entrance. Bye bye.” Amrutha smiled and disconnected the call.

They both reached Dr. E. Moses Road by 09:13 Hrs. It was a very special surprise to Tarun. Amrutha took him to ‘Vatsalya Foundation’ Orphanage to attend the children’s day special celebrations.

When the entire program was completed, they both started spending time with the kids. Tarun, who loves to spend time with kids, was completely involved in play with them. Amrutha couldn’t take off her eyes from Tarun.

“Tarun, why do you love kids so much? I have never seen you this way with anyone else except with them.” Amrutha asked Tarun.
“Amrutha, the world is nowhere human now. It’s all polluted. People forget the basic fact that they are humans. Each of them tries to create their identity in form of religion, caste, crime, money or power. The world lost smile on its face. According to me, children are the only one in this world with pure and innocent smile on their faces. They have no worries of tomorrow except their little happiness of today. I forget myself completely seeing those cute smiles.” Saying this, he hugged one of the kids beside him.
“Tarun, are you sure you don’t like any other smile in this world except the smile of kids?” Amrutha asked with a false anger on her face.

Tarun, who understood her intentions behind that question, replied back with a smile.

Meanwhile, Amrutha received a text from Rupa “Hi Bhabi. I have a surprise for you. Mom, dad and I are coming to Mumbai in two weeks.”
Amrutha was so happy that she is going to meet Tarun’s parents. The end date of training added more joy to her happiness.

Finally the day has come when Tarun’s parents were reaching Mumbai.

Tarun said that he will be picking up Amrutha at her training center.

“Hello Tarun.”
“Yes Amu… I will be there at around 17:30 Hrs.”
“Tarun, I was told now that, as today is my last day of training, it may take 2 more hours to complete the releasing process.”
“Don’t worry Amu, I will pick you up at 19.00 and we both can go directly to station cancelling our evening walk.”
Amrutha completed all her releasing formalities and was waiting for Tarun.

She called him many times but Tarun didn’t attend her calls. She kept waiting for him at the same place.

20:00 Hrs: “The subscriber you are calling is busy.”She continued calling to his mobile.
21.11 Hrs: Amrutha started getting panic.

Tarun reached Amrutha’s place. Seeing the car, she rushed to him and started questioning “Why are you this late Tarun?”

“Get in Amrutha.” Said Tarun without explaining the reason why he was late.
Amrutha got in the car. She was in full excitement to meet Tarun’s parents.
“What happened Tarun, why are you driving so fast?”
Tarun remained silent.
“As it was too late to station he might be worried and so speeding up.” Amrutha said to herself.
After quite some time, Amrutha noticed that it was not the route to station.
“Tarun, where are we going? Are you taking a different route to station? It is already late to pick up mom and dad.”

Tarun didn’t even look at her. He continued driving with same speed. When he reached a place, he suddenly stopped the car.
Amrutha got down and was shocked seeing the place where Tarun took her.
“Tarun, what happened? Why did we come here? We were supposed to be at station.”
Tarun had not answered even a single question. He started walking inside so fast and Amrutha followed him.
“Tarun…Tarun….where are you going? What we are doing here?” Amrutha asked Tarun with hell lot of tension.
The environment made her more panic. Finally, Tarun reached a room and opened the door.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….” A female voice screamed too loud.

???: Where did Tarun take Amrutha.
???: Why Tarun was not answering to Amrutha’s questions.
???: What’s in that room.

#Innocent smiles.

“THE RED”… is sometimes GREEN

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom” – Charlie Parker

            These lines were running in my mind when I was listening to music in myPod. It was around 09:45, Friday night where I was sitting in a bus and moving towards the central railway station to catch my train to bengalur. It was a calm night with cool breeze surrounding me. I was enjoying myself listening to music, watching and playing with the rain drops sitting at the window seat. Slowly my mind starting rolling back to the past. Exactly the same day one week back.

             It was a Friday evening where I was in a conference call with my team regarding our project. Suddenly my phone started vibrating and I was happy to see it was my school friend. I answered back after the meeting. She was very hurry telling me to go to station and meet her friend. I tried to the best of me but finally couldn’t make it. I then called my friend and told her that I will meet them the next day as it was anyhow weekend. I reached back to my room and slept off after a tired week. It was 7:00 early morning of Saturday. I saw two missed calls from my friend. I called back her and she said me to meet her friend as soon as possible. I got ready quickly and made myself to TAMBARAM to meet them. During my journey, my friend called me and was telling that she has got some bag from her friend and I should collect it and keep it with me till I return to vizag.

After a speedy journey, I finally met them and collected that package. My friend who is already on call with me told me to open the package and check what’s in there. It was Apple iPod Touch. She told me to open it and turn it back. wwwwwwwwwwwww00000000000000000000000000000w that was my expression after looking at it. It was engraved “Venky Bond” on the back. That package was a gift to me from my friend. A custom made Apple iPod Touch 8GB made in california. I was not shocked with the worth of it. Because, what’s more worth I felt is my name engraved on it which tells me how much she values me. It was a 13 yrs long relation from child hood with her with zero misunderstandings till today. I never called it iPod any more. I renamed it myPod, “Venky Bond myPod”. A product from apple is always revolutionary and was one of my dream to own one. It was finally in the form of a gift which made me extremely happy. I immediately started syncing music to it. Especially “ELEMENTS OF UNIVERSE” music cd pack gifted to me by my sister’s on my birthday.

                  Music is always my first choice in all kinds of situations and moods. It makes me feel myself. Revolving all these things in my mind, I suddenly had a look at my watch. A beautiful square dial fasttrack watch gifted by my sweet friend. Time was 11.15. I forgot that time is running out to catch my train at 11:30PM. Still 10 more mins of journey to reach the station. Finally I reached the station, got into the train and settling down my self. I then realized that train started moving. Which means if I was just for a min more then I would have missed the train. I then recalled a message sent by my friend on the way to railway station. “Lets check how is ur journey going to be. Thrilling or Normal”. I got a smile on my face recalling that and sent him a msg that “journey started normal, got into train”. He was shocked that there are no interesting things this time.

               I settled down my self and started watching movie “The Social Network”. I then received a msg from my sister whether I have got into train or not. I dint text her after getting into train because she said that she is sleeping early. I replied her like “Is there any technology like cloud computing called Sleep Computing which actually links people in sleep and reality”. She just smiled and replied “Yessss”. It was around 2:00 in the early morning on a speedy train at the window lower seat and I started falling into sleep plugging music into my ears.

              Cool breeze saying good morning to me and some station sign board saying good bye to me. Train was moving slowly, I woke up from the seat and turned around. It was all empty, I couldn’t see any one in the train. I rubbed my eyes soo hard and also pinched myself to check whether its real or dream. After few moments, I was shocked that it was all real and there is really no one in the train. It was all dark round me slowly welcoming the day light. I then realized that I missed the station where I need to get down, the bangalore city. I immediately called up my friend and asked him to check the info of train. But I couldn’t get the info from him because my battery was low and it turned off. Sat down for a moment to think what to do in that kind of situation. I then settled down myself and thought of googling the train to check whether any one is available in the rest part of train. I took my luggage and starting walking from my S1 coach. I couldn’t see any one till I reached S11. I then saw one fellow standing at the door. It was 6:00 in the morning. I asked him where the train will be stopping next. The reply was a bit shocking. He said there is no stop till 10:00 AM. Done… It was all done. Now I threw my luggage at the seat and settled down. Plugged music as ususally which is my first thought in all situations.

                 Train was moving at a constant speed. But, slowing down some times tempting me. I was then thinking of all my previous train journeys where some times train was halted for hours for a red signal. But, this time I was intentionally waiting for a RED signal. After a 45 mins of journey, train started slowing down to a very lower pace. I looked out from the door and the signal was RED. But then to my eyes it looked like a GREEN to my journey. I immediately got down the train. It was all surrounded by bushes and trees closely resembling a forest. It was 6:50AM. I started snapping the train with myPod as a remembrance. After a walk of 32mins in that trees which closely resembled a national geographic forest episode. But here I dint encounter any kind of animals. Finally I heard some traffic noise and stepping my foot ahead, I could see some humans. I had a very big close up ad smile. I enquired the people there to how to get back to my place. After getting the info from several enquiries, I got into a bus.


               I again sat at the window seat watching the road to make sure I don’t miss the stop I need to get down. In this process, bus stopped some where in the middle of the road which is not a stop. I then saw two people getting into bus. I heard a voice… “Ticket Please”. I thought it was the conductor giving me the ticket. I heard the voice again “Ticket Please”. Turned around, it was the checking squad. Then I realized that I gave money to the conductor but he dint give me the ticket. I couldn’t even explain them that conductor dint give me ticket because it would be childish and they are definitely not going to believe it. It ultimately resulted in paying fine.

               Birthday presents, special gifts, conference calls, office works, travelling, missing stations, paying fines… Finally I made it to bengalur, had yummy home made food by my sis and her husband. It was all I call as experience. Life is always experience and I experience it in my way. The special way. The Bond way…