“I quiT” – Episode @18

(06:27 PM)

Quadhar and Parveen are teasing Shamina while she is making preparations for Parveen’s birthday party. As this is happening, they all heard the door bell ringing.

Parveen ran from the kitchen room to the hall to see who is that. Quadhar followed her.

When Quadhar opened the door, he saw a group of children in colorful dresses with gifts in their hand. They all came to attend his Angel’s birthday party. After they all stepped inside, Shamina bought the cake from the refrigerator and placed it on the table which is in the center of the hall.

The entire hall was decorated with colorful balloons and decoration papers. And in the center, there is a big balloon with followers and other small particles inside them hanging on to the roof. People who enter into the hall will see big letters hanging in the hall. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARVEEN.”

All the children started playing with the toys and balloons placed over there and making noise in their own way. The environment is so colorful with the children and their sweet little talks.

Party started with the candles being blown off by the cute little angel. Quadhar blow off the balloon making sure that the flowers fall in his Angel and then it was followed by the happy birthday song sung by those little children. Then Quadhar and Parveen together held Parveen and cut the cake.

The party is happening so bright and noisy with all children jumping, dancing, and playing with each other. Quadhar is standing next to Parveen and watching her enjoy the party with her friends.

(07:15 PM)

It went on for about 45 mins. After the party ended, Shamina made sure that all the children reached their houses safe.

In the mean time, Quadhar and his Angel were sitting on the sofa and were talking something.


“Yes Angel.”

“Why do you reach home so late daily?”

“Dad will have so many works at office and so it becomes late.”

“How many people will be there in your office?”

“Hmm. 1 lakh people.”

“1 lakh means?”

“1 lakh means so soso many people.”

“Okay. All of them will go home very late daily?”

“No, not all of them.”

“Then why do you reach late?”

“Dad is working as a team leader so he has to look after so many people’s work and then only he can start from office.”

“Why you should look after all their works?”

“Dad is getting so much money to buy chocolates, ice creams, dresses and so many things.”

“Okay.Then why did they send you early today?”

“Today is my sweet Angel’s birthday party right,so I asked them to send me early. And so they have sent me early.”

“Hmmm. Okay.”

Parveen is thinking about something when she heard those replies from her father.


“Yes Angel.”

“I have a plan.”

“What is it Angel?”

“Daily you tell your boss that there is my birthday party. Then he will send you early.” Replied Parveen and started smiling looking at Quadhar.

Quadhar was shocked upon hearing such a reply from Parveen. He was not having any answers with him to answer Parveen and so remained silent.

(07:37 PM)

Shamina, who just arrived at the door after dropping the children, is observing all this standing at the door. She came running when she observed that Quadhar remained silent for Parveen’s reply.

“Hey Parveen. Did you see what all gifts your friends bought” said Shamina taking Parveen into her hands from Quadhar’s lap.

“No Mom.”

“Come come. Let’s unwrap all the gifts and see what you have got.”

“Yeah.” Parveen jumped out of joy when her mother talked about the gifts.

Parveen and Shamina went inside the room and started un-wrapping all the gifts. Parveen is feeling excited when she is un-wrapping each gift which their friends gifted her. For each gift, her joy doubled and fun multiplied. She even started playing with the toys showing them to her mom. Shamina made sure that Parveen is busy with the gifts.

(07:42 PM)

Quadhar is still in that mood and is thinking deep about how his life is going on. He was disturbed by a phone call. He took the mobile out of his pocket and answered.

“Hello dad.”

“Quadhar. How are you son?”

“Ya I am fine dad. How are you and mom?”

“We are fine Quadhar. Where is Parveen? How did the party happen? Morning when I called, Shamina told that you arranged a small party and so we dint call you till now. We thought you will be busy in the party.”

“That is all over dad. It’s just a small celebration. We called nearby children and celebrated.”

While Quadhar’s father is talking with Quadhar, his mom is trying to take mobile from Quadhar’s father to talk to Quadhar.

“Quadhar. How are you son?”

“I am fine Mom. How are you?”

“I am fine Quadhar.Whenare you coming back to Hyderabad?”

“Don’t know mom. Talks are still going on.”

“You said you will be here by last year. But then you dint come. Last year also we missed her birthday and now even this year.”

“Don’t worry mom very soon we will come back.”

“From last one year you were saying like this.”

“Mom. Did you wish Parveen?” said Quadhar to change the discussion and diver her mom.

“Morning itself we wished her.”

“Wait. I will give her. Ask her how did she enjoy the party.”

Quadhar walked inside the room where Parveen and Shamina were busy looking at the gifts.

“Angel. See who called you.”

“Who is it dad?”


“Yeah.Granny. Give me phone. I will talk.” Said Parveen and took mobile from Quadhar and started talking with her grandmother and grandfather.

“Granny. I got so many gifts.”

“Oh. What all gifts you got?”

Parveen started explaining about all the gifts she got from her friends. As this conversation is happening, Shamina looked at Quadhar and observed that he is looking dull.

(07:53 PM)

“Darling. What happened?”

“Shami. Mom is asking when we will come back to Hyderabad. I don’t have any answer with me and so I diverted her by giving mobile to Angel.”

“What happened Quadhar?”

“Today I got news from my manager that the plans of setting up a team in Hyderabad were dropped off quite some time back.”

“What? Then why he dint inform you earlier?”

“He said that if he informs me then I will not be concentrating on my deliverables.”


“Yes Shamina. And even today he dint tell me. We had our quarterly meet today. During the meeting, he gave updates to our Vice President and that’s how I came to know that the plans were changed.”

“How can they do like this Quadhar?”

“We cannot say anythingShami. It’s their decision and we cannot talk anything about that.”

“Then. What shall we do dear?”

“I don’t know Shami. I don’t feel like working any more after hearing the reply from him.”


Guess the story: What is the exact reason behind Quadhar’s decision?


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“I quiT” – Episode @16

(05:01 PM)

After the meeting ended, everyone started coming out of the room. When Thyagarajan stepped out, Quadhar followed him through the door.

“Thyagarajan, I have to speak with you.”

“What’s the matter Quadhar?”

“Regarding my transfer.”

“Come to my cabin we will discuss there.”

Quadhar and Thyagarajan reached Thyagarajan’s cabin. Thyagarajan sat on his chair and is connecting the internet cable to his laptop.When he noticed that Quadhar is still standing, “Quadhar. Please sit down.”

Quadhar pulled the chair and sat on it. “Thyagarajan, why dint you tell me that you dropped the plans of setting up a team in Hyderabad?” asked Quadhar with a very loud voice. He is so very disappointed that Quadhar dropped the plan and the other main thing is that he never told him all these days he dropped the plan.

“Quadhar. I thought I could tell you once this demo is successful.”

“What is the connection between the demo and updating the info Thyagarajan?”

“Quadhar. I understand that you are disappointed about dropping the plans of setting up a team in Hyderabad. But you have to understand, there are lots of logistical and financial concerns in setting up a team. Just because you need a transfer we cannot plan that.”

“Thyagarajan. I am not asking to set up a team just for me. My only concern is why you dint tell me before?”

“Quadhar.I’ve already told you. I thought I can update you once this busy schedule comes to an end.”

“This will never come to an end Thyagarajan. I have been in this project from two years. In the last two years almost 50% of my weekends I have spent my time here. And not just me, I made my entire team to spend extra hours and weekends here working on the projects. Every time you say that this will be over. But it is never over. The same is being repeated in every project, every time. Any way now the discussion is not on that. When I joined in this project 2 years back, you said that you will be transferring me to Hyderabad by setting up a team and assigning me the role of leading that team. When I reminded you regarding that last year, you convinced me saying that you will definitely do it once the project gets completed. But in every quarterly meet the dates keep on changing. Now the second year is running. You stay in Pune and you will be visited here occasionally.The day you arrived in Bangalore last week, I thought of asking you about that. When you read that the project needs to be completed in 2 weeks and also you will be staying here these 2 weeks, I thought I can ask you once we push it to QA.But now all of a sudden you are making me a surprise saying that the plans were dropped off.”

“Quadhar. You don’t need to remind me the whole story back. I am aware of everything and I dint forget that I gave you word regarding transfer. But, things don’t act in our favor every time. We have to consider a lot of factors and consequences before taking any kind of decision. You are working in this field from many years. I don’t think I have to explain you in detail.”

“Thyagarajan. I am sorry for raising my voice high. All this is not my concern. I do understand that just for me you don’t need to setup a whole team at another location. All I am asking is why you dint tell me before hand so that I would have planned something else.”

“Exactly. This is the reason why I dint tell you. If I tell you the first day when the plan is dropped off, you wouldn’t have concentrated completely on the deliverables. I cannot take risks on the deliverables and so I delayed telling you. We cannot take any chances in case of deadlines.”

“Thyagarajan.I am not able to understand what you were speaking. You mean that if you tell me about the plans being dropped off, I will not be working with complete dedication? How can you say that? So, in all my two years of work, this is what you saw me? Is this the trust levels you have built for me?How could you suppose that I will show the impact on the deliverables?”

“Quadhar.It’s not the matter of trust or agreement.As a deliverable manager, it is my duty to make sure that the deliverables are on time without any delay and with full quality.And I cannot claim any single chance when it comes to that. I am working in this field for almost 13 years and as a manager I am handling projects for 5 years. I am well experienced that every little thing has an impact on the way an employee works on a project. And that is the sole cause I dint update you on that.You are now in the Team Lead role and very soon you will be promoted as manager. You have to learn all these to become a successful manager. There will be various kinds of people working under you with a variety of mindsets. You have to deal with all of them.”

(05:47 PM)

“I do not understand what to speak Mr. Thyagarajan. I don’t know whether I am taking it wrong or whether what you said is not right. I am truly sorry for talking like this.But, rather than the transfer thing, the most disappointing thing is the level of confidence you have reposed on your team.To be frank I was doing things I don’t like to do with the trust on you that you are well experienced and if you say it will be correct. And that is the reason I was pushing the team to work late nights and also during weekends. Now when I came to know about the kind of trust and faith you have on your team members, I am totally disappointed.I really don’t feel like working anymore.”


Guess the story: Will Thyagarajan rethink about transfer?


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“I quiT” – Episode @15

“I already told him Ishanth. He said let him learn.”

“Then you have to give him sufficient time to learn.”

“Hey Ishanth. Can we discuss later on this?I am running out of time now. I have a conference to attend at 02:00 PM.”

“Okay Quadhar.”

(02:10 PM)

Quadhar, Thyagarajan and few others gathered in the video conference room for the Quarterly meet.It is a large room with lot of colored high quality paper posters on both sides of the wall. Those represent the current statistics, vision and mission with which the organization is running from many years.

Meeting started with update from Andrew who is the Sr. Vice Presidents of Mobile account of the company. He has been in this role from last 7 years. He takes care of all client interactions and travels around the world to meet upon various clients both to get new deals and also to update clients on the currently assigned deals. He is a guy who is always into business. If you say have an hour with you, for the first 10 minutes he talks about how to do business and in the next 50 minutes, he makes u do it. That doesn’t mean he is 24/7 and 365 days in business. He is the guy who takes one week vacation every quarter. And he schedules the Quarterly meeting once he is back from his vacation. Even though he looks serious outside, he is well known for his sense of humor.

(02:20 PM)

He finished his welcome speech in the first 10 minutes and gave window for each project manager from each division to give updates on their respective project. From every project, one senior manager and one senior employee will be invited to this meeting every time. Each manager will be given 15 minutes for their updates and then it is followed by questionnaire by Andrew. He takes 10 mins to shoot his questions and get answers from the managers.

The meeting went on for 90 mins. And now it’s Mr. Thyagarajan’s turn to speak out. Thyagarajan started his project updates by starting his presentation deck which Quadhar had prepared.

“Good evening every one. I will now start with the updates on the TNX mobile application which we started 6 months back. It is in healthy status as we are completing on time and as of today, the team is working on the 2nd release and hopefully we will go live by the end of next month. We have planned for a demo on the first week of next month. And if the clients give a green signal, we will launch it by month end.”

Thyagarajan gave a complete update on the project along with the number of resources who are working on that. He took about 5 minutes to complete the update on the first project.

“Wow. That’s wonderful.” One of the mangers replied clapping his hands and then few others joined him.

“Thank you. And now when it comes to our next project, it is in progress and going good. The progress is little slow when compared to the TNX mobile project because we are concentratingmore on the TNX first as we have demo next week. Once we will finish working on it, we will resume our work on that allocating 50% of our resource time.”

“Thyagarajan, wait. I guess we talked about this before I have been to vacation. Last time when I met them, they said that they are planning to launch the first version to their customers in the next month. And so maybe you have to speed that up. Don’t wait for the TNX to get completed. Resume this and try to finish it off as per the latest schedule. And also try to share the revised timelines by tomorrow noon.

“Okay Andrew. Sure” replied Thyagarajan and continued giving updates.“During the last quarterly meet, we discussed about the cross location team set up to manage the project by setting up teams at different locations. As of now we are dropping that plan due to the logistical and financial issues. We will be continuing our work on that project from Bangalore location.”

The moment Quadhar heard this; he felt surprised and ran into deep shock. He is requesting Thyagarajan regarding transfer to Hyderabad from almost a year. And Thyagarajan kept him silent saying that very soon he will be setting up a team in Hyderabad and Quadhar will be leading that team from that location. And so when he heard the news from Thyagarajan that they dropped the plan of setting up a team in Hyderabad, he is completely depressed.

(04:45 PM)

Meeting almost came to an end. The entire project managers finished giving updates about all the projects they are handling. And now it’s again Mr. Andrew’s turn to wind up the meeting.

“Thanks a lot guys for all the updates. I am so happy that almost all the projects are on GREEN. And here and there I have noticed some projects which are still in YELLOW. We have to push ourselves and try to bring them into GREEN. By the next quarterly meet, I have to see all the projects in GREEN. And the next most important thing I wanna discuss is regarding the 100% productivity. We have enough resources in all our projects. But, I don’t think we are making proper utilization of our resources. If you take a project X with 5 resources, each resource working for 8 hours for 5 days,and thenour productive hours should be 120 hours. Which is very well enough to complete a module? But I am not seeing that kind of stats in most of the projects. I guess hardly we are achieving 60 to 70% of that and the remaining 30% we are simply losing it. I don’t want these kinds of gaps anywhere. The world is growing so fast and the customers are demanding a faster delivery of their products. The competition is so high that each customer is so working their part to release their products with uniqueness and high quality.Apart from our regular project activities, we also need to work on the innovation. Customers are looking for an innovative solution these days. They are in greed for products that can be developed in little time innovatively. The days of traditional waterfall models and other models are gone. Software engineering is being redefined every day. Hope you are on track on what I am trying to say.Any questions?”

All of them who are seated in the meeting room are just thinking about what Mr. Andrew just said. None of them had any questions.

(04:59 PM)

“Okay guys as you all don’t have any questions, and also the time is closing up, I am winding this meeting. Thank you guys. Thank you


Guess the story: Why is Quadhar shocked after hearing updates from Thyagarajan?


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“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-21

When clearance was given in the city, we moved to my home from the hospital. Aravind used to visit once in 3 days and used to do some basic talks with her. That is the time when I called you (Sneha) to Mumbai as Amu is staying alone. And that’s how you and Aravind met each other.

December 23rd 2008 14:01 Hrs:

After you returned to Chennai, two days later Amrutha received a letter from her head office instructing her to join at Bangalore. That letter gave me a mixed set of feelings. One is that Amrutha can move out of Mumbai. And the next is that I cannot leave her alone and my next transfer period is still 6 months later. I can try for a transfer with an agreement of one more transfer in 24 months after this. I dint think of the later affects. All I wanted to happen is that we need to leave Mumbai and Amrutha should be back normal. It takes at least 60 days for me to get transfer. I did not know what to do in that situation as they gave only 7 days window period for Amrutha to report. I reached out to various officials and finally they have agreed to transfer me in 40 days.

I had to explain all this to Amrutha. I thought it would be better if I can take her somewhere out and then talk to her about all these things.

As she likes long drives, we went for a drive to Pune one night.

“Yes Tarun…”
“When shall we start to Bangalore?”
“Tarun. I am not able to decide anything. This particular profession was my dream from many years and now it’s right in my hands. But, at the same time, you are the best thing that happened in my life. And in this situation, I cannot leave you and go.”
“Amu. You don’t need to worry at all dear. I am strong enough to handle things like this. The only thing I want is that you need to move out of this city and report there. I don’t want you to be here and keep thinking about things that cannot be reverted back.”
“Tarun. You can be so strong at handle things like this. But you cannot be normal at your eyes. I am still not able to understand one thing. Every moment you are thinking about me and only me. I have never seen you thinking about the loss that had happened to you.”
“Amu. Profession taught me many things. This profession makes us strong, this profession makes us bold and this profession gives us strength to accept bitter truths. I am not sad for the loss, I am angry for the way I lost them. Let’s not think about that Amu. We are starting to Bangalore on 28th morning. Sneha is coming to Bangalore from Chennai to see us. You will be staying in her friend’s flat for a month. She told she will be coming to you every weekend.”
“Tarun. What about you?”
“Don’t worry Amu. I have initiated my transfer formalities. They will be completed in 30 to 45 days. Once I come there we can plan rest of the things.”

We discussed about many things and then finally the most important question came in the middle.

“Our marriage?”  I asked this question to myself.

I dint talk anything to her on this. But that was in my mind right from the start of the discussion. I knew that it was also in her mind.

December 28th 2008 08:01 Hrs:

We got into the flight and settled ourselves. Amrutha was looking outside from the window and was thinking about something deep.

“Amu… what happened Amu?”
“Nothing Tarun. Mumbai taught me many things. And this is the first place I have been to. This is the place which gave you to me. I am still not able to believe that I had to leave this place so soon. I have imagined our life here. Things happened so fast Tarun.”
“Yes Amrutha. It was the same to me. Hey Amu. I forgot to tell you. I have sent back the confirmation to them saying that you will not be staying in staff quarters.”
“Okay Tarun. Anyway I cannot stay there alone now.”
“And I have also sent all the required documents to them.”
“Okay Tarun. You don’t need to explain me everything. I know how you take care about things. The only thing I am worried is how to stay there without you. And also that place is very new to me. Even though I belong to the same state, I have never been to that city till now.”

‘Passengers attention please. The flight is ready to land. Please be prepared’

10:29 Hrs:

“Hello Amu. I never thought I can see you so soon.” – Sneha
“Hi Sneha, How are you?”
“I am fine Tarun. Come let’s go.”

11:41 Hrs:

“Come, get down. This is where you are going to stay Amu. And you need not worry at all. I will be coming every weekend here.”
“Thank you so much Sneha.”
“That’s okay Amu. Come in.”
“Hello Sneha. I am waiting for you.” – Rachana
“Hey Rachana. This is my friend Tarun and this is Amrutha his fiancé. And this is Rachana my best buddy.”
“Welcome. Come in come in.”

December 29th 2008 06:20 Hrs:

“Tarun. Why did you wake up so early?” – Sneha.
“Hey Sneha. Good Morning.”
“Good morning Tarun. What are you thinking?”
“Sneha. I don’t want to leave Amrutha alone here. But I have no other choice. I have initiated my transfer and it takes 40 more days.”
“Tarun. You don’t need to worry at all. Rachana is a very caring girl and she will definitely take care of Amrutha very well. And I will also be coming regularly. So, you don’t need to worry at all.”
“I cannot thank you enough Sneha.”
“Hey Tarun. No formalities. So… What about your marriage plans?”
“I dint talk with her anything Sneha. I do not know how to start.”
“Don’t worry Tarun. I will talk with her when she is in good mood.”
“Hmmm. And also I am planning to make it simple register marriage.”
“Let us first listen to her Tarun. Then we can decide on other things later.”

After I returned to Mumbai, I became busy with my duty. Keeping in view of the attacks that happened recently, we had to tighten the security as the New Year celebrations also arrived.

January 1st 2009 09:11 Hrs:

Tring. Tring. Tring.

“Happy New Year Tarun…”
“Happy New Year Sneha. Why are you so loud?”
“Hey idiot. I am trying to reach you from night. I have some important news for you.”
“What’s that Sneha?”
“I spoke to Amrutha. She said once you settle in Bangalore, we can start marriage works. And as like you, she also said that she wants to go with simple register marriage.”
“Wow. Really happy news Sneha. Thank you so much.”

August 15th 2010 08:11 Hrs:

After I got transferred to Bangalore, we got married on March 19th 2009 and got settled in Jaya Nagar. Amrutha is handling her profession very well and is completely out of what happened in Mumbai. We used to go out to new place every month as Amrutha likes visiting new places and also it makes her get out of routine environment.

On August 15th 2010, I was given the charge of Special Officer for the flag hoisting at Assembly. While I was in the duty, I received number of calls from you and Amrutha. But, I was not in a situation to answer the calls.

11:29 Hrs:

Once the flag hoisting and the speeches were over, we cleared the area.

“Hello Amrutha.”
“Hello Tarun.”
“Hey Sneha. What are you doing there? When did you come?”
“I came in the morning. Where are you? When are you coming home?”
“Just now done with the works here. I may start any minute.”
“Come fast.”
“What happened?”
“You come fast. Then you will know it.”

13:07 Hrs:

“Hey what happened? Can one of you tell me? If you both are silent then how will I know?”
“Tarun. From now on you have one more responsibility.”
“What’s that?”
“You are going to be father Mr. Tarun.”

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