“I quiT” – Episode @26

“I cannot give reasons Thyagarajan. But, I want to inform you way before I submit my resignation.”

“Is this something to do with dropping the plans to setup a team in Hyderabad? If so then tell me, we can discuss on that. Now the clients are very much impressed with our demo. This is definitely going to be a very long deal and will also help you a lot in your career growth.”

“Not exactly Thyagarajan. I told you right, I cannot explain in detail. I am looking for an opportunity. They may get back to me any time next week and once I get that, I will submit my resignation. Please don’t ask me anything more. Sorry.”

Thyagarajan, who is trying to understand the actual reason behind Quadhar’s decision, asked him many questions. When Quadhar is not ready to open up the actual reason, Thyagarajan understood that it is because of dropping the plans of setting up a team in Hyderabad. As he knew that he cannot re-think on that, Thyagarajan decided to hold Quadhar by offering some perks.

“Quadhar, if this project goes well, I will be initiating Visa for you so that you can work from on-site location for the same project.”

“No Thyagarajan. Sorry, I am not interested in flying anywhere. I know I am making it touch, but please try to understand me” replied Quadhar.

“It’s okay Quadhar. You are very firm on your decision. And so I cannot stop you. Anyway think well before you get hold of any decision. Not even 7 days back Uthrani submitted her resignation and tomorrow is her last day. And now you are saying that you will also move out. I am worried what’s going on in the team”

Quadhar dint drag the discussion much. He just made sure that he informed Thyagarajan before he submits his resignation so that Thyagarajan can plan for the alternatives. He raised the topic during the end hours so that he can cut it short as he needs to leave early to catch the train back to Bengaluru.

Quadhar boarded the train and started his journey back to Bengaluru. It is a long 20 hour journey from Pune to Bengaluru.

(11:00 AM, Next Day, Bengaluru)

The next day, Ishanth made all the arrangements to bid farewell to Uthrani. He also called Uthrani’s friends and other nearby teams and made it a grand farewell to Uthrani. It was followed by lunch by Uthrani to all her friends at a nearby eatery.

Everyone started sharing the memories they had with her and also they were expressing how much they will be missing her. When Uthrani’s turn came to speak out, “Hey all, I never imagined this day would come so soon. I never expected that I had to go through a tough time like this. Everyone had to face this situation one or the other day as mostly no one will stay permanent here. But then, it still hurts a lot when you have to give your dear ones. People, with whom you learnt, worked, ate, played and had fun. Hope you all will remain in touch through any means. I always thought when someone is moving out, they leave everything and run. No, that’s not true at all. They actually take everything and go. They had to read each and every minute of memory with them. They have to take all this in their heart. I am actually not leaving; I am taking every memory with me in various ways.” Uthrani expressed her innermost feelings and at the end, tears started rolling down from her eyes.

Uthrani had to leave for Gurgaon by the evening train which is scheduled at 07:30 PM. Before going for lunch, Uthrani completed all her formalities by the admin department and also submitted her identity card.

She had a fantastic last minute memories with all her friends and colleagues during the luncheon. It was followed by a group, individual and pair photography session. She made sure that she gathered as many memories she can before she leaves the city.

After the lunch, Uthrani went to her flat and checked all her baggage. Ishanth, who assured her that he will come with her and drop her at the station, reached her flat by 05:30 PM. Both of them, along with two of her flat mates, started to station by booking a cab.

(06:30 PM, Bangalore City Rly Station)

They reached station almost an hour earlier. Ishanth observed that Uthrani is very dull. Everyone else thought that she is dumb because she is leaving all her friends, her job and all and so there is no happiness in her face. But, some more questions arose in Ishanth’s mind. He went and sat near to her and “Hey Uthrani. Are you alright?” asked Ishanth to Uthrani looking at her.

“Ya I am fine Ishanth. It’s just that I am feeling really bad leaving this place and all of you. That’s it.” Replied Uthrani trying hard to make out some smile on her face.

“I understand that Uthrani. I knew that. But then I don’t know why, from the last few days I have a strong belief in my mind that everything is happening so quickly and likewise there is no proper connection. Your mom got here, then you went home and then before you even stepped back in office, you submitted your resignation. I somehow feel all this is not properly justified.”

“What are you talking Ishanth? I dint understand your question.”

“All right. Let me ask you very straight. Is there any problem at home?”

“Why are you asking like that Ishanth?”

“No Uthrani. Answer my question. Did something happen in your house? Your mom and dad said something to you regarding your job?”

“No Ishanth. There is nothing like that. I told you right my marriage got fixed and that is the reason I resigned.”

“No Uthrani. I don’t think that’s the real reason. I strongly believe there is some story behind your decision of moving out.”

Uthrani remained silent; she began to understand that Ishanth will not leave until she tells him the truth. She believed that even Ishanth believed her that she resigned because of her marriage. But then when he started asking various questions, she realized that she cannot hide it any more from Ishanth. But then she is still considering whether to tell him or not.

Ishanth, who is looking at Uthrani and waiting for her to respond to his questions, “Hey Uthrani. What happened? Speak out. Are you hiding anything from me?” asked Ishanth to Uthrani.

Uthrani understood that she cannot hide the truth anymore from Ishanth and so she decided to reveal him the actual reason. “Ishanth. I am really very sorry for hiding this even from you. I don’t want to disturb you and so dint share this with you.” Said Uthrani looking at Ishanth.

“What is that Uthrani? What happened?”

“Ishanth. Marriage is not the main reason behind my resignation.” Said Uthrani. Before Ishanth replied, tears started rolling out from her eyes.


Guess the story: What is the actual story behind Uthrani’s resignation?


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“I quiT” – Episode @24

(10:37 PM)

“Yes Shami. I started searching for some job in Hyderabad. In next one or two months, we will go back to our home town.”

“Wow. Wonderful news Quadhar. I am so happy for you and your decision. I am really missing those beautiful days and especially your mom and dad.”

Right from that day, Quadhar touched every connection he had in Hyderabad and told them about his plans to move back to Hyderabad. Initially, most of them dint agree to his plans to leave job at such a large organization and coming back to a small or medium ones who offer little less package. Some of them pressed so hard that made Quadhar to think back.

Every time he had a call with his friends, some questions used to arise in his mind like “First of all, will I get an offer at Hyderabad? Even though if I get, Is it really a good idea for me to go back? Will the money be sufficient for the needs in the future? What will be my growth when I jump back to a small or medium organization leaving such a great organization?” Questions like these use to create a lot of commotion. But then he never used to discuss with Shamina as he doesn’t want to disturb her with these thoughts.

He kept searching for an offer at Hyderabad through all means without stepping back.He is trying to hold firm on his decision as he doesn’t want to work under Thyagarajan anymore and also to not to leave his parents alone in Hyderabad.

(11:37 AM – Next week Monday)

As the days were just going on, one day Quadhar received a call from Thyagarajan.

“Hello Quadhar.”

“Hi Thyagarajan.”

“Hey Quadhar. I have a new update on the demo scheduled with the clients.”

“What is it Thyagarajan?”

“Demo is scheduled on Thursday. I will send you the invite. Attach it to the Domestic travel request and raise request for the travel tickets.”

“Okay. Sure Thyagarajan.” Said Quadhar. After that, both of them had a discussion about the other projects and then hanged up the call.

(12:15 PM)

At approximately 30 minutes later, he received a mail from Thyagarajan consisting of the invitation for the demo scheduled at Pune.It is scheduled for just 1 day.

Once he got that mail, Quadhar started the process by putting forward a request for domestic travel tickets to visit Pune for the demo.He filled out all the details and was about to click SUBMIT button and then his intercom started buzzing. When he looked at the screen, it is from Mr. Thyagarajan. He paused the submission and answered the call.

“Hi Thyagarajan.”

“Hey Quadhar. Did you raise the request for travel?”

“I simply filled in the info and about to click on submit Thyagarajan.”

“Oh. Okay. Please book for flight on one side and train for the other side.”

“But Thyagarajan, here it is specified like you can book Economy class flight tickets for both to and fro. And also this Friday is Uthrani’s last day and so we are planning to bid farewell to her.”

“Yes Quadhar. I understand that. But, we don’t have enough budget available in the project.There are other people in the squad who can do that. You please book for a train while returning.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. I will modify the request and then will submit.”

“Thanks Quadhar” said Thyagarajan and hanged up the call immediately.

Quadhar is very disappointed.After the call, he talked to himself. “I don’t understand why these managers do things this way. When he can travel in business class to and fro, why not the other employees. From last two years I observed him and every time he comes and goes by flight. But then when it comes to employees who are working under him, he either takes them to travel by train both sides or one side flight and the other side train. I never understand why the budgets suddenly go down.”

Quadhar is trying to understand the reason behind this kind of in-balanced treatment for the employees who work for the same organization and the same project.

He then modified the travel request accordingly and presented it to the transport admin team.

After that, he called Ishanthto his cabin.

“Hi Quadhar.”

“Hey Ishanth.Come on, sit down. I called you to talk regarding farewell arrangements for Uthrani.”

“I was actually intending to talk to you regarding the same Quadhar. Thanks that you thought about it. What shall we do Quadhar?”

“You have to take care of it Ishanth. I will not be available on Thursday and Friday.”

“Why so Quadhar? It is her last day at our office.”

“I understand Ishanth. But then the project which we are working on should be presented to the clients and so I am travelling to Pune on Wednesday night.”

“Oh okay. Thyagarajan told about this last week right.”

“Yes. Exactly.That one.”

“Okay Quadhar.”

“I am really sorry Ishanth. I hope you will take care of it well.”

“Sure Quadhar. Don’t worry about that. I will take care.”

“Thanks Ishanth.”

After the discussion, Ishanth went back to his seat and Quadhar resumed his work.

Quadhar is doing his best to oversee both the project works and also to look for an opportunity at his home town so that he can leave this and go back to Hyderabad.

On the other side, Uthrani started explaining about all the projects she is handing to the new resource who just joined the team that day morning. Uthrani got a confirmed release date and so she planned to meet all her friends and colleagues for the one last time before she flees back to her home town leaving Bengaluru.

(09:30 PM Wednesday)

Quadhar travelled to Pune and reached the hotel room.After checking in, he got freshened up and got hold of the steps down to the dining hall to have his dinner.When he is about to open the door of the restaurant, he got a call to his mobile number.

“Hello Quadhar.”

“Hi Prem.”

“How are Quadhar?”

“Yeah fine Prem. How about you?”

“I am also fine Quadhar. I have important news for you.”

“What is it Prem?”

“I talked to my HR and forwarded your resume. Today they called and me and said that there is a readily available opening.”

“Wow. That’s really wonderful news.”

“Yes Quadhar. But then there is a little…”

“What is that Prem? Tell me.”


Guess the story: Why is Prem hesitating to share the news with Quadhar?


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“I quiT” – Episode @17

“I do not understand what to speak Mr. Thyagarajan.I don’t know whether I am taking it wrong or whether what you said is not correct.I am sincerely sorry for talking like this.To be frank I was doing things I don’t like to do with the trust on you that you are well experienced and if you say it will be correct. And that is the reason I was pushing the team to work late nights and also during weekends. Assigning them tasks which they are not trained under. Am I doing all this for transfer? No Thyagarajan. I am doing it because I am bound to the responsibility that was given to me and I have to make sure that I deliver the modules that are assigned to me.”

“Quadhar. I never expected this from you. You are a senior employee. You have to think from the organization level. These are all part of our work culture. Late nights, weekends, sometimes you have to do it to make sure that the deliverables run on time and that the projects are delivered on time. To grow up, you have to make these kinds of sacrifices. Life is not a flower bed every time.”

“Thyagarajan. I never said that I will not work if you don’t give transfer. I only requested you when I joined and then when you said that it will take a year, I never raised the topic till then. After one year, when I just asked you the status, you said it will take time. And three months back when I came to Pune for a conference, when we had a conversation regarding the same, you said that the talks were almost over in by next quarter we will have a team working from Hyderabad. After that I never talked about that. Even now, from last 10 days you are in Bengaluru. If I had to ask you, I would have asked you regarding that on the first day. My only problem now is that even after taking a decision, you dint inform me or you dint even had a discussion with me. Even now, I got to know about that only because I was in that meeting, or else I would not know that. When I asked you why you dint inform earlier, you were saying some kind of reasons and management theories. Thanks for at least letting me know now.”

“Quadhar. I hope you resumed the work on the other project” replied Thyagarajan. He wants to cut down the conversation as he has nothing more to say to convince Quadhar. And also he knew very well that the more they discuss about it, the more it will heat up.

“No Thyagarajan. As you said, I have assigned it to Meher. He came to me and said he is not comfortable with that. I told him to talk to you; I will send him to your cabin now.”

“What is this Quadhar? I told you to resume it yesterday. You said that Uthrani is on leave even today and when I told you to assign it to Meher; you are coming with this kind of explanation. This is not what I expected from you. You are a Team Leader and you have to be very specific to that role. ”

“I want the work to be resumed immediately. I gave them update that we are running things in parallel.”

“Thyagarajan. I will send Meher to your cabin. You talk to him once.”

“I have hundred odd things. I can’t take up these minor things. You have to manage Quadhar.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. Thank you” said Quadhar and left from Thyagarajan’s cabin and reached his cabin. As he is about to reach his cabin, he got a call from his wife.

“Hey Darling. Where are you?”

“I am still in office Shamina.”

“When are you starting?”

“In another 10 minutes.”

“Okay. Come soon. Your angel is ready for the party.”

“Sure Shamina. I will reach by time. I will not delay” said Quadhar with his wife and disconnected the call. Instead of reaching his cabin, he went directly to Meher’s desk.

“Hi Meher.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“I spoke with Thyagarajan. He is still not convinced. You can try talking with him directly. May be that could help a little.”

“Sure Quadhar. Thank you.”

“It’s okay Meher” said Quadhar and walked away from Meher’s desk.

(06:19 PM)

Quadhar reached his home to his Angel’s birthday with her friends. By the time he reached, all the arrangements were made. As soon as he opened the door, his angel is standing right in front of his eyes looking much more beautiful in a light blue colored frock and a white colored birthday cap on hear head just like the thrown on a queen. The dress has feather like design near the legs and the hands just making her look like a real angel.

When she saw Quadhar opening the door, she came running to him calling “Daddy…”

Quadhar took her in his arms and lifted her up and kissed her saying “Happy birthday my sweet angel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Here is your ice cream and chocolates.”

“Wow. Thank you daddy” said Parveen and kissed her dad.

“Where is mom?”

“Mom is in the kitchen.”

Quadhar walked into kitchen along with his Angel.

“Hmm.Now no one can stop both of you. I have to bare you both till you sleep.”

Quadhar and Angel make so much of noise; they dance, sing and play. When they both combine, Shamina will not be having any one to support and they will tease and make fun of Shamina.

“Yeah.Angel. Let’s sing.”

“Angel and Dad,

Go round and round,

Travel on the wings,

Reach the skies,

Touch the stars,

Hmmm.” Parveen started to think about the next lines.

“Play on the..”

“yaya wait dad. I will sing.”

“Play on the moon,

Dance on the toes,

And then sleep till sun rises. Yeah… yeah..yeah..”

Quadhar kissed her again when she said those few lines which they both will always sing.


Guess the story: Will Quadhar resign?


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“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #3

But, this is not for the first time I am in a situation like this where these kind of questions came to me. I faced this many times within myself. I have asked these questions to myself. Every time, the only answer I get is, she is special to me and I am ready to do anything and everything for her. But then I never got thoughts of proposing her or making marriage plans. I don’t know why I never ever got those kind of thoughts on her. The one and only thing that runs in my mind whenever I think of her is her smile and nothing beyond that.

“Speak it out Prudhvi. Even I thought of asking you some of them. But, I was very confident that you will share with me if there is anything like that and so I have never asked.” – Nandini.

“Nandini. I would have told you if there is anything like that.”

“Okay then tell me why did you go to Mumbai last Sunday? When I pinged u, you said you were in hostel. But, you are not in hostel. You went to Mumbai.”

I was wondering how she came to know that I went to Mumbai. After I missed the chance to travel to Mumbai along with Vennela on Saturday, I decided to travel to Mumbai the next day. It was like one of my dreams to travel to Mumbai with Vennela and roam around with her. But, I was not lucky enough for that and so I have decided to travel alone.

(Last Sunday)

I reached Pune Jn railway station and got into Mumbai express. I reached Mumbai by around 10:00 AM in the morning. I was behaving totally like a mad fellow that day. I started feeling myself like Vennela is with me. That is the first time I have been to Mumbai in my life. I don’t know why but I started liking each and every thing there. I have already made a list of places to visit. I opened that and started visiting each and every place.

The first place I visited is Vennela’s house. That street name is a temple name and so I was roaming all the streets to find a temple. But I came to know very late that even though the street is named after a temple, there is actually no temple there. It took me 3 hours to trace her address. It is a very small street with just around 4o to 50 families. I saw Vennela’s house from a distance and returned back as I was afraid that what may happen if I kept staring at it for long time that too in a street in Mumbai.

The next two places are the places where Vennela has done her schooling and college. As it was Sunday, both the school and college were closed. It almost turned dark by the time I covered all those three places which are related to Vennela. I actually dreamt of roaming these places along with Vennela. But, my fate was not that good enough and so I had to do it myself. Whatever it may be, I have done what I planned to do. I know Vennela recently, just from last 2 years. But, I don’t know why, I felt like I had a relation with her from long back.

After covering all those places, the next place I visited is the most special and beautiful place. It is along the main line and the beach is filled with lot of stones along the shore. I sat there for about 2 hours. During those two hours, I was reading all the conversations that happened between me and Vennela during the last two years. I had each and every single conversation we both had in different means. Right from the first message which I have sent to till today. Like a mad guy, I opened her childhood pic which I had in my mobile and talked to it for some time.

As it was getting late, I started from there and it took 4 hours for me to reach back to Pune. I reached back to my hostel at around 12:30 in the midnight.


I was just wondering how come Nandini know that I went to Mumbai as no one ever knows that I have been to Mumbai.

“Nandini. Mumbai?”

“Prudhvi. Do you remember I have sent you message from facebook chat on that day?”


“I got the location details as Navi Mumbai, Mumbai when you replied. And that is how I have come to know that you were in Mumbai. I thought of asking you immediately. But, I thought you would tell me if there is anything important.”

When they both started questioning me in all ways, I had no chance to hide things from them and so I have decided to share everything with them.

“Suchi, Nandini. As it has come this much far, I will explain you everything that happened.”

I met Vennela during our first Meet & Greet day. And it took 6 months for me to start talking to her. I don’t know why I like her so much. I loved her smile and that is what I was got attracted to in her.

( I explained both of them the whole story about Vennela)

“Why you dint tell about this to us Prudhvi? From last 2 years how come you are hiding this much in you? You never hide anything with me right?” – Suchi

“Suchi. What to tell? How to tell? What’s there to tell? How can I say that I like a girl smile, she is special that’s it. I myself am not clear what is my relationship with her. She talks to me very rare. She replies me very rare. That doesn’t mean she hates me completely. She talks to me very nice when she does. But, that happens very rare. You don’t believe that during these 2 years, I dint get time to speak to her properly. I don’t know what she is thinking about me. I don’t know what she feels about me. I don’t know what is her opinion on me? I never dared to ask her as I am afraid how she takes me when I explain all this. I feel her very special. I want her to be close with me, share with me everything. I just want to be one of those special people in her life. That’s it.”

“Why don’t you speak to her then?” – Nandini

“What to speak Nandini? I cant just tell her that I like your smile, can you be close with me? Can you share everything with me? Can I be your close friend? How do you think I can talk and explain this to her. I waited all these months so that she will feel me, she will understand me. Relationship is something you should feel. It loses its value when you explain it. Its not a lesson to explain and make them understand. When she really feels that in her heart, she would have started being that way with me. I have done everything I could do to make her understand how special she is to me. Every time I thought that she will understand me and will feel my feelings. But that never happened. She is always the same as she is 2 years with me. That doesn’t mean that I should go and explain her. She should feel that inside. No matter how long it takes, I am ready to wait for the day to come.”


Part #4 will be posted tomorrow morning.

I know I am dragging it. But, please bare with me as I have to keep the foot tapping, I  breaked the final one into these many parts.

“Silent LOVE…” – $16

While returning on the second day, it was raining heavily and still we managed to travel back from the training center. We used various means of transport for those 20 Kms. But then ultimately we reached back safe. I dropped her at her room and then started walking from there.


“Ya Vennela.”

“Thank you.”

“For what Vennela?”

“You really made me smile a lot these two days.”

“Actually, I am selfish Vennela.”


“Yes Vennela. I made you smile because I like your smile and to look at you smiling, I did all that.”

I did not know whether I conveyed her perfectly or not but I liked the way she smiled at me when I said that.

Our relation started getting better and better each time we had conversation but then the no of times we interact or converse are very less. I never dare to ask her that I wanna talk her. I just wait for the time to come and when it comes try to make the best of it.

(Two days later)

I just had lunch and returned to the desk. Vennela was sitting at her station and was working very seriously.

“Hey, you dint go for lunch yet?”

“No Prudhvi. Lots of work pending.”

“So you are sacrificing lunch today?”

“Not like that. I will go after few minutes.”

“It’s already 02:30 Vennela. When will you go?”

“I just need to finish this and send mail to the Analytics team.”

“Vennela. The world is not going to end if you send it after 30 mins. Just go for lunch, come back and then you can continue your work.”

“Hmm. I will. I will”

As I was talking to her, I am receiving call from Nandini.

“Go for Lunch first Vennela. Go.” – I just said those lines to her and attended Nandini’s call.

“Hello Nandini.”


“Yes Nandini. Tell me.”

“Where are you?”

“Just now had lunch and came back to station.”

“Okay. I have to speak regarding Shreya.”

“Ya tell me Nandini.”

“It is becoming a real mess up at her house regarding Preetham.”

“What happened Nandini?”

“Her father came to know that she went to Preetham home town.”

“What is he saying?”

“He dint talk to her yet. But then she is worried that he will arrange for some marriage very soon.”

“Hmm. I knew this would definitely happen.”

“I told her during the academy days itself to make this out clear and talk to her dad.”

“Even I told her the same thing many times. She never listened. And she is not even caring any of us. She is completely into him.”

“Don’t worry Nandini. I will talk to her.”

“Yes that’s why I called you. She is coming to your office for the next two days. So, you can meet her there.”

“Really? When?”

“This Thursday and Friday she will be there.”

“Okay sure Nandini. Will talk to her and will let you know.”

(The next day)

The first thing I did the next day is to call to Shreya. I tried calling her three times but then she dint answer the call. And then I have texted her.

“Shreya. Call me back.”

She called me back at around 6 in the evening and then I dint pick it up.

“Hi Prudhvi. I came to your location today. Sorry couldn’t meet you up. Tomorrow evening definitely we will catch up.”

I replied to her message.

“Tomorrow we should meet for sure Shreya. I have to talk to you.”

(Next day)

The next day, the only thing that was running in my mind is that I have to meet Shreya and talk to her. As it is Friday, I was working seriously on a N2N backup which is my regular task every Friday. It is creating issues as two of the 8 nodes are not responding to the requests. It usually used to get completed by 05:00 PM. But then today it took almost one hour extra and still it is not completed. As I was working with the issue, Shreya started calling me.

“Hey Shreya. Go to the top floor and wait in the open cafeteria. I will come there in few minutes.”


While I was walking to meet Shreya, I saw Vennela sitting and working very seriously. I couldn’t talk to her anything as Shreya is waiting for me there.

“Hey Shreya. How are you?”

“Hey Prudhvi. I am fine. How about you?”

“I am super as always. So, how is life going? No calls, no messages. Busy busy?”

“Nothing like that Prudhvi. Just work that’s it.”

“Okay. So, what else?”

“You have to speak out Prudhvi. You said you have to talk to me something?”


“What’s that Prudhvi?”

“How is dad?”

“Ya he is fine.”

“I heard that something is going on.”

“What Prudhvi?”

“Shreya. Let me come straight to the point.”

“Did you talk to your dad regarding Preetham?”

She is not responding to my questions and just remaining silent.

“Shreya. Talk to me. I called you to talk regarding this.”

“No. We dint speak on that.”

“What are you planning?”

“Preetham is waiting for his onsite opportunity. Once it is confirmed we planned to talk this in our home.”

“What if your dad looks out matches before that?”

“I will not accept.”

“Then you have to let him know now itself so that he will not run into that and will start thinking on this.”

“He won’t accept this Prudhvi.”

“Why do you think so?”

“How do you think he will accept this Prudhvi?”

“Do you know that he won’t accept?”

“Yes I know.”

“You should first of all talk to him and then come a conclusion Shreya. Just like that you cannot decide for yourself.”

“So you mean I don’t have right to decide things in my life?”

“No I am not saying that way. But then you have to talk to him and then make your plans.”

Discussion between me and Shreya went on for almost 1 hour. Finally I made her understand that she should first talk to her father before deciding something. She nodded her head but then I am not sure how she is going to actually behave. I dint go too far as I am afraid what kind of decisions she may take and what if she may say that who am I to involve in her decisions. I just told her what I felt as a friend. And as the time is almost 08:45, I asked her to leave as the last cab to her location is at 09:00 PM.

I went with her till the cab and when the cab left, I returned back to my station. I directly came to my station without even looking at Vennela’s desk as I was sure that she may leave by that time.

After reaching the station, I saw the status of N2N backup. It got completed successfully. I then immediately shared the reports to my team lead and had shut down the system.

I took the bag and was about to start. I saw Vennela still sitting at her desk and working. And none of their team members were there.

“Hey Vennela. Still working? Its 09:10.”

“Ya Prudhvi. Closing some issues.”

“When will you start?”

“In just 15 mins I will start.”

“None of your team members are also there. Is that okay? How will you go back?”

“I will go back Prudhvi. Don’t worry. You just start.”

I thought of asking that I want to stay back so that we both will start. But then she will definitely not agree because she doesn’t like if I do things like this for her.

“Hey Prudhvi. Why did you stay back late?”

“I met one of my academy friends and so it became late.”


I said okay and then waved my hands at her. I walked till the Stilt floor but then something is dragging me back. I was not at all able to move from there leaving her all alone.

(10:17 PM)

I was waiting for her outside. When I saw her walking out of the building, I went near to her.

“Hi Vennela.”

“Hey Prudhvi. One hour back you have started. What are you doing here?”

“Shall I tell the truth?”


“If I say I will stay, you won’t allow me. And I cannot leave you alone and go in this late night.”

“Hmmm. Really you are…”

“Ya. I am?”


“Hey Vennela. How are you planning to go now?”

“We will catch up some auto.”

“All auto’s also went back home Vennela. They are not workaholic like you.”

She dint smile for the joke which I tried to crack because she is already much tired.

“Hey Vennela. Shall we walk?”

“What? 3 Km’s? No way.”

“I am not forcing you. I am just asking you as we don’t have any chance now.”

She started thinking and after 2 mins she put her step forward.

Seeing that, I shouted out loud.


“What happened?”

“Nothing Vennela. For the first time I am walking with you. Daily I go by walk in this route enjoying the greenery. And today you joined in my walk and so felt very much happy”

I thought I will speak so much to her. But then as usual words dint flow out. I just spoke very little. But I was enjoying walking with her. After reaching out, I dropped her till her room and returned to hostel.

While I was walking to hostel, I got some lines in that happiness and shared them with her through message.

@ “The route that used to be dark every day, seemed so bright. The breeze that used to be hot seemed so cold. The walk I used to get tired made me feel wonderful. The moon that was dull is shining bright. Every step I walked, asked me for another. Every minute I spent, asked me for another. When I looked around for the reason for all these, all I saw is your SMILE.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $15

I just smiled when she said those lines. We had conversation for almost 2 hours as we are meeting almost after a year. And, as usual I dropped her till her room and returned back to my hostel at around 11:30 in night.

As it was raining heavily, I kept my mobile inside my backpack and didn’t take it out till I reached hostel. After reaching hostel, I just took it out and saw calls that I missed from Nandini. And there were also some messages.

“Prudhvi. Hope you reached back safe. Message me once you are there.” – Nandini

I just pressed the CALL option and connected to her.


“Hey Prudhvi. Did you reach back safely?”

“Yes Nandini. Just now I reached.”

“Okay. Good. Talk to you later Prudhvi. Had good time speaking with you.”

“Me too Nandini. Stay in touch. Good night.”

“Good night Prudhvi.”

(Next day)

I just got up at my usual time, got ready and started to office. While I was walking to my station, as usual my eyes turned towards Vennela’s station. It was empty as she is on leave today. The moment it got recorded in my mind, I decided not to think about that and just go on with my tasks. I was actually eagerly waiting for the end of the day just to see will there be any difference when compared to other days.

(End of the day)

At the end of the day, I just began to re-wind myself on how the day went on. And the only difference I could feel is that the number of times my eyes looked at her station got reduced little bit and apart from that, I could feel no other difference.

Whenever she returns from home, she starts at 3 in the early morning catching the intercity express. It’s been 24 hours almost that we dint converse. I woke up at around 4.30 and messaged her.

“Good morning Vennela. Started back?”

I had to wait for about 40 mins for her reply. Finally I just received two characters from her.


For few seconds, I dint understand what to reply her. Whenever we wish someone, we wish whole heartedly and according to me that can be expressed by the way we wish. I don’t know why some people use corporate short cuts in personal life conversations which actually convey a wrong message. Whenever she replies short cuts, it hurts me a little bit but then will never convey this to her as accepting everything is the basic rule of a true relation.

“Got into train?”

“Ya. Woke up early?”

I was very excited to tell her that I woke up to wish her. But then backed off. I don’t know why but I never express anything to her openly and also I never tell her anything whatever I feel on her.

“Just like that Vennela.”

I was waiting for her reply and then slowly ran into sleep. When I woke up at 7 in the morning, I was actually expecting a reply from her. But then she did not reply anything. She does this quite sometimes. She suddenly stops replying sometimes between the conversations. And I never ask her why she is doing like that. I used to wait for hours for her reply but then never used to ask her the reason. This is because I feel like the moment I ask her for explanations, I am afraid how she is going to take that and react to that. No matter how much time I have to wait and no matter how much pain I have to take, I just used to take it and keep it inside me without questioning anything on why she is doing that way.

Relations are more beautiful and meaningful when we know how to maintain them. The more we start expecting from other or the more we start questioning others, the more we start damaging the relation. We have to trust other and give freedom to others in such a way that even though they decide to leave, we have to accept it and allow them to leave. Because, we cannot maintain a relation in force. It is a feel that others should have in them and when they think they don’t have that in them and wanted to leave, we have to let them move away instead of holding them back. I know it’s too hard in most of the cases, but then that’s the ultimate way of caring others. Our love or care should not be a burden to them and should not be like we are forcing them.

I never used to force her for anything or ask her any question as I was afraid how she is going to take. I like her a lot and I want her relation. And for that I am ready to take any amount of pain.


“Hey Vennela. You too registered for the AIS training?”

I sent her a message when I saw the list of employees who registered for the training that is scheduled for the next two days at the other office which is 30 kms away from here.

“Yes Prudhvi. How did you know?”

“Even I registered. I got a mail from them on the timings and venue details. And in that list of people, even your name was also there.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

That was the first time I asked her something.

“Vennela. Can I ask you one thing?”

“Yes Prudhvi.”

“Can I join with you tomorrow morning?”

“To the training venue?”


“Sure Prudhvi. You can.”

“Wow. Thank you so much Vennela.”

“Hachcho. What’s there to thank in this.”

“I don’t know Vennela. I just felt happy and so said thanks to you.”


“Okay. What time you will start in the morning?”

“07:00 AM”

“Okay. Message me once you got up.”

“Okay Prudhvi. Sure.”

That was the first chance I got to travel with her and spend some time with her. I was preparing a lot what to talk, how to talk and such things. I thought of telling everything that I feel on her and make her understand how important she is to me.

(Next day morning)

We both met each other at bus bay and got into bus. I sat next to her. When we got settled, I slowly started conversing with her.

“Vennela. I don’t know why but then whenever I see you, I forget everything that I plan to speak with you.”

She dint reply anything to that and just smiled at me. I cracked little jokes, made some fun and made her laugh during the entire journey.

While she was smiling for my lines, I was looking at her without even closing my eye lids.

“Hey. What are you looking at?”

“Your smile Vennela. That’s where everything started.”


“I mean. Your smile is what I like most in you.”


Even though it took 70 mins to reach destination, I dint feel the time at all. During the entire journey, she is continuously smiling.

@ “In Life, some moments make us Smile, some moments make us cry, some moments make us think. But, only very few moments leave us blank without words.” – Mr. Venky Bond