“Silent LOVE…” – $14

After sending those lines, I was actually little tensed what will be her reply and how is she gonna take those lines.

“Superb. Situational lines.”

“Thank you Vennela. Happy and safe journey. See you on Wednesday.”

“Thanks Prudhvi.”

That was the first time she called me with my name.

I was typing to reply her and then I was receiving call from Nandini.

“Hey Nandini. Just now I started from office. Where are you?”

“Prudhvi. I am waiting at Coffee day just right opposite to your office.”

“Okay. I will be there in 5 more minutes.”

“Okay Prudhvi come fast. It’s raining.”

(After few minutes)

“Hello Nandini. How are you dear? It’s been almost a year. We have met when your dad had come to Pune and after that we dint time to meet at all. After that it’s all calls and mobiles.”

“Yes Prudhvi. Really missing those days. I am really thankful to you for all the help you did during our academy days.”

“Hey Nandini. You are breaking the rules. No thanks and no sorry”

“Yeah. Prudhvi, the man of rules. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“Yeah just going on and on.”

“What do you wanna have Prudhvi?”

“As usual iced cappuccino.”

“Hmmm. I know. I have already ordered it.”

“So, tell me Nandini. What’s that you wanna talk to me regarding Shreya?”

“Shreya’s father spoke to me last week.”


“He got to know about her love.”

“What? How did that happen?”

“I dint ask him all that. He said that he got to know about Preetham and he is now looking for matches for her marriage.”

“Did he spoke to her?”


“Did she spoke to her father?”

“No. They both are not talking to each other.”

“Did she know that her father knows about this?”

“Yes, she knows that.”

“When she know that their parents knew about them, then why did she travel to Preetham’s home town?”

“I don’t know all that Prudhvi. I dint talk to her yet completely. I am worried where this is going to take her.”

“Hmm. Don’t get worried Nandini. Let me talk to her once.”

‘I don’t think she will even talk to any of us. She is completely in his trance and not talking to any one properly.”

“That’s okay Nandini. I know how to deal this with her. You first talk to her and let me know. Based on that I will decide what to talk and when to talk.”

“Okay Prudhvi.”

“So, how is your life going Nandini? When is your marriage?”

“I told you right. Anurudh is flying UAE this month end. He will be there for 8 to 12 months. Once he is back, we will get married.”

“Oh that really nice.”

“What about yours Prudhvi?”

“Me? Marriage?”

“You are still in the same lines?”

“Not like that Nandini. I told you right. I am afraid of that. Marriage is a lifelong relationship. It brings two people from two different worlds into one world. I don’t like to change myself and also I don’t like if the girl has to change something just because of marriage. And also I don’t know whether I can take care of a girl for life long. ”

“Why do you feel like that Prudhvi?”

“I don’t know Nandini. I have seen many families where a girl has to change many things after marriage and I don’t want that to happen in my case. A girl leaves her entire world and comes to a guy trusting him to such an extent that he will take care of her and love her for the rest of life. And if suppose at any time I will hurt her for any reason then I don’t know what will happen.”

“Prudhvi. Let me tell you one thing. Relation doesn’t always mean being happy. Being in a relation always has two sides of it and you have to accept both. It’s definite that in any relation you will get clashes. All you have to do is forgive each other, forget all that and move on. These clashes, especially between husband and wife will help them to understand much better and also brings out their love and care.”

“As of now this is what I feel Nandini. May be as time moves on, I will start learning and understand things. “

“Hmm. I am waiting for that day Prudhvi. You are really a nice guy and I am very much sure that whoever comes into your life will be happy and is also the luckiest girl.”


“Yes Prudhvi. I know how well you take care of your friends and also how much you value your relations. Many times you took care of me like a child whenever I am depressed and also you use to drop me till my room no matter how late it was to you.”

“Hmm. I value friendship and relations Nandini. But, marriage, I guess I am still not ready.”

“Hmm. Yeah. Very soon you will be ready for that and I should be the first person to receive your marriage invitation.”

I just smiled when she said those lines. We had conversation for almost 2 hours as we are meeting almost after a year. And, as usual I dropped her till her room and returned back to my hostel at around 11:30 in night.

@ “Life is not just to reach the Heights and bank the savings. But to reach the hearts and grab memories.”– Mr. Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $13

That day, I have seen a different Vennela. Till then, I just know Vennela who always works at her station without even looking at what’s happening next to her. She always wanted to learn new things, be dedicated and complete anything and everything that’s assigned to her. But, that day, I saw her being more energetic and more sportive. After their team won the match, I wrote few lines and sent to her.

“Innocent looks, Innovative thoughts, Beauty in the heart, Boldness in the hands, Genius at work and Gorgeous at looks.”

She felt very happy for those few lines and said thank to those lines. During our conversations, I used to send her some few poetic lines now and then. Sometimes she used to reply saying that she liked them very much and sometimes she never replied. And at those kinds of times, I used to have a feel like am I going way too far? Am I taking advantage?

But, that thought used to be only for a very short time in my mind. When I see her smiles the next time, I used to do the same thing. I never used to understand why I am so crazy about her.

I used to remember her whenever I see the moon, whenever I see a baby smiling and whenever a bird singing. She used to be there in most of my thoughts but she is not only my thought. I never had such confusion in my life. Sometimes I feel like I just like her and its bit more. But, sometimes I feel like there is something way beyond just liking. Every single minute I used to think about her, converse with her and see her, I used to think like I will get the answer to my question very soon. But, that never happened.

Vennela is basically a south Indian girl. Their family moved to Mumbai few years back. And as Mumbai is just 4 hours from Pune, she used to travel very regularly to home. Almost like every weekend. And whenever she used to stay back on any weekend, she visits her relative’s house. Never know why, but I always used to have a very strong wish inside me to travel along with her at least one time and keep talking with her during the entire journey time. I always felt like telling this to her but then backed off. I feel like I have so much to say her, so much to talk her and so many things to express her. But then when I start texting her, I don’t get anything in my mind. Everything gets stuck up somewhere.


Tring… Tring.. Tring…

I was so busy watching movie at hostel that I did not notice my mobile ringing. When I saw that, I was shocked to see 8 missed calls from Nandini.

“Hello Nandini. Tell me what happened. Why did you call me so many times?”

“Hey Prudhvi… where are you?”

“I am at hostel.”

“Okay. I want to meet you.”

“Okay sure. Tell me where. But then what happened Nandini?”

“Shreya said she is going home town. But then she dint go.”

“Then where did she go?”

“She went to Preetham’ s home town.”


“That guy who is from IS2 batch.”

“Oh yeah yeah. One day when we all went out, he also came along with Shreya.”

“hmm ya the same guy. I just now got the news.”

“I tried telling her many times not to make it complicated. Now what happened?”

“I will tell you all the on Monday evening. We will meet somewhere outside. Is that okay?”

“Ya sure Nandini. You can. We dint meet after the training.”

“Hmm. Yes. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“It’s just going on normal Nandini. Nothing much. Only office and hostel. That’s it.”

“Hmm. Okay. Okay then Prudhvi. Let’s meet on Monday. Okay. I will call you before I start.”

“Okay Nandini.”

Nandini is one of my best friends of academy. She is one among the few people with whom I share everything and anything. But then I did not tell about Vennela to anyone.

Even though Vennela episode in my life is running from last 1 year and I have never shared this with anyone till today. The reason behind this is that either I am afraid to answer their questions or I do not have answers for their questions. I cannot tell them that I like her smile and so I have these feelings on her because nobody is going to believe and they may also think this relation in another track. I don’t want them to come to any conclusions in their minds as I myself still not clear on this.


From the last few weeks, she started messaging whenever she is starting to home. During the initial days, she used to travel on Friday evening. Whereas nowadays, she is most of the times travelling on Saturday early morning intercity express. The previous weekend, she did not travel to home and so Monday morning she is early to office. I was surprised to see her at office. I went near to her and had conversation for few minutes.

Every day, whenever I leave home, I look at her desk. That day, I couldn’t find her at her desk and also her belonging where also not there. I took my mobile and immediately sent her a text message.

“Vennela. Where are you?”

“Just now started.”

“Oh nice. You left early today.”

“I am going Mumbai.”

“What? Today is Monday only right?”

“Ya. Today is Monday only. Yes, I am going home now. I applied for leave tomorrow.”

“Okay. You dint tell me anything.”

“I was actually in a hurry to catch the train. I thought of messaging you once I settle in the train.”

“I am angry on you.”

“Sorry. Actually I was not sure whether I will be leaving or not as my other team mate is also on leave. But then at last minute I got confirmation and so was in a hurry to leave. Sorry again. Sorry to the power of infinity. Please.”

I don’t know why but I felt uneasy when she said that she is leaving and will not come to office the next day. And for the first time I said to her that I am angry on her. This is actually not anger on her. After reading her reply, I did not know what to reply her. I was thinking what to reply to her while I was walking out from office, suddenly it started drizzling. Those rain drops and that situation made me write some lines.

@ “Even the clouds started crying the moment you are leaving. You may not see the tears of mine in this heavy rain. But, every drop of rain resembles my pain.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-23

Recap of Story:

The story goes round in major cities of India between Tarun and Amrutha who are husband and wife. Tarun is a Police Officer whereas Amrutha is also working women whose designation not yet disclosed. They both unknowingly work on the same series of murder cases that happened in different parts of India. All the victims of murder cases are criminals who were believed to being killed while they are being transferred from one jail to another.

Amrutha has a psychological problem which Tarun gets to know only when his parents faces brutal death during in car bombing on the day of Mumbai attacks. Sneha, is a doctor and is a friend of Tarun’s.

Tarun is trying to send Amrutha out of country with the help of Sneha as he doesn’t want Amrutha to work in the current case as he is afraid that it may affect her health because of the psychological problem she has.

Sneha who also started helping Tarun, now goes against him and demands him to explain the exact reason behind that. Tarun then starts explaining the story that happened in Bangalore 3 years back. Tarun and Amrutha gets settled in Bangalore. One day he gets to know that Amrutha is pregnant.

They all celebrates the moment and in the middle Sneha tells about her love with Aravind. Tarun and Amrutha feels bit surprised but then feels happy for that. Few months later, Aravind arrives at Bangalore to meet Sneha. Amrutha, Sneha, Rachana(Sneha’s friend) and Aravind goes for shopping and then after dropping Amrutha, drops Rachana at her home.

Rachana realizes that the key is with Sneha and so she calls her. Sneha and Aravind drives back to give her the key. But then after reaching they couldn’t see Rachana anywhere. Sneha calls to her mobile and then Aravind finds that the mobile and her belongings are lying on the road few blocks away.

(Please read the previous epi’s for the complete story)

December 12th 2010 23:29 Hrs:

Aravind hears the mobile tone somewhere nearby.

“Hey Sneha. I am hearing the ring somewhere here.”

They both started searching in the direction they were hearing the ring of the mobile.

After few steps, Aravind gets shocked seeing mobile and her belongings lying on the road few blocks away from her house.

Noticing this, Sneha comes running towards Aravind.

“Aravind. What are these? Why are they lying here? What might have happened to her?”

Sneha’s started getting tensed about Rachana. She searched the nearby places. But, couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Sneha. Sneha. Come here.” – Aravind.

Seeing Sneha getting worried, Aravind starts calling her back.

“Sneha, come back here. We have something here.”

She immediately runs back to Aravind when she heard those words from him.

“What is it Aravind? Did you find anything?”

“Look at this place, there are many foot prints and a car tire prints.”

As Aravind was explaining his analysis on the situation, Sneha takes her mobile and starts dialing a number.

“Hey. Whom are you calling?”

“I am calling Tarun. He is the best help for us now in this situation.”

“Okay. Okay. Call”

23:35 Hrs:

That day, even though it’s a weekend, Tarun was busy that day at the office due to security plan.

“Hello Sneha. Got into train?”

“Tarun… Tarun…”

“Hey Sneha. What happened?”

“Tarun. Tarun. Rachana is missing.”

“What? What are you talking Sneha. I do not understand”

Sneha is so tensed that she is not getting words to explain the situation to Tarun. Aravind, who is looking in the corners nearby for some clues, came to Sneha, took the mobile and explained the situation to Tarun.

“Aravind. Just stay there. I will contact the nearest team and will send them there. Where are you exactly?”

“Hold on Tarun.”

Aravind was searching the nearby places to find out a location point landmark to share with Tarun so that he can trace it easy and send his team over there.

“Tarun. We are at Narayana Reddy Layout, 1st Main Road. We have an ICICI Bank ATM nearby Tarun.”

“Okay. Okay. Just stay there Aravind. I am calling my team nearby. They will reach there any minute. And also I am starting immediately. Don’t go anywhere.”

23:40 Hrs:

“Control room. Come in. Control Come in. Over”

“Control room responding.”

“Hello. Tarun here.”

“Yes Sir. Tell me Sir.”

“I want you to patch me through to the nearby unit of Narayana Reddy Layout, Electronic City.”

“Sure Sir one minute.”

“Hello. Patch me to my WT. Not to my mobile.”

“Okay sir. Sure”

“Tarun Sir. Patched Unit-7 to your WT.”


23:43 Hrs:

“Hello. Unit-7. Respond. Over”

“Unit 7 here. Over”

“This is Tarun here. We have an emergency situation at 1st cross Main road, Narayana Reddy Layout. The land mark is ICICI Bank ATM. Over”

“Moving sir.”

“I am on my way. I will reach there in next 10 mins. There is a male and female aged about 25 to 28 years there. Reach them.”

“Okay Sir. Over”

“Stay in this FQ with me.”

“Okay Sir.”

23:43 Hrs:

Tarun was driving at the maximum speed to reach Aravind and Sneha. After dispatching the unit, he is in line with them to make sure things don’t go wrong further.

“Hello Aravind.”

“Ya Tarun.”

“Just stay there. My team will reach there any minute. Explain them the situation. I am on my way and will reach in next few minutes.”

“Okay Tarun. Will do that.”

“Aravind. Is Sneha fine?”

“I am trying to control her Tarun. I guess after you come she will be alright a bit.”

“Okay. Okay. Just 5 mins. I will be there.”

23:49 Hrs:

Tarun reached the place and by that time, his team started examining the place and the situation.

Seeing Tarun, Sneha came running towards him and started crying.

“Sneha. Sneha. Listen. Stop crying. Nothing will happen. We will trace her out. Don’t worry.”

“It all happened in five minutes Tarun. And I am the one to be blamed. I forgot to give her the keys.”

“Sneha. Wait. Let me work with my team. And stop thinking in –ve sense. Nothing will go wrong.”

23:51 Hrs:


“Yes. What’s the situation?”

“Sir. These are lying in this place 3 meters away from the house. And also there are multiple footsteps over there. We guess there could be at least 4 to 5 people involved.”

“Okay. Did you alert the teams around the check points?”

“Yes Sir. We did that. Alerted all the teams around the city and instructed them to inspect each and every vehicle passing by.”

Tarun started examining the place. He looked at each and every corner searching for some clues.

December 12th 2010 00:02 Hrs:

“Aravind. You and Sneha stay here. Two of our men will be here guarding outside.”

“Sneha. Don’t call Amrutha and don’t tell her anything about this. I told her that I will be running late in the mock drill.”

“Okay Tarun. Please call us as and when you have some updates on Rachana.”

“Don’t worry Sneha. We will do the best.”

00:11 Hrs:

“Sir… Sir…” – one of the team members came running to Tarun holding something with him.

“Sir. I have found this duppatta in the next turn.”

“Sneha. Is this Rachana’s?” –Tarun was getting it confirmed from Sneha.

“Ya Tarun. It’s hers”

“Okay. Go inside. Be safe”

00:14 Hrs:

Tarun and his team moved to the street where they have found the duppatta and observed the area more clearly.

00:19 Hrs:

“There are some rough tire prints here. I guess the vehicle moved at high speed and so at the turn the tire marks are clearer. Let’s go this way. Let’s try tracing this direction.”

“Team. Two of you stay here and the rest lets split up in different directions. Call the control room and ask for an additional team who needs to be dispatched to the right end exit corner of the city. Also tell them to set up FQ-Channel at 3 for all of us.”

Tarun is mobilizing all the teams to various directions of the city and also to the exit corners of the city.

“Kidnappings have become very frequent in the city from the past two years. Especially women of age between 20 to 30. Bangalore, which is the fastest growing city due to vast spread of IT companies, is other way becoming dangerous for women.”

00:48 Hrs:

“FQ-Channel-3 team come-in. FQ-Channel-3 team come-in.”

“Tarun. Here.”

“Sir. We have got info from the people around here that a vehicle with around 5 to 6 people in it crossed this CP at high speed 45 mins ago.”

“Okay. Follow the track.”

“Yes sir.”

“Stay in this channel and keep updating me. We are moving there.”

06:33 Hrs:

(After 6 hours)

“Aravind. Please call me when after u see this text. And please move away from Sneha.”

06:35 Hrs:

“Hello Tarun. Tell me.”

“Sneha is not next to you right?”

“No Tarun. She is not there. What happened Tarun? Anything serious?”

“I don’t understand how to tell this.”

“What happened Tarun? Please tell. We are tensed whole night.”

“We found her.”

“Oh. Okay. How is she? What happened?”

“She is badly hurt by 5 people. We caught one and trying to trace others.”

“What? What are you talking Tarun. How is she now?”

“I am not able to explain Aravind. Now taking her to the hospital. You and Sneha come there. Our guards will escort you to the hospital.”

07:07 Hrs:

Aravind and Sneha reached the hospital. Sneha is in heavy pain and was crying badly.

“Tarun. Where is Rachana? What happened to her?” – Sneha.

“She is under treatment Sneha. Wait here.”

“What happened to her Tarun. Please tell me. How is she now? Treatment for what?”

Sneha is continuously asking the same questions to Tarun. Aravind is trying to control her.

07:09 Hrs:

Tarun was trying to control his anger and pain. But as Sneha was continuously questioning him. He replied her in high voice and anger.

“How can I tell you that we failed to prove proper security to the city and because of that she is gang r****d by 5 bastards. We were not even able to catch them except one. I feel ashamed of myself and my department. The situation she is in is because of us. She is badly hurt by those guys.”

¿¿¿: Being a women

#Women & Security

“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-17

March 28th 2013 18:29 Hrs:

“Yes Mam. There is a connection. The case that was filed on those people was by one of them who lived in that building.”
“Is that so? Can I have the case file?”
“Yes Mam. But the case file is archived in the head office. You need to talk to Sruthi madam before we give you access to that.”
“Can I get her number?”
“Yes madam. I will give you. But she told that she has some important meeting today and asked us not to disturb her the whole day.”
“Okay. Just give her number. I will go to head office tomorrow and will look into that. Thank you. Before I leave can I have a copy of all those statements?”
“Sure Madam.”
“Thank you.” – Said Amrutha and left the station.

March 29th 2013 10:15 Hrs:

Police Commissioner Office, Old Katra, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002.
“Good Morning Madam.”
“Yes. Good Morning. A women named Amrutha will be coming at around 11:00 Hrs. Send her to my cabin directly. Okay. ” – Mrs. Sruthi Choudhury, ASP.
“Okay Madam. Sure.”
“And also bring the CASE File of ID ZX025IN9 to my cabin.”
“Okay Madam.”

11:17 Hrs:

“Hi Sruthi.”
“Please be seated.”
“Thank you.”
“Here is the case file which you have asked for.”
“Okay. Can you give me some time before we start discussing? I just want to go through this once.”
“Sure Madam.”
“That’s fine. You can call me Amrutha.”
“Fine Amrutha.”

11:45 Hrs:

Amrutha went into the details of the case to get a complete idea on it. After some time,
“Sruthi. Can we discuss now?”
“Yes Amrutha. Tell me.”
“The case file tells that the people who filed case against those prisoners lived in the building which is near to where the incident happened. Can you detail me on that and also where they are now?”
“Exactly 9 months back, a case was reported at Karvi area and our department personnel have arrested 5 people. The hearings at court went on for 2 months. But, finally there was no progress because of lack of evidence. During November, the local police station received orders to move them to Chitrakoot on the day the incident happened killing all 5 of them.”
“Hmm. I went into the details. Do you have any people in mind who could be the planners behind this? I mean… Let me come to the point straight. Is there any chance that we could suspect the people who filed the case?”
“We dint start our enquiry in that angle. Actually we were still not sure whether it’s a planned one or not.”
“You are right. But our analysis on these kinds of incidents that happened in the last 2 years says that there is a 65% probability that they all are planned.”
“Yes Amrutha. We went through the report that was filed.”
“Okay. Let us come back to the point. Can we talk to the people who filed the case? May be we could get some clues.”
“They are not living there anymore. They left the place last October.”
“Oh. Is that so? Did we maintain any records of their new residence?”
“No Amrutha. We don’t have any records. They vacated the place without even informing to their neighbors.”
“What? You mean. We don’t have any traces on them?”

12:17 Hrs:

“Amrutha. As you are women. Can I talk to you off the records?”
“Ya Sruthi. Please.”
“As the case is a sensitive one, we dint drag it further. And also as you know that, in our country, people who are affected by the crime of that kind are more blamed by the society than the people who did that.”
“You are right Sruthi. I can understand that. Two years back, I worked in that department where I have witnessed many cases. Okay. I don’t want to dig the past. Regarding the case, please work on getting the information about them. May be it could make us land at right place.”
“Sure Amrutha. Will look into that. Is there anything else?”
“Nothing more as of now. Thank you so much for this.”
“It’s our duty.”
“I will be travelling back to Chennai tomorrow evening. If at all there is anything else I will give you a call tomorrow. Is that okay Sruthi?”
“Definitely Amrutha.”
“Okay then. I will leave now. Thank you so much for the support Sruthi. And nice meeting you.”
“Nice meeting you too Amrutha. Bye.”
“Bye Sruthi.”
Amrutha returned back to Chitrakoot. On her way, she calls all other teams to know the progress on the investigation of other cases. She collates all the information and works on preparing the report.

March 30th 2013 06:39 Hrs:

“Hi Tarun. Good Morning.”
“Hey Amu. Good Morning dear.”
“Hey Tarun. My work here is almost done. I will be returning to Chennai by the evening flight. What about you?”
“I will be starting by the Sunday early morning flight Amu.”
“Oh. Okay Tarun.”
“Hey Amu. I will call you later.”
“Okay Tarun. Bye. Take care.”
Amrutha disconnects Tarun’s call.

10:39 Hrs:

Amrutha is busy preparing the report. And suddenly she receives a phone call.
“Hi Sir. Good Morning.”
“Good Morning Amrutha.”
“Sir. I was about to call you on the progress of the case.”
“Amrutha. Did you happen to go through the news today morning?”
“No Sir. Anything serious?”
“Yes Amrutha. I guess we have got one more into the stack. There is a similar incident that happened last night and it is widely spread across the media.”
“Oh. I will go through that right now. Sir, my work here is almost done. I am returning back to Chennai today evening. I collated all the information from the teams. And there are some clues regarding those similar buildings. Sir, you can finalize the meeting for Monday morning.”
“Okay Amrutha. I will do that. Meanwhile I will work on gathering more information on this case.”
“Okay Sir.”
“Okay Amrutha. Bye. See you on Monday at office.”

April 1st 2013 09:17 Hrs:
(Monday morning at Amrutha’s Office)

Amrutha reached office and directly went into the meeting room where all her teams are waiting for her and Rangaraj.
“Hi All. Good Morning.” – Mr. Rangaraj.
“A very good morning sir.”
“We will get started team. Amrutha. Can you start with the collated report?”
“Sure Sir. The teams had done a great job in collecting the information from the accident sites.”
Amrutha explains about the information that has been gathered by all the teams and also about the collated report which she worked on.
“Sir, as we have discussed last week, the buildings at which the incidents happened are having a connection with the incident.”
“What? Is that so? Did you get any strong clues on that?”
“Yes sir. But, in two cases the connection is much stronger. Last time when we discussed, we don’t have any information on the connection between the locations and the people who are dead. And that’s reason we decided to not to send wrong signals to the world with our assumptions. But now we have complete information.”
“Oh. What is that?”
“Sir, all those 4 buildings in the 4 cases are either women’s hostel, college or girls high school. And the case that was filed on the people who got killed in accidents is by one among the persons who lived in those buildings.”

¿¿¿: Those similar buildings are related to women or girls.

#The Society

“Shadow of Truth” -Episode-15

March 28th 2013 11:21 Hrs:
Office of the Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai

“Now I introduce to you the head for Southern region, Mr. Tarun, Additional Superintendent of Police.

When Ranjith announced his name, Tarun joined the other heads.

Mr. Ajit Singh, ASP, Western Region.
Mrs. Sruthi Choudhury, ASP, Eastern Region.
Mr. Prateek Agarwal, ASP, Northern Region.

“Thank you all for joining. Now I hand over it to Mr. Arpit Kumar, DIG, Central to continue.” – Ranjith.

11:37 Hrs:

“Good Morning all of you. Thanks for joining on such a short notice. I personally thank every state for collectively coming out with a representative for each region. I hope the region heads will collaboratively work with each state in their region to sort this out. Before we come to the main agenda of the meet, let us hear the major happenings in our country in various states. I request each region head to take over one by one. We shall start from the Eastern region.” – Arpit Kumar.

12:01 Hrs:

“Thank you sir. When it comes to the Eastern region, the major problems are gang wars, riots and kidnapping. In the first two months of this year, major cases were filed against riots and kidnapping for ransom. The entire police department has been split up in areas where these activities are highly noticed. Apart from these, there are 225 murder cases and 75 rape cases registered in Feb-2013 alone. The positive part is that this data is comparatively less than all these years. But, still the entire department is doing the best to control them to as less a possible and of course completely neutralizing them is our ultimate aim. Above all these things, we have political issues which are actually becoming a major problem in every state. In the eastern region, we have to make a special note on West Bengal. This state, which accounts for 7.5% of country’s population, has double the share in the % of crimes. An overall 47000 cases were filed in various categories during 2012 to 2013. Out of which major cases are the crime against women. We don’t need to specially talk about the politics of this state. It takes years if we start discussing about all of them. With this, I would like to hand it over to Mr. Ajit Singh, Western region.” – Mrs. Sruthi Choudhury, ASP, Eastern Region.

12:26 Hrs:

“Thank you Sruthi. Out of all the states in Western region, we need to have a special note on Gujarat. It has become a common saying in this state that the assembly is more like a cell. Out of 100 MLA’s, 1/3rd are having criminal records in various categories. A total of 134 out of 183 MLA’s are millionaires. There are 31 MLA’s who have not filed their Income Tax. The point to notice is that only 45% of MLA’s are graduates. Average assets of MLA are drastically increased from 2 crores in 2007 to 7 crores in 2013. There is much more to be read in the analysis report done by Association for Democratic Reforms, a non-political group aiming at governmental and electoral reforms. Next come’s Maharashtra. While the capital city Mumbai is being attacked continuously by terrorists where hundreds of people were being killed, the other parts of Maharashtra are witnessing suicides of thousands of farmers. The recent survey states that around 1 Lakh farmers might have committed suicide since 1997. Mumbai has always been centric for terror attacks. Train bombings, bombings in crowded places and the one in 2008 is the attack for the first of its kind where 10 people somehow managed to come in to our country through the sea wave and took the lives of 300 people, injuring 200+ people and damaging property worth millions. Now, I request Mr. Prateek of Northern region to take over. Thank you.” – Mr. Ajit Singh, ASP, Western Region.

12:58 Hrs:

“Thank you Ajit. When coming to the Northern part, we already knew about the Jammu and Kashmir issue which actually falls under the Defense. But, that is some or the other way impacting the whole country because of the continuous disturbances in the border line. If we talk about the crime, I am actually felling shameful to say that in a country ruled by a political party where a Women is the head and a state where a Women is the CM, Delhi is witnessing the most rape cases when compared to rest of the country. Each day, some or the other type of case is filed where women are being harassed. Though there was a dip in street crime like snatching and vehicle theft cases, heinous crimes were on the rise in the capital last year. The number of cases reported in the capital rose to 54,287 from 53,353 in 2011. It was 51,292 in 2010. Delhi is on a rising trajectory for the fourth consecutive year registering a 1.75 per cent increase in 2012, a year which also witnessed a whopping 23.43 per cent increase in rape cases including the horrific gang rape of a paramedic student in a moving bus. Rape cases rose from 572 in 2011 to 706 last year while molestation cases rose to 727 last year from 657 in 2011. Seventy-five cases of molestation were reported in the last 15 days of December 2012. Apart from all these, the most shameful things is that , even the small children of age between 5 and 10 were also being attacked.” – Mr. Prateek Agarwal, ASP, Northern Region.

13:29 Hrs:

“Thank you Prateek. Let me quickly explain about the crime and associated cases in Southern region. First comes the Andhra region where Hyderabad plays a key role here. Apart from the cases against women harassment, there is lot more on the cyber-crime. Cyber-crime cases, especially the Nigerian frauds, phishing and transmission of obscene content in electronic form has seen a rise in the state and also witnessed a two-fold increase in the arrest of cyber offenders in 2011. As far as now, there are 242 cases that were referred to Cyber Cell of Visakhapatnam police in the last 3 years. The regional politics is one another major problem where the talks on dividing the state are on high in the last 3 years. The next is Karnataka where scams of large scale are coming out to light where thousands of crores are account less. We don’t need to specially mention about the Bangalore cases against women. If it comes to Kerala, the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) figures comparing incidents of crime with the population of a state, notes Kerala is most affected by crime and Kochi is the most dangerous city. Figures compiled till 2010 show that Kerala has a crime rate of 424.1, more than double the national average of 187.6. The same statistics also gives information regarding Tamil Nadu. Of the 2,41,986 incidents of violent crime in the country, Tamil Nadu accounted for 12,333, more than much larger states like Rajasthan. The most special thing in this state is that, of the 677 cases of rape reported in Tamil Nadu in 2011, 675 victims knew the perpetrators, according to statistics compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau. Only two women were sexually assaulted by strangers. And also the murder cases are being consistent at 1500 per year in the last 5 years.” – Mr. Tarun, ASP, Southern region.

14:01 Hrs:

“Sir, so, out of all these things which we have to work on where the crime rate is pumping up at rocket speeds every year, do you really think it’s a good move to work on the report that we have received 5 days back from the respective authorities?” – Tarun questioned everyone in the room.

“Before I respond to this, let me brief you once again. Last Saturday, we have received a report from a department regarding 2 incidents which they believe are planned. As we all know that even though we own the power to control the crime, law and order in the country, we are always controlled by the white dressed people. Now, after hearing all the various challenges each region is facing, I am not understanding on how to react and how to move on with the report we have received. If the victims of the incidents are any other people except that category, then it becomes valid if we put an extra effort to sort that out. And yes Tarun, your point is valid. But, do you really think we could by pass this report and proceed on with our currents tasks? I don’t think so we could do that. Our hands are always tightened up and so we have to look into this case in detail and probably look at providing extra security.” – Mr. Arpit Kumar.

Everyone in the room remained silent upon hearing that from Arpit. They were not able to digest the fact that the center is asking them to provide extra security so as to stop those incidents from happening. Each of them has some thoughts and points in their mind. But were not letting them come out to the table. But, Tarun moved a step further.

“Sir, so, you say that we need to provide extra security to them so that those kinds of accidents won’t happen? How can you say that sir? I mean there are hundreds of other things which need high attention and also we don’t have a clear analysis report that they are planned accidents. I don’t mean to question you back sir. But, I somehow feel that it’s not a right decision to provide extra security personnel to stand with guns for those kind of people?” –Tarun.

14:33 Hrs:

“Tarun. Calm down. Control yourself. Let the center do the decision taking. We are bound to work as per the instructions.” – Ranjith was trying to calm down Tarun.

When he figured out that Tarun lost control, he called out for a Lunch break.

“I know it’s not a right thing to call out. But, as we have long day to go, lets break it here for a lunch session and then we shall re-assemble at 15:30 Hrs.” – Ranjith.

When everyone walked out of the room, Ranjith came to Tarun and started talking with him.

“Tarun. You have to control yourself. You are addressing representatives from the center and you have to post your opinions in a calm manner rather than this way. I know you are aggressive and committed. But, you have to be in control in these kinds of situations.” – Ranjith

“Sir. I am under control. What they are talking is about providing extra security to the cold blooded criminals which I think is not right decision.” – Tarun spoke out of anger.

¿¿¿: Cold blooded criminals.

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