“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-30 #2

April 02nd 2013 23:58 Hrs:

“Tarun. I am your superior. You cannot demand me.”

While he was responding to Tarun, Ranjith hears another voice.

“Ranjith. Stop it right now we have just 2 more minutes.”

“Aprit sir. How come you are here? What’s happening?”

“Ranjith. I will tell you everything. First you call them and stop them from initiating the trace code. We just have one more minute left.”

“Sir, why did you travel and come here all of a sudden. What’s happening?”

“Ranjith. I told I will explain you. First stop that trace.”

“Okay sir. Okay.”

23:58:14 Hrs:

“Hello. Connect me to the Data center.”

“Yes sir. Connecting.”

“Hello. This is Ranjith here. Break the trace which I told you to initiate in the evening.”

“Sir, it was about to start in few seconds.”

“Yes, I know. Just stop it.”

“Okay sir. Stopping.”

23:58:49 Hrs:

“Yes sir. I stopped it.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“Okay sir.”

“Also delete all the pre-records of this trace.”

“Sir. But for that I need authorization from level above you.”

“Authorization from level above me? Why?”

“Sir, protocols have been revised.”

“Okay. Okay.”

Ranjith handed over the call to Arpit.

“Hello. This is Arpit speaking. I am authorizing this. Just delete all the pre-records.”

“Okay sir. Will do that.”


April 03rd 2013 00:01 Hrs:

“Sir, now tell me. What is happening around me?”

“Ranjith. I guess we better talk outside.”

“Okay sir. Let us go out of the house.”

Ranjith, Tarun and Arpit walked out of the house and were talking near the car.

“Arpit. Listen. I know this is something which we have hidden from you. This is a very secret operation what we are running from last 2 years. And this is completely off the records. We cannot call this as a secret operation. We are doing this by considering the no of crimes that are increasing in the country on women.”

“Sir, can you please make it clear. I am not understanding this at all.”

“Okay. Listen Ranjith. All the accident cases reports that we received from Human Rights Commission were are planned and executed by our department.”

“Sir? What are you talking?”

“I know Ranjith. This sounds weird. But, this is the truth.”

“Then why are we planning this double game and making our department a fool?”

“Ranjith sir. You are not understanding the bigger picture. Yearly thousands of women, girls and even school children were being harassed by these criminals and these are sometimes leading to the death of hundreds of girls.” –Tarun

“So, we will only arrest and we will only kill and then again we will only handle the case?”- Ranjith

“Sir. We are not here to take care of criminals. We are here to protect the nation, protect the women who are living the lives in fear. They are afraid to even walk on the main routes in the midday. What are we doing for that? We are simply watching this as a show? If this continues, then one day all we will have is jails filled with idiots and the rest of the country empty without even a women.”

“Tarun. I understand what you said. But, if this comes out then what happens to our department?”

“Sir. I dint think all of that. All that was running in my mind is, we are here to protect the people from these kinds of criminals. Not just catching them, but jailing them and feeding them as in home, he cases against tem will run in court for years and by the time judgment is given, they might have been dead or might have done 100more crimes. The system itself is wrong sir. Once we catch someone, we should not just tie their hands and put them in jail. We should punish them such that the next persons will think 100 times before they commit a crime of such kind.”

“Tarun. I don’t think what you are saying is right. We are not makers of the system. We have to obey the rules; we have to work along with them abiding them. Not against them.”

“Ranjith. Even I had the same questions in my mind when Tarun first came with this operation. But, if I look back and see, all I see is the brutal killing of women. And with a democratic and political centered country like, some things won’t work when we go legally. We have to do something like this to stop these kinds of things from happening.”

“But sir. How do you think this can stop these kinds of crimes in the country?”

“You are right Ranjith. But, listen. If we do something, then concentration will be on our department and we cannot continue these anymore. If we project that someone from the outside is doing this, then fear will be injected in these criminals. They will never know who is doing this and will think before committing these kinds of crimes.”

“So, Tarun you were the one behind each and every plot?”

“Sir, I still believe we need to go with the rules and legally.” – Ranjith.

“Sir, Break those hell rules sir. What did the rules do when your sister was gang r**e*d by a gang of 5 people. She was hurt so badly by them. Think sir how much she would have suffered with pain. And just imagine how she would have felt when she is dying.”

“Tarun. Stop. Don’t talk about that now.” – Arpit.

“No sir. It’s time to know the truth. There are so many truths hidden in me from 2 years. And I can’t keep them with me anymore.”

“What is that Tarun? What are you talking? What happened to Rachana on that day? Tell me….. Tell me Tarun.”

“She killed herself by removing the oxygen mask.”

“What? What are you talking Tarun?”

“Yes sir. While she was under treatment, doctors went for rounds in the midnight and then she removed oxygen mask herself because she was not able to bare the pain and also was afraid of facing this world again.”

“What are you talking Tarun? No. No. No….”

Ranjith was shocked to hear the truth from Tarun.

“And there are hundreds of women who are being killed and who are committing suicide because of criminals like this. And so I planned ,executed and killed each and every criminal in various parts of the country. I am not afraid of the result or the court. All I had in my mind is I have to stop these crimes and I got only this in mind sir.”

While Tarun was explaining about how he planned and executed the accidents, Arpit is trying to control Ranjith as he was shocked to hear that her sister committed suicide. Suddenly, they heard a women screaming. When Tarun looks around, he gets shocked seeing Amrutha at a quite distance.

“Amrutha… Amrutha.. stop.”

“Tarun, who is that?”

“She is my wife sir.”

Amurtha was running away, not listening even to Tarun’s call “Amrutha… stop… Amrutha.. Listen.”

Amrutha is running fast, she is in high shock that Tarun is the one who is killing all these criminals and to hear about how Rachana died in bangalore 2 years back.


00:34 Hrs:

While Tarun was running behind Amrutha, shouting out loud, asking her to stop. Amrutha runs faster and reaches the main road. While running, she turns back to see Tarun. And then a car running at high speed, hits Amrutha and she flies and hit a poll.


Ranjith and Arpit who was following Tarun in the car, reaches the place where Amrutha meets with an accident.

Tarun reaches Amrutha, takes her into his hands.

“Amrutha… Amrutha.. Talk. Nothing will happen to you. Amrutha.”

“Tarun, come let’s take her to hospital.”

Tarun, along with the help of Ranjith and Arpit lifts and takes her to the car. Ranjith drives the car rushing so fast to the hospital.

Tarun calls Sneha.

“Hello, Hello, Sneha. Where are you?”

“I am at home Tarun. What happened? Why are you talking like that?”

“Sneha,,, Amrutha met with accident. I am bringing her to your hospital. Come there. I am getting worried.”

“Tarun. I am starting right now. Don’t worry, nothing will happen. I will call and inform the hospital staff.”

“Come fast Sneha.”

“Okay Tarun. I am starting.”

01:05 Hrs:

They reached the hospital, Ranjith gets down and calls for the stretcher. She is placed on stretcher and is being taken inside ICU.

“Amrutha… Amrutha… Nothing will happen to you. Get up.”

“Sir, wait here. Sneha madam called us. She has to be taken into ICU now, you please wait outside.”

Sneha comes running inside. She sees Tarun outside the ICU.

“Sneha. Amrutha… Amrutha…”

“Tarun. Wait. Nothing will happen. I came. I am here. You wait here. Nothing will happen.”

“Sneha, she is the only one left for me. I don’t want to lose her.”

???: What happens to Amrutha



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