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Story #3: “I quiT”

 The competitiveness created by the fast developing business world especially in the IT sector makes it tough for work-life balance. Despite of the high-pressure created among the employees by some of the wicked and unscrupulous Management, people stick to their jobs working late nights, weekends and even on holidays. But the change in thinking of the people has shifted lately.

For recent years, a lot of people are moving out of companies due to various reasons like better offer, higher studies, government sector roles, enterpruinership and various other reasons. Due to this, companies face a high rise in the attrition rate (No of People moving out of the company).

The story picks up five people who work for one of India’s top 10 IT companies with nothing similar in their age, work experience, temperament, designation and background, submits their resignation and moves out of the company. The first half of the story goes with a racy narration of each character details what has led them to accept this major decision in their life. Read more


Story #2: “Silent LOVE” – $

Prudhvi, who just completed his graduation, got an offer letter from a top MNC as a Research Engineer in the R&D department. He travelled to Pune to join there. He finished the joining formalities there and their training was also started. Training went on with various sessions from the Industry experts and other top leaders of the company. He was injected into the R&D department on the process improvement module. After few weeks, he gets himself involved in other activities like organizing events. And related to that he becomes part of Meet & Greet organizing team. On the day of event, he was forced to do some act on the stage. When he gets onto the stage, his eyes will be attracted by a smile and he speaks out a poem unknowingly. And when he hears people clapping for that, he runs down the stage and starts searching for the girl. Read More


Story #1: “Shadow of Truth”

The story goes round in major cities of India between Tarun and Amrutha who are husband and wife. Tarun is a Police Officer whereas Amrutha is also working women whose designation not yet disclosed. They both unknowingly work on the same series of murder cases that happened in different parts of India. All the victims of murder cases are criminals who were believed to being killed while they are being transferred from one jail to another.

Amrutha has a psychological problem which Tarun gets to know only when his parents faces brutal death during in car bombing on the day of Mumbai attacks. Sneha, is a doctor and is a friend of Tarun’s.

Tarun is trying to send Amrutha out of country with the help of Sneha as he doesn’t want Amrutha to work in the current case as he is afraid that it may affect her health because of the psychological problem she has. Read more


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