“I quiT” – First Cut

Story count: #3

Title:  I quiT

Tagline: “Battle between personal and professional priorities never ends and no one wins.” – Mr. Venky Bond

Story Lines: The competitiveness created by the fast developing business world especially in the IT sector makes it tough for work-life balance. Despite of the high-pressure created among the employees by some of the wicked and unscrupulous Management, people stick to their jobs working late nights, weekends and even on holidays. But the change in thinking of the people has shifted lately.

For recent years, a lot of people are moving out of companies due to various reasons like better offer, higher studies, government sector roles, enterpruinership and various other reasons. Due to this, companies face a high rise in the attrition rate (No of People moving out of the company).

The story picks up five people who work for one of India’s top 10 IT companies with nothing similar in their age, work experience, temperament, designation and background, submits their resignation and moves out of the company. The first half of the story goes with a racy narration of each character details what has led them to accept this major decision in their life.

With this high rise in the attrition rate, Human Resources People & Process Management brings out a whole new plan that makes sure that employees are not pressurized and that the deliverables are also fitted on time. But then the project management team initially rejects this proposal. The second half of the story plays around the discussion between the HR and the Project Management where the HR team tries to make them correspond to the new policy guidelines which are employee friendly.

Read it to know who has won the battle…


Story plots majorly in Bangalore, the IT hub of India is also known as “The Silicon Valley of India”. It also covers several other major and minor cities in India spanning across 3 continents.


Even though there are dozens of characters in the story, there are 7 lead roles. The story also has a foreigner who runs one of the lead roles of the leadership team.

Story starts from November 11th, 2013 launching Episode @1.


Authors Desk:

Dear Readers, I request you to please respond to each episode with your valuable feedback/suggestion in the comment section. This will not only help me to improve my writings, but also will give an insight on the stories to the debut readers. Thank You

Silent Love statistics:

Number of episodes: 25

No of views: 5000 (8700 overall views)

No of comments: 120

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“To write is to express, to read is to feel.”

Author: Mr. Venky Bond


9 thoughts on ““I quiT” – First Cut

  1. In each and every other new stories, der s a lots difference venky 🙂 You are not only bonded towards same track of concepts.. Dats ur best 🙂 There are many who don’t like any sorts of advice or even unasked suggestions.. But ur story gives everything just EVERYTHING..
    ALL THE VERY BEST to see you soon as an world famous author, Mr.Venky Bond 🙂

    Eagerly waiting fr much more 🙂

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