“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-14

March 26th 2013 23:11 Hrs:

“This is a highly confidential secret Sneha.”
“What is highly confidential Tarun? Sending her to UK is confidential?”
“No. I dint mean that. Actually, she is handling a case right now which is highly sensitive.”
“So, what is the link between her handling a case and you planning to send her to UK?”
“You know about her health problem right. She dealing that case is too risky for her health and I don’t want to take any more risk when it comes to Amrutha.”
“Okay Okay. I don’t understand clearly Tarun. You mean to say that if she deals that case she may run with the same problem again which we saw 2 yrs back?”
“Yes. Exactly. Hey Sneha, you start now. It’s already close to midnight. We shall talk later.”
“Okay Tarun. Bye. Good Night.”
“Bye Sneha. Good night. Will call you in the morning.”

Sneha drove the car and left the place. During the drive, she was completely thinking why Tarun wants Sneha to be out of country for some months. Even though Tarun answered it, it was not 100% convincing her. But, as she has complete trusts on Tarun and also she knows about Amrutha’s health problems, she decided to help him.

March 27th 2013 08:22 Hrs:

Tarun was getting ready to the office whereas Amrutha is almost ready to step out of the house to start to office.

“Tarun. I am starting. The first thing I will do in office is to talk to Rangaraj regarding leave. I don’t know whether he will accept or not. But, will try convincing him.”
“Okay Amu. I will also do the same and will call you. Okay. Go safe.”
“Sure Tarun. Bye. Don’t forget the lunch pack and also have breakfast. Bye.”

After Amrutha left, Tarun also got ready to office and started from home.

10:11 Hrs:

Amrutha reached office and as planned, the first thing she did is, she went to Rangaraj cabin to meet him and discuss regarding medical leave. She opened the door and couldn’t find Rangaraj. Rangaraj has not yet been to office.

10:15 Hrs:

“Good Morning Sir.” – One of the staff wished Tarun.
“Good Morning.”
“Sir. Ranjith sir wants to see you immediately when you step in to the office.”
“Anything serious?”
“Don’t know sir. He came 15 mins back and the moment he stepped in, he asked about you.”
“Okay. Will meet him. Where is he?”
“He is in meeting room no 2.”
“Okay. Thank you.”

10:18 Hrs:

“Good Morning Sir. May I come in?”
“Hello Tarun. Come in. A very good morning.”
“Sir. Is there anything important? Or did we get any new updates?”
“Yes Tarun. Tomorrow is the All India Commission level meet regarding the current issue and instead of each state, the heads decided to go with 4 regions. North, East, West and South.”
“Okay sir. But, what’s the reason behind grouping like this. Instead, why can’t we concentrate only on those states in which the incidents are happening?”
“Yes Tarun. You are right. Think of it like this. As of now, we got information about the incidents in some of the states. What if we get the similar reports from other states after we form a team? That time again we cannot sit and form a team in that state right?”
“Yes sir. You are right. So, did we get any outline agenda on the meet?”
“Yes. It’s right on my table. You can go through that. And Tarun. I want you to take over the role for Southern region.”
“Yes sir. With due respect.”
“Good. So, you are ready for tomorrow right?”
“Yes sir. I am. And there are some studies which I need to do that will help us for tomorrow.”
“Okay. Do whatever it takes. You now have the access to the archives if you need anything from there.”
“Thank you sir. I will prepare the report and we shall discuss in the evening.”
“That’s good.”

“Okay Sir. I will start that work” – said Tarun and was walking out of the room.

“Tarun. Just a minute.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Tomorrow meeting is at George town office.”
“Okay sir. Thank you.”

10:48 Hrs:

Amrutha again stepped in to Rangaraj cabin but to her surprise, he is not in there. And so she decided to call him.

“Hello Sir. Amrutha speaking.”
“Hello Amrutha. Good morning.”
“Sir by when will you be coming to the office? Need to talk something very important with you.”
“I am on leave for the next two days Amrutha. What is that you wanted to talk to me, is it something related to case?”
“No sir. It’s not about that. I need a 3 months emergency medical leave.”
“What? 3 months?”
“Yes sir. I have to undergo a treatment which is currently not available in INDIA and so I have to fly to UK for this treatment and its 90 days duration.”
“What happened Amrutha? You haven’t told about it all these days.”
“Sir. It’s something I cannot explain. I have been waiting for this from 2 years. Now, I got have go an option and I don’t want to delay any more.”
“Yes Amrutha. I understand. But, as you know that this case which you started is something of high importance and sensitive. Even the center wants you to handle this case. And now if you leave in the middle, then how can we move on?”

“Sir, I understand everything. But, this is also equally important to me.”
“Okay Amrutha. As you are requesting this much, let’s do like this. As we planned, let the teams go to the site and do the investigation in the next 2 days. We shall assemble back on Monday and will finalize on both the case and your leave. Is that okay with you?”
“Sir. We cannot guarantee that we can finish of things in just 2 days.”
“Yes Amrutha. You are right. But, let’s not delay any more. Let’s work out best to gather as much as information we can and try to find similarities between all those incidents and then report it to the center. Let’s not hold it on and give a room for the next one to happen.”
“Okay sir. I will inform the groups to start early tomorrow and will return back in 3 days. Let us make sure that we setup the meeting Monday early morning.”
“Good. That’s the spirit which I like in you and that is the reason I wanted you to finish this and then leave for your medical leave.”
“Okay sir. Will start my work on that. Thank you.” –Said Amrutha and disconnected the call.

11:18 Hrs:

After she disconnected Rangaraj’s call, she called Tarun to explain him about the leave status.

“Hello. Amu. What is this surprise, you never called during office hours.”
“Ya Amu. What happened?”
“Rangaraj dint approve the leave as of now. And also I need to travel to UP tomorrow early morning.”
“What Amu? Why is this sudden trip?”
“I cannot explain all that Tarun. I have to go that’s it. And he told that he will finalize regarding the leave on Monday, after I return back. He is also out of state.”
“Okay Amu. Don’t worry, its just 5 more day’s right, we shall wait for him.”
“Okay Tarun. We shall talk in the night. I will go home early.”
“Okay Amu. Bye. I will also try coming early.”

20:18 Hrs:

Amrutha reached from office and started packing luggage for the trip. Tarun, who also reached early that day was helping her in getting prepared for the trip. After the packing was done, they had dinner and went to bed early as Amrutha needs to leave early the next day.

March 28th 2013 08:15 Hrs:

Tarun dropped Amrutha at the Airport and drove to the office.

10:15 Hrs:
2nd Lane Beach road, Parrys, George Town, Chennai

Tarun reached the venue where the States meet is being held.

10:32 Hrs:

The states meet started and the officials were discussing about the agenda. As discussed, the central head explained the concept of handling the issue region wise by appointing heads for each of the region. Each region heads were announced who will be handling the case in the respective states that fall under their region.

As the discussion is happening, Ranjit turn has come to introduce the Southern region head who will take care of the case in Andhra, Karnataka, Tamill Nadu and Kerala states.

“Now I introduce to you the head for Southern region,

Additional Superintendent of Police, Mr. Tarun.

¿¿¿: Mr. Tarun, ASP, Chennai Division.

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  1. Pokiri cinema lo laaga enter chesav ga hero ni..interval taravata…Boss police aa..nice going..inthaki aa UK twistuu entoo??

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