“Silent LOVE…” – $2

“Prudhvi. That’s okay. It happens. This is your first interview. There are many opportunities in the coming days. I guess a better one is waiting for you.” – My placement officer is trying to console me. No one knows and no one will ever know what happened inside the four walls. But, there is one person who can understand completely what would have happened inside. Now, I should be ready to face her.

We all were returning to our homes after the interview process is completed. On my way back, I called Suchi to inform her about the interview status.


“Hello Prudhvi…”

“Suchi… I just now started from college. Interview is over.”

“Okay. What about the result?”


“Why are you dragging it? Tell me what happened?”

“I dint get selected.”

“Okay, now tell me what happened.”

“I was not interested in the terms Suchi.”

“Hmmm. You dint tell this to any one right?”

“Ya, I dint tell.”

“What did you say them then?”

“I dint tell anything. They were thinking that I failed in HR.”

“So, you won’t tell them?”

“No Suchi. Just leave it. I am disconnecting. I am near to the stop.”

“Okay. Okay.”

I reached home; my dad is very eagerly waiting to hear from me on the interview status. I just stepped in not knowing what to say to him because whenever he used to ask about my next step in career and also about job. I used to proudly tell that getting a job is very easy dad. All we need to do is tell them some lies. I cannot directly tell him that I rejected because of bond and joining date.

“How did the interview go?” – My dad

“Ya dad it went on fine.”

“What about the result?”

“Yes dad. Tomorrow there is a parent’s meet and you and mom need to go and collect report card.”

My mom shouts my name from the kitchen as soon as she heard my reply.

“Dad. I was not selected.”

“Why? Is it tough?”

“No dad. Not like that. I made it till HR. I lost in HR.”

“Don’t say you lost in HR. Say that you rejected.” – mom.

“What rejected?” – My dad.

“Ask him only.”

“What Prudhvi? What is mom saying?”

“Dad. They asked me to sign on a 2yrs bond dad and also we need to report immediately after the examination and so I said no.”

“It’s good that they are calling you immediately after the examination without waiting for call letters. And also 2years will pass on very easily. So, why did you reject it?”

“Dad. I don’t want to step into a job right after my education. I want some time to make myself prepared for a career and also if I sign bond, I can’t step out immediately if I dint like the job.”

“Ram. Why are you arguing with him? You know right. He will not listen to anyone and he will do only whatever he likes.” – Mom.

“This is the first company right? Are there any other companies they are going to bring for the on-campus?”

“There are some other companies that may come dad.”

“Okay. At least look into them.”

“Okay dad. Let’s see.”

The same routine discussion was happening between me and my dad after each campus interview. For some or the other reason I used to reject them and dad questions me. The best part is that my mom won’t question me or else I need to answer both of them apart from my HR round.

Life is going on so quick. Our final year project review started which is followed by our final sem examinations.

It’s now the time for all of us to take the directions we choose to take. The final day of college has come. All our examinations are done and today is our last day in college. There are many thoughts running in me. We had the best days of life, we are now moving out with million memories that come along with us till the end. Few friends depart and few of them come in the same path. The same kind of feeling I had during the last day of schooling, last day of +2 and now on this day. The one thing I learnt out of all these is that “No matter how well it was, Life has to move on.”

(2 months later)

After college has ended, I was not at all thinking of job or higher studies or anything else. Now and then dad is reminding of job and career. My usual routine is to meet my friends daily in the evening and spend time with them. We were 6 in batch and now finally I was left alone. Every week one among them used to leave. It is either because they were asked to report at the office or to pursue their higher studies. As time passed on, I started thinking of my next step. As college is over, the only chance for me now is off-campus. As I am very particular about which company I should get into, I used to apply for interviews very specifically. And finally the day has come.

(One fine evening at home)

“Ram. I guess from today you don’t need to ask him about his job. Here is his call letter. He needs to report in 2 weeks.”

My dad took the call letter and was reading.

“So, it seems finally you got what you want.”

“Yes dad.”

“No bond. So, you can quit whenever you feel like quitting?”

“Yes dad.”

“So, you are more interested in checking the options to quit rather than continuing.”

“Yes dad.”


“No, nothing dad.”

“What’s your role?”

“Technical analyst at the R&D section.”

“Okay. We have two weeks’ time right. Start working on what all they had asked for.”

“Sure dad.”

(The next day morning)

Dad is about to start to office.

“Prudhvi… Prudhvi…”

“Haaa. Yes dad.”

“Book tickets today.”

“I already did that dad.”

“Oh good. Tell me the dates; I will apply for leave on those days.”

“I don’t understand dad.”

“What you don’t understand?”

“Why do you need to apply leave?”

“To come with you for your joining formalities.”

“Dad. Wait wait. Can I tell you one thing?”


“Dad. This is not the first day of my schooling dad. I am going to report for my job which means a company believes that I can take up a role for its development. And if you come with me, then it’s like I can’t even travel alone to a new place. No dad. No. All these years you taught me many things. Now it’s time for me to learn things on my own dad. And also I don’t want you to trouble there. Once I reach there, I will settle up, take a home and then you and mom can come and stay as many days you want.”


My dad is looking at my mom as he never heard me talking like this. I don’t know what he understood. But, as soon as my mom nodded her head, he said ok and left to office.

(In train…)

Finally, I am on my way to my first ever responsibility at a very large organization. Little excited, little afraid and little enthusiastic. I got down at Pune central and checked-in at the hotel room. This is my first visit to Pune.

(Next day…)

We were taken to Magarpatta City where there are huge buildings all around. this is my first day at office. There are people from across India. I could feel the same excitement and little fear in every one. Introductory speech about the company was given by the Head of Learning and Practices. As soon as the lunch break was announced, the first thing I did is, I called Suchi.

“Hello Suchi. Joining formalities are over and just now the introductory welcome speech was also over.”

“Okay Good. So, did you like the environment there?”

“This is just my first day Suchi. Let me see how things will go further.”

@“No matter how well it was, Life has to move on.Mr. Venky Bond


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