“Silent LOVE…” – $6

“Ya fine, fine. Sorry. I just felt like I was falling down and so got up all of a sudden.” – Prudhvi.

Wow… My work is 200% done. Now I need not do any hacking, tracking or anything.

Out of my excitement, I asked a question to the admin person.

“Shreya. When can we expect mail from the admin team regarding all these pics?”

“Probably by today EOD or tomorrow early morning you will receive mail.”

“That’s so cool. Actually, this is our first official outing and also first corporate event in which I was part of organizing team and so feeling little excited.”

“I understand. By the way, what’s your name?”

“I am Prudhvi.”

“Which project you belong to?”

“I work in the R&D section. Process improvement.”

“Oh nice. You are the one who shared a poem yesterday right?”

“Yeah. He is that guy. The POET.” – Akshay replied.

“Nothing like that Shreya. At that particular moment I just got those words and spelled them out that’s it.”

“Hmmm.” – she smiled at me and left from there.

(15 mins later)

Shreya informed Akshay that she saved the team pics in the shared path asking him to start editing.

As soon as I heard that,

“Is there anything I can help you with?” – I asked Akshay.

“Yes Prudhvi. Ask for the print out of team details and photo id so that I will edit and write team name on the pics.”

“Okay.” – I replied and got the print out of the team details corresponding to each pic.

There are almost 43 pics in the folder and Akshay needs to edit each pic and write the team name over the pic.

I got the print out and started telling him the team name according to the id of the pic.

My excitement started gearing up for each pic he is editing.

As it is a editing work, he takes 5 mins for each pic and apparently I can’t hold on my excitement for whole day.

After almost 40 mins, he is done with 10 pics. As it was taking time and also as I can’t be this much time away from the work desk, I said to him that I will be leaving.

“Akshay. Can I make a move? It’s been almost 2 hours that I am away from my desk.”

“Oh yeah sure Prudhvi.”

“Okay Akshya. Sorry for not being able to help you. Meet you sometime soon.”

I said to him and started walking out through the door.

“Prudhvi. Prudhvi. Wait. Wait.”

“Yes Akshay. Tell me.”

“I will come out with you to get a coffee.”

“Oh yeah. Come.”

We both walked to the pantry area and he grabbed a cup of coffee. As he was having his cup of coffee, I got an idea.

“Akshay. Just wait here. I forgot my runner key. I will get that and will come back.” – I said to him and rushed to the Admin desk immediately.

As I am very much sure that he will not enter into the bay with the cup in his hands, I took little risk.

As I noticed that he dint lock the computer, I entered into the bay and turned on the monitor.

While I was sitting with him, we already completed 10 pics almost and I dint find her in those 10 pics. I started looking at other pics quickly to find her.

In the 27th pic, I found her. I immediately sent it to my mail. I also took a pic of the team details print out in my mobile and was about to leave. But then I don’t know suddenly I started feeling like why I don’t finish seeing other pics. I went through other pics and to my surprise; she is there in other pic at no 34. I sent even that to my mail, turned off the monitor and left that place.

All this happened in just less than a minute. While I was running toward the pantry, Akshay is walking towards the bay.

“Prudhvi. Did you get the runner key?”

“Yes Akshay. I am leaving. Catch you later”

“Okay fine Prudhvi. Stay in touch.”

“Sure Akshay. Bye bye.”

I reached my desk and settled down. There is already list of tasks pending in the list which I need to finish of today. But then the only task which is running in my mind is to complete what I have started.

The first thing I did after reaching my desk is, I stopped all the traces that I have initiated from the servers and cleared all the stuff.

Then I opened my mail and downloaded those two pics. Positioned them in the two corners of my desktop and started looking at them. Some of the questions which are running in my mind are.

“Why is she in two pics?”

“Does she belong to two teams?”

“What if the teams were split across locations? How do I find her?”

Questions kept on adding to the list. Then I said to myself like whatever may be the depth of the ocean, I have to swim across to reach the other side.

Right now, the only two things I have with me are the pics and the team information. Based on that, she either belong to Team A or Team B. Now I have to gather complete information on the teams, their locations, team members’ information and all.

And to do that, I have to first of all check where I can get the team information.

Luckily I have the access to the entire information related to the M&G day as I belong to the organizing team.

I accessed all that information and searched it entirely to find any clues related to team information. Finally after a 25 mins of search, I found out a document which has complete information of all the teams who will be part of M&G day and also their locations information. Then next thing I did is that I took a hard copy of that too.

As this was going on and on and on, the clock ticked 16:15 hrs. As soon as I saw the time, I stopped everything I am doing and opened my task sheet.

From morning, what I was doing is completely out of the work that I am supposed to do at my desk.

I decided to go back to my tracing thing only after finishing all the tasks that are listed out in the task sheet.

(After 127 minutes)

I was done with all my tasks. The thing that I noticed is that. In order to get back to the task of tracing her, I finished all my tasks at much faster rate. And the other thing is that as long as I was working, I never remembered her in those 127 minutes. Little surprised.

(Late night)

After finishing of my tasks, I reached hostel. Got fresh up, had dinner and went to terrace with my best friend (iPod). It’s really nice and cool climate and as the full moon day is nearing by which added beauty to the sky.

As I was looking at the moon, all of a sudden I remembered about the trace thing which I have left in the middle. I ran down to the room and opened my bag and laptop.

I took out the team information copies and also downloaded the two pics of her. I traced out that the team is working out from 3 locations and now I have to figure out which location she belong to.

As I was looking at those pics, I found out a little change in the way she is standing in one of the pic.

In one pic, she is standing at the center in the 2nd row, where as in the other pic she is at the corner and someone is holding her hand. This seems like she is forcedly dragged into the 2nd pic. Just to reduce the number of locations I need to work on, I increased the probability that send belong to team A.

Now I have to find out the team details and then trace out her.

@”When the full moon shines and the black clouds drizzle, every little breeze that touches me, makes me feel like a song that has only your name.” – Mr. Venky Bond


2 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $6

  1. Heyyy venky….two things are really applicable to a human..
    1. Being busy with work makes him, not to think abt dat girl….
    2. If he is having concentration on any…he couldn’t do his wrk….
    Nice story. .. u r gr8

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