“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #1

As soon as I remembered that particular situation and also the lines which her father said, I decided to stop sending her that message. I expected her to come to dinner and when she dint come, I got hurt and felt the pain. And that gradually started turning out as anger. That particular moment I decided to never ever expect anything from her and just keep loving her no matter whatever it takes.

I decided to not to ask her anything and also not to expect anything as I have clearly understood from every experience that expectations hurt most. I don’t know why, but I have decided to not to talk to her any more as I am afraid that if it goes like this, I may one day show my pain as anger to her and when a situation comes like that, I don’t know how the consequences will be. She may completely misunderstand and stop talking to me. I cannot take that and so I have decided to not to message/call/talk to her any more. Its just three more days here and once I fly to Australia, the only thing I have to make sure is that I don’t disturb her when I see her online in the inter-office communicator.

(Saturday early morning)

I dint sleep the whole night. Various thoughts were disturbing me the whole night and so I was not able to give my eyes a proper sleep. As like every weekend, Vennela will travel to Mumbai at around 5:00 in the morning. This will probably be the last chance for me to meet her for the next 18 months. After the dinner incident, I haven’t heard anything from her and even I dint send her any message. Even though I have decided to not to disturb her any more, some where deep in my heart, a voice is pushing me to go and meet her at the station. But then it will be a little risk as I have to board my flight at 08:30 and the most important thing is that as it is a international travel, I have to make sure that I check-in at least 2 hours prior to the departure time or else the staff may create a problem. As this is a business travel, I cannot risk that. Keeping all these in mind, I planned and prepared myself to go and meet her for the one last time.

My entire luggage is packed and all set to fly and so I decided to risk a bit and go and meet her at railway station. The good thing is that the distance from Pune Jn railway station to Pune international airport is just 8kms and so I have decided to take that risk.

(03:45 AM)

I called the cab service desk with whom my company has already booked a cab to pick me up to request them to come one hour early than the booked time.

“Easy Ride cabs. Good Morning.”

“Hi, I have already booked for a cab to Airport which should come and pick me up at 05:00 AM. But now I want that to be changed to 04:00 AM. Can you please help me in that.”

“Sir, can you please provide me with your name and booking order number.”

“I am Prudhvi and the booking number is C0589677.”

“Thank you sir. Wait a minute before I check the details.”


“Sir, is this a corporate travel booking?”


“Sorry sir. As it is a corporate travel booking, the timings cannot be changed. This order came to us from your company and so we cannot modify anything on that.”

I don’t have time to argue with her or convince her and so decided to book another one.

“Ok then cancel that and book a new one under my name.”

“Sir, the rate will be 1.5 times and also it takes at least 30 mins for the cab to arrive at your palce.”

“Can you make it a little faster.”

“Sure sir. Will do our best.”

To my luck, after exactly 30 mins the cab driver reached my hostel. I kept the luggage in the cab and left from the hostel. Akshay is on a  2 weeks vacation so there were no one to wave hands at the hostel. All others will be coming to the airport and so there is no one with whom I have to explain why I am starting soon.

(04:30 AM)

“Driver, take me to Pune Jn Railway station and then from there we have to go to airport.”

“Ok sir.”

On my way to the railway station, I got call from Nandini.

“Hello Nandini.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Good Morning. You got up?”

“Ya Nandini I got up. What about Suchi?”

“Ya we got up, she is getting ready. We will reach airport by 06:00. Is that okay?”

“Ya fine Nandini.”

“Where are you?”

“I am getting ready. Cab will come at 05:30.”

(The moment I said that, the cab driver turned back and looked at me.)

“Okay. Make sure you don’t forget anything.”

“Sure Nandini.”

(04:55 AM)

I reached railway station.

“Driver, wait here. I will come back in 15 mins.”

“Okay sir.”

I dint even think about my luggage and all. I just left  everything in the cab and told him to wait and started running inside the railway station. As I knew that Vennela will regularly board her train on the the 6th plat, I directly reached there. I dint call her or message her whether she is starting and if so then what time she is starting because I decided to not to disturb her any more. Once I reached there, started my search of each compartment right from the front to till the end. But then I was not able to find her in any of the compartments.

I don’t have time to wait and search the next trains as I have to reach airport as soon as possible. And also Nandini and other friends will be waiting for me at the airport. If I am late, I cannot answer their questions and also cannot explain them the reason.

(05:17 AM)

I returned near the cab and got inside. While I was stepping inside the cab, I saw Vennela getting inside the station.

“Driver. Wait here please. I will come back in 5 mins.”

I followed Vennela till her compartment. I made sure that she dint see me. I was just starring at her. I wanted to go and talk to Vennela for one last time.

(05:29 AM)


Part #2 will be out in next 3 hours.


8 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #1

  1. Good Thoughts Venky 🙂 U can grab people even who don’t have interest in reading and who are not interested in taking advice. Your story is not fond of with single concept, each episode tells something good to many…

    Eagerly waiting to know what happened next?

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